Dienstag, 29. September 2009

WEEK 38/2009 + WEEK 39/2009

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Sonntag, 27. September 2009

365/269 + 365/270

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Sunday 27.09.2009 Day 270

Stacking and climbing on beer crates

We slept in until 7.30 am.

After breakfast my younger son went to Sunday school and got there a cross of Murano glas as a gift in celebration of his day of christening.

Then we went to the polls for the German Bundestag.

In fact of the beautiful and sunny weather we decided to make a trip. During our trip we went in a sidewalk cafe for softdrinks, ice cream and café latte! We enjoyed the warm autumn sun. It was so relaxing.

Where we were, there was a kind of fair were the boys could stack and climb on beer crates. Both did it very well, the younger one scored 10 crates the elder one 12 crates.

CU you tomorrow

Saturday 26.09.2009 Day 269

Bee nearby the soccer field

We had a sunny soccer day, today! After a cold early morning we had at least 23°C degrees - but it felt warmer to the touch.

In the morning was the soccer match of my younger son and after that we had to hurry to another town for my elder sons soccer match.

There I saw these beautiful flowers with many bees.

We were ready in the early afternoon. So we went into town for a walk and a late lunch (or should I say early dinner) at 5.30 pm in an Italian Restaurant.

I had linguine sepia (the black ones) with different mussels and shrimps - delicious!

Samstag, 26. September 2009

365/264 + 365/265 + 365/266 + 365/267 + 365/268

Monday 21.09.09 until Friday 25.09.2009

Misty morning

Spider net

orange Flower

Pearls of dew

Sweet and yummy plums

The pictures are all from Friday in addition of my "no more picture journaling post" - but I´ll use them for the whole week from Monday to Friday!

It was a wonderful cold (7° C degrees) and misty morning! I was still in my pyjamas, snapped my camera and went into the backyard. There I found wonderful scenes that were worth to take a shot.

There were even still some plums ... and how lucky, without a worm ... they were so sweet and delicious, yummy!!

At 12:30 pm my elder son came back from his school trip. He was so tired that he jumped into his bed right away when we were at home. No words, no lunch nothing than sleeping until 6:00 pm - after a short dinner he went back into his bed.

So he didn´t went to his swimming training today, only my younger son.

Tired after the school trip

Freitag, 25. September 2009

365/261 + 365/262 + 365/263

From 18.09. until 20.09.2009

After a goal in the emulsive soccer match

My boys and their uncle

Sunrise on my way to the office

We had visitors this weekend. The uncle of my children - the brother of my husband was here.

He introduced us his further wife and told us, that they´ll have a baby in February... that blew us away!! But he is big enough, so he should understand the risks.

I´ll wish them the best and I´ll pray for them, first and foremost for his wife.

Friday evening was long so I went to bed first at 1:00 am on Saturday.

The weather was quite nice this weekend so we could show our further SIL many places of interest (such as two monasteries) and the boys could enjoy their soccer matches. The team of my younger son has won with 9:0

Saturday evening I was so tired, that I fell asleep at the table - I felt sheepish about it.

Sunday was the emulsive soccer match of my elder son and we had to attend at 8.00 am ... OMG I was so tired.....

After the match we had a late lunch in a Chinese restaurant and then we made a last walk through a big public park and to a castle, before our visitors had to say goodbye.

Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

365/257 + 365/258 + 365/259 + 365/260

Hi girls! It´s time to say goodbye, again....! We are receiving visitors for the weekend so there´ll be now time for blogging.

CU all again Sunday evening at the earliest!

Here are my pictures for the last days and today.

Thursday 17.09.2009 Day 260

Stork in Nittenau

Windy and overcasted day today. I´m busy with doing the laundry and cleaning up the rooms for our visitors. I´ll haven´t much time for blogging or making pictures today.

So I´ll show you a picture from last Sunday on my way home.

My elder son is having school until 3.15 pm now each Thursday. He´ll be back at 4 pm first - still without lunch, still without doing the homework but soccer practise is waiting at 5.15 pm - really hard for him.

Bye girls, the vacuum cleaner is waiting for me .... LOL

Wednesday 16.09.2009 Day 259

Goodies from the school cone

Nothing special happened today. It was a normal Wednesday as always.

Tuesday 15.09.2009 Day 258

School cone from my elder son

After 6 weeks of vacation school started again. Both boys are thrilled! The younger one went to a new school in the neighboring village (third class) and the elder one went back to his secondary school (sixth class). He´ll get now French! OMG hope it will be better than his start with Englisch..... all my fingers are crossed.

It was a cold and rainy day!

In the afternoon swimming practise started again for both boys.

Monday 14.09.2009 Day 257

Final preparations for school

13kg less after 13 weeks with WW

We had an appointment at the eye doctor, in the morning.

In the afternoon we were packing the school bags for tomorrow.

Montag, 14. September 2009

WEEK 37/2009

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Sonntag, 13. September 2009

365/254 + 365/255 + 365/256

Wondering where I was the last days?

Yeah I had a wonderful weekend in Nittenau where I visited Fabella & Ralf in their fishing holidays at the Eger-Hof.

Sunday 13.09.2009 Day 256


The whole weekend we had nice and warm weather. Wonderful for being and sitting outside.

On Sunday was the time to say farewell. How sadly! I would have stayed any longer! It was a pleasure for me to met them! And I hope it wasn´t the last time!

It´s me, watching the sunset (Picture made by Ralf)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!

CU tomorrow

Saturday 12.09.2009 Day 255

Homemade smoked trout from Ralf

On Saturday Ralf made us really delicious smoked trout (the picture with the three trout was made by Ralf)

In the late afternoon a perch took the bait - the first time I saw something like that! It was very interesting how Ralf gilled and scaled the perch.

Perch fished by Ralf

On the funny picture Fabella is picking off the fish scales from his sweater. Later the owner of the farm filleted the perch. And we grilled it with garlic butter. Mmmmmmmh this was so yummy!!!

(The picture with the grilled fish was made by Ralf)

Der Barsch
The perch

Late at night Ralf made a bonfire.


Friday 11.09.2009 Day 254

I break off work early and started my trip.... whereto??? I visited Fabella & Ralf

Flowers beside the river Regen

There was a warm welcome on Friday and a cozy get-together outside in a little cabin, until late at night. It was quite comfy.

The two photographers

Fabella (image detail from a picture made by Ralf)


Thursday 10.09.2009 Day 253

OMG didn´t make a picture again!

I was very busy!

In the morning both children and I had an appointment at the dentist for a checkup. Everything was ok.

Afterwards my younger went back to his grandparents and my elder son had fun on a skatboardpark whilst I was at the hairdresser.

Later I had to bring him to his private English coaching. I also made the laundry and had to pack my luggage for a trip into the countryside over the weekend.

The place were I´ll spend my weekend

CU you first on Sunday again!!

365/250 + 365/251 + 365/252

Wednesday 09.09.2009 Day 252

A mug of café latte after work

Nothing special happened to report. Sunny and mild day with about 23°C degrees.

Kids had a day at their grandparents while I was working. It was the birthday of grandmother´s daughter. They were invited for coffee ,cake and dinner (carp) in the evening. They came back first at 10 pm

They´ll be tired tomorrow morning...

CU tomorrow

Tuesday 08.09.2009 Day 251


I had a appointment with my handsome physiotherapist.

Both children were on the way with the local vacation program. They were climbing on a rock and a via ferrata. They had much fun.

Monday 07.09.2009 Day 250

Didn´t make a picture today! So I´ll show you another one from Sunday.

Duck nearby the skatboard park

My younger son is by his grandmother again and my elder son went spelunking with the local vacation program. Afterwards they had much fun on a coast.

WEEK 35/2009 + WEEK 36/2009

Pics by me
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Mittwoch, 9. September 2009


Bei Fabella habe ich von einem Nikon-Blogger-Ring gelesen.

Gerd Kluge hat diesen ins Leben gerufen. Ich find das eine tolle Idee und werd mich mal anmelden.

Jeder der eine Nikon sein eigen nennt und natürlich einen Blog hat, kann daran teilnehmen. Schaut doch auch mal vorbei.

Nikon-Blogger-Linkring :: powered by KLUGERD

Sonntag, 6. September 2009


Last signs of summer

12,1 kg less after 12 weeks with WW

I slept in until 7:30 am after a break at 3 am in the morning (grrr)

The morning was overcast and windy so we had to cancel our plan for a scenic flight - that my children received as a gift for their birthday from a good friend... both kids were very disappointed.

After lunch I went to church where our new pastor was inaugurated. My younger son and his grandmother were there, too - so I used an opportunity for snuggling with him, before he left the mass with his grandmother.

Later in the afternoon, we went to another town, where a skateboard park is - so my elder son had much fun.

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 5. September 2009

365/247 + 365/248

Saturday 05.09.2009 Day 248

My new clothes

In the morning my husband was at the hairdresser. And then we had breakfast in a café!

After losing weight scarcely anything of my clothing still fit me. In the afternoon, whilst our elder son met up with his friend (the one who is now a member of the Regensburger Domspatzen), we went to town.

My husband bought me new jeans, shirts and shoes. This was very generous of him. Look at the size number of the jeans... yeah 40... twelve weeks ago I had worn still 44/46 and this was almost undersized. Isn´t this fantastic? Don´t know the sizes in England or Amerika but I think it must be between L and XXL

Hence I was bold today and bought these funky red boots! What do you think about?

Most of the day it was windy and rainy! We had 14°C degrees.

In the evening I was looking for a shelter in order to realize my plans next weekend. It was worth the effort - and after many calls it worked!!

CU tomorrow

Friday 04.09.2009 Day 247

Nothing special happened today! It was a regular working Friday, with bad and rainy weather! Nothing was worth to take a shot...

So I´ll show you a picture I made first on Saturday, after the postman was ringing. Isn´t this card cute?

It was hand made by Fabella and it is a special honour for me that I got it!! Thanks so much Sandra!

Donnerstag, 3. September 2009


My elder son slept in until 8 am - that´s really rare! After the breakfast we had an appointment with his private Englisch tutor! School will start again in 2 weeks so he must be prepared for it.

Most of the day we had rain.

In the afternoon he met up with a friend from his old elementary school - the friend who is now a member of the Regensburger Domspatzen

The picture of today shows you my husband´s car that was hit by another car while parked - glad nothing more happened and nobody was injured - but anyway it is a real bother!

Causer was a 87 year old man... noticed nothing.... and was addressed by a noninvolved woman. Luck for us!! Then the man stopped and was waiting and asking which car it could be, but nobody knew. So he went to the police and they were the ones who did leave a note for my husband.

Note for Fab - the damage isn´t big enough for cancelling our plans -LOL- so don´t worry about it.

CU tomorrow

Mittwoch, 2. September 2009


The plums cake I made yesterday

Today my elder son made a trip with the local vacation program to a high ropes course and afterwards into an open air pool.... it would have been too fresh for me... we had only 22°C degrees during the whole day. But for a real swimmer like my son...

In the evening he went into town for a walk with his father and for enjoying a sandwich at S*ub*ways whilst I was enjoying the quiet moments at home (after work) without guys!

Later we got a call. We have come to know that my husband´s brother will visit us for a weekend in a fortnight, with his new female partner in life.

This will become a busy weekend because at this Sunday my elder son is having his further soccer camp and on Monday afterwards he is leaving to a school trip for a week. Hope and pray, everything will turn out good! I´m not good in making spontaneous alterations of the original plan.

CU tomorrow


Und ein weiteres Projekt von TRND hat begonnen das WC Frische-Siegel von 00 Null Null

Hygienischer, frischer und total einfach in der Anwendung. Bin gespannt!


Am 20.08. hatte ich Euch erzählt, dass ich noch an einem weiteren Projekt von TRND teilnehmen darf - und zwar diesmal von Brise! Hier gab es einen innovatien Raumerfrischer zu testen.

Der Test läuft zwar noch einige Tage, jedoch wollte ich Euch heute schon einmal erzählen, dass auch hier der Duft "Relaxing Zen" super angenehm auf mich gewirkt hat. Ich bin etwas "empfindlich" was Düfte anbelangt oder kritisch - je nach dem, wie man es sehen mag - und wenige können mich überzeugen, von einigen wird mir sogar regelrecht schlecht.

Aber sowohl Relaxing Zen, als auch Fresh Cotton den meine Mittester bekommen haben - konnte bei mir Punkten!! Gerade richtig in der Intensität und vorallem nicht zu aufdringlich.

Das eigentlich besondere an dem neuen Brise Lufterfrischer ist, dass er nicht "rundumdieUhr" sprüht, sondern mit einem Sensor auf Bewegung reagiert und eben nur bei Bedarf einen Sprühstoß abgibt. Zusätzlich kann auch individuell noch ein zusätzlicher Sprühstoß per Druck abgegeben werden.

Wer also regelmäßig Raumdüfte oder Lufterfrischer nutzt, sollte mal das neue Brise testen, das m.E. aufgrund der innovativen Technik auch sehr sparsam im Verbrauch ist.


Am 17.08. hatte ich Euch berichtet, dass ich bei Trnd an einem neuen Projekt Coral klein & kräftig teilnehme und Euch hier nach meinen ersten Wascherfahrungen wieder berichten werde.

Das Projekt neigt sich nun dem Ende und dank des Ferienlagers und auch den sonstigen Aktivitäten unserer Familie hatte ich mehr als genug Gelegenheit Coral klein & kräftig auszuprobieren.

Ich fand sowohl das Projekt, als auch das Produkt super - endlich keine schweren Kartons oder Flaschen mehr heimschleppen, die dann überall im Weg rumstehen. Klein, handlich und ergiebig. Was mir aber am aller besten gefällt ist der Duft von Coral klein & kräftig. Richtig angenehm frisch - man kann es schwer beschreiben, muss es selbst einmal gerochen haben. Leider hatte ich oft schon negative Dufterfahrungen in Richtung zu intensiv, zu künstlich etc. aber bei Coral war das überhaupt nicht der Fall - im Gegenteil es war echt ein super tolles Dufterlebnis und ich werde mir sicher noch öfter eine Flasche zulegen auch wenn mich der integrierte Flecklöser jetzt nicht so überzeugt.

Dienstag, 1. September 2009

365/243 + 365/244

Tuesday 01.09.2009 Day 244

My elder son relaxing and enjoying a mug of coffee on the balcony

Today was the last hot day for now. We had 31°C degrees in the end and it was quite sunny.

I was still busy with the laundry and as well today with the grocery shopping. In the afternoon I baked a plums cake just for the heck of it. Whilst my son was enjoying a relaxing moment, with a self-made mug of coffee (the coffee, not the mug LOL) and putting his feet up.

That´s my picture for today processed with actions by pioneer woman.

At 6 pm we met up with a good friend (remember I told you on day 238) to catch up the dinner in "our" Italian restaurant. It was like holiday - outside in the garden, with the balmy air and the lights there. We had a fantastic last summer evening.

After his swimming practice my son joined us for a pizza salami (I picked him up at the open air pool)

As a storm came on we said goodbye - 9:00 pm we had still 25°C degrees. Back home again, it began to rain and a thunderstorm was approaching.

CU tomorrow

Monday 31.08.2009 Day 243

Busy laundry day after the vacation camp of the boys

Early in the morning I had a doctors appointment with the children.

After this my elder son made a trip with the local vacation program "Canoeing on the Main" We had 28°C degrees today

As I were back home with my younger son - his grandmother called - asked if he has a good mind to come to her again, for some days!! He doesn't hang about and didn´t had to consider long....

So after 10 days of vacation camp, he stepped in for a one night sleeping in his own bed and packed his luggage again, for a new sleep over by his grandparents.... I think it´ll last for almost 2 weeks - when he´ll renounce of two parts of the local vacation program.

That´s my younger son; always in transit to his beloved grandparents - he is using every opportunity for being there.

Picture is processed with actions by pioneer woman