Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

365/170 - 365/178

must still correct the day numbers of the picture

Sunday 27.06.2010 Day 178

Mini-Soccer-World Championship and a cup for each player

Our team were deputy world champion

Fantastic weather - almost too hot, with 27°C degrees in the shade.

Afterwards we watched the Germany vs England game on TV - Germany won 4:1 Sorry for you and the boys, Kerri.

Saturday 26.06.2010 Day 177

Today was summer fair in our swimming club. Both boys had much fun kayaking and on the sudsy waterslide.

Sliding over sudsy water is funny

We had fantastic warm and sunny weather. Before the summer fair we went to our favorite Italian restaurant for lunch

Friday 25.06.2010 Day 176

Construction area in the morning sun

Wednesday 23.06.2010 Day 174

Fun in the river (picture day 176)

Monday 21.06.2010 Day 172

Light reflexes at the river (picture day 176)

Sunday 20.06.2010 Day 171

Geared up to start

Saturday 19.06.2010 Day 170

Butterfly stroke

Swimming competition for both boys. But it wasn´t their day... We had a fresh and windy day.

Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

365/162 - 365/169

Friday 18.06.2010 Day 169

New haircut from my elder son

Our elder son surprised us today with a new haircut. In the afternoon he was at a public viewing with is father... sad Germany lost 0:1 against Serbia

Today is Manus birthday so happy birthday and all the best wishes for you. Luck, health, joy and may God bless you.

Wednesday 16.06.2010 Day 167

Sunset out of the roof window

Tuesday 15.06.2010 Day 166

Playing detective with his friend

Monday 14.06.2010 Day 165

Flowers on our balcony (picture day 164)

Sunday 13.06.2010 Day 164

Horses on our balcony

Today we visited a big flea market in town. Both boys had much fun and made good deals. My elder son bought different shorts and t-shirts, my younger son a detective kit and I bought books for the boys and two t-shirts for me.

In the evening Germany played soccer against Australia at the FIFA World Cup. We won 4:0

Saturday 12.06.2010 Day 163

Guitar (and keyboard) concert in a church

Today my younger son had a swimming competition....outside....sad, the weather was mild but grey, windy and a little bit rainy.

Afterwards we hurried to the church in his grandmother´s village. There was a guitar concert for celebrating the 250 th birthday of the church. It was a family concert especially for children - with funny christian songs - played with guitar and keyboard.

Friday 11.06.2010 Day 162

Today is Maike´s birthday. Wish you all the best, health and joy, may all your wishes come true. Hope you had a fantastic and funny day. God bless you!

Camping during a swimming competition (picture day 163)

Nothing special to report...from us

ZWÖLF 2010

My picture for June - you´ll find me at number 27

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

365/153 - 365/157

Sunday 06.06.2010 Day 157

In the morning my elder son had a soccer match. Unfortunately they lost 3:4.

Afterwards we picked up a friend of mine. She donated my boys a scenic flight for their birthday.. already last year - but the weather wasn´t good enough.

But today the weather was perfect (sunny and 29,5°C degrees) and all three had much fun. It was the first flight for my boys and they enjoyed it very much. Meanwhile my husband and I enjoyed a leafy bower in the beer garden of the aero club.

Saturday 05.06.2010 Day 156

No picture for today.

We had fantastic weather, sunny and a clear blue sky. We made a bike ride into town. There we rested in a beer garden.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Kerri! Hope you had a fantastic day!! Many hugs and all the best wishes!!

Friday 04.06.2010 Day 155

Sun is back

Fun for my younger son, the otitis is gone, in the nick of time - for the last water chance

Today was our last day. At 7 pm we started our way home.... (instead of Saturday)... hoping not to have a congestion... but this was a fault.... for the first 50 km we needed 150 minutes (2 and a half hours) because of different construction zones

Thursday 03.06.2010 Day 154

Snow on the mountains in the background

Because of the rain we went swimming

Wednesday 02.06.2010 Day 153

We visited a historic celtic world ... and it was raining the whole day

Content of a barrow


Einbaum (Dugout)

Lunch in an Italian restaurant in Villach

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

365/150 - 365/152

Tuesday 01.06.2010 Day 152

A two and a half hour hiking tour through the forest and ravines. Pictures are made with my son´s small digi-cam. We had 12° C degrees and it was sunny. In the afternoon cloudy and 18° C degrees.


View from the mountain lodge with lake millstatt in the background

Transport of wood

Wild boar´s skin

Monday 31.05.2010 Day 151

Today it´s Birgit´s and Florian´s (Kerri´s husband) birthday! Happy birthday and all the best wishes, health and joy for you Birgit and Florian. Hope you had a fantastic day. May all your wishes come true. God bless you.

Feeding the animals at the childrens farm


Beetle in the sun



Sunday 30.05.2010 Day 150

Raining, most of the day! So we visited a museum. The children had much fun. Pictures are made with my son´s small digi-cam.

Walking over Carinthia (Kärnten) Panorama

My younger son is interested in religion

Old school

Rainbow in the evening