Donnerstag, 23. September 2010


Von Misola habe ich diesen tollen Award bekommen. Ganz lieben Dank dafür Maike! Ich hab mich riesig gefreut

Der Award ist an folgende Bedingungen geknüpft: ..... (the terms of the award are:)

1.Bedanke dich bei demjenigen, der Dir den Award verliehen hat! --> Habe ich getan ..... (say thank you to whom you be awarded)

2.(... give the award to (15) other peoples ... I think it´s way too much and many of my favorite girls got the award already )

Der Award soll an 15 weitere Blogger verteilt werden, die man damit auszeichnen möchte. Eine ganze Menge, da ihn bereits einige meiner "Favoriten" (z.B. Fabella, Birgit, Manuela, Manja) von anderer Seite erhalten haben.

(my winners are...)

So wähle ich Girlie, Kerri, Sara

3.Erzähle 7 Dinge über dich! ... (tell seven facts about you)

* Sonnenblumen sind meine Lieblingsblumen - sunflowers are my favorite flowers
* meine Tochter ist immer in meinem Herzen - my daughter is always in my heart
* Motorrad fahren ist ne coole Sache - motorbiking is cool
* Ich mag den Klang von Gitarre und Cajón - like the sound of guitars and cajóns
* Handwerkliches liegt mir mehr als Creatives - I´m better in constructing than in being creative
* Das Beste an 2010 war meine Reise nach Paris - the best of 2010 was my trip to Paris and to meet Girlie and Gigi ;-))
* Ich bin beeindruckt von der Herzlichkeit, Wärme und dem Familienzusammenhalt der Asiaten und bevorzuge asiatisches Essen.....I´m impressed of the kindness, warmness and the family ties of the Asians and prefer Asian food

Samstag, 18. September 2010

365/254 until 365/259

Thursday 16.09.2010 Day 259


Nothing special to report. Working, guitar lesson for my younger son and afterwards soccer training.

Wednesday 15.09.2010 Day 258

Self-planted potatoes

Working day from 7 am until 8 pm. But with a 4 hours lunch break and an appointment with the physiotherapist.

I also made boiled potatoes.

These potatoes are self-harvested and self-planted by my younger son; in the garden of his grandparents.

They were really really yummy.

Thuesday 14.09.2010 Day 256

School has started again.

Sunday 12.09.2010 Day 255

Bridge for an Intercity Express

During the last few days, today was the only nice one, with a little bit sunshine.

In the morning was a post-tent camp get-together. The mass was really casual. I liked the christian music for the youth with guitar and cajón.

Afterwards I brought my younger son to his grandparents for an overnight stay.

My husband and me made a little walk around this lake, afternoons. Love the reflection of the bridge in the lake. Looks like an eye...

Saturday 11.09.2010 Day 254

Alberich and Fafnir

My younger son was invited to a birthday party.

There we went after his guitar lesson.

In the meantime he had fun at the birthday party, we visit our elder one and a primeval world museum. Inside there was also a dragon world.

The weather was really beautiful. Sunny and warm. So we could sit outside in a sidewalk café for a yummy ice cream and a latte macchiato. Really comfy.

Why couldn´t the school holidays been so sunny??

ZWÖLF 2010

Sorry, a little bit late... forgot to post My picture for August - you´ll find me at number 27

Donnerstag, 16. September 2010


Friday 10.09.2010 Day 253

Autumn´s just around the corner... (pictures 1209)

Nothing special to report but an appointment for an influenza virus vaccination.

Dienstag, 14. September 2010


Sunday 05.09.2010 Day 248

Mirroring (picture 0411)

Yesterday we also visited a town which is famous of its glassblower's art.

Sonntag, 12. September 2010


Saturday 04.09.2010 Day 247

We visited a nice place in Thuringia. Sad it began to rain, as we arrived.

My 2 weeks working break ends on Sunday. The kids have still one more week of holiday

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

365/241 until 365/245

Thursday 02.09.2010 Day 245

New haircut

He had an appointment at the hairdresser in the morning.

Isn´t he good-looking and cool? I like his new style.

Wednesday 01.09.2010 Day 244

Team banner

My younger one had much fun during the christian tent camp ... despite the rain.
It rained the whole four days.

Got him back! Dirty, coughing and with a little heightened temperature, but back in my arms. I´am so happy that he is back, missed him so much.

Tuesday 31.08.2010 Day 243

Dirty shoes and clothes (picture 0109)

Sunday 29.08.2010 Day 241

Tent camping

My little is in a 4 days tent camp from today on... it´s pouring down ..... raining cats and dogs and it´s only 7°C to 12°C degrees