Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

365/203 until 365/206

Sunday 25.07.2010 Day 206

Another cornfield in the evening sun

Me made a little bike ride in the morning and played Wii in the afternoon. Not more positive to report.

Saturday 24.07.2010 Day 205

The light of my day

The view in my letter box was lighting up my day and touched my heart so deeply. It´s impressive to witness how God takes one´s hand so send so much love and energy. Thanks God and thanks to you Girlie deeply from my heart! I miss you!

Cold and windy day today. My elder son visited a school friend for the whole afternoon. The rest of our family attended a mediaeval festival, where my younger son had forged a knife. He was very proud.

Pictures from there next week - the letter from Girlie was more important for me.

Friday 23.07.2010 Day 204

Rainy school festival

I had to keep working hard to get ready with my tasks - because I could leave work not until then.

Today was the school festival of my elder son and I had to hurry. Too sad it was rainy through the whole festival.

Thursday 22.07.2010 Day 203

Preparation of a pig´s heart (picture day 204)

In the afternoon we had a thunderstorm so I thought there would be no soccer training. I went to my office again (with my younger son, waiting in the hall with his gameboy) in order to do preparative work, because of an appointment tomorrow.

The thunderstorm stopped swiftly and I must stop also swiftly to bring my son to his soccer training, so I wasn´t through with my work. Too, bad...

ZWÖLF 2010

My picture for July - you´ll find me at number 27

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

365/196 until 365/199

This was the second week of four... I had to stand in for my colleague while he is on vacation. It´s exhausting, but I love my work and the challenge - and I hate it, when some of my special colleagues are complaining endlessly....

Sunday 18.07.2010 Day 199

Sheep show and award ceremony

In the morning we visited a sheep show and afterwards we had a lazy afternoon.

Saturday 17.07.2010 Day 198

This is summer

In the afternoon was our village fair. I assisted there, while my younger son had much fun with the different games. My husband took a siesta meanwhile.

Friday 16.07.2010 Day 197

Construction area that break our sleep in months and another many months

My elder son and his father spent time together in the open-air bath in the evening.

Meanwhile I received the electrician for our new electric stove. Our old one got broken.

Thursday 15.07.2010 Day 196

Another sunflower - I got it from my elder son

My elder son bought this beautiful sunflower from his pocket money - and surprised me as we visited him.

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

365/190 until 365/194

Breakfast in the morning sun (picture day 193)

Before the thunderstorm

Hot weekend with almost 38°C degrees

Yummy asiatic lunch

Refreshing drinks (picture day 192)

My favorite flowers in the garden of my son´s grandmother

Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

365/179, 365/182, 365/184 - 365/187

Tuesday 06.07.2010 Day 187

Death dragonfly my younger son found yesterday in grandmother´s garden.

Another beautiful and sunny day.

Monday 05.07.2010 Day 186

Scanner from yesterday´s run

Had to work whole day.

And my younger son enjoyed the fantastic weather in grandmother´s garden and pool

Sunday 04.07.2010 Day 185

In the morning it has cooled down a little bit, after a short rain.

That was really good for a run of 1,6 km my sons did.

Both were third in their own age group. My elder son achieved the 12th place and my younger son the 46th place of all 116 starters.

It was a feat especially for my younger son (because it was his first run of this distance) and he never had a running training.

My elder moved down 3 places in comparison with the run last year.

While my DH and my elder sun were waiting for the award ceremony I went to a soccer tournament with my younger son.

His team achieved the 1st place and it was the first time he scored a goal... at the end he scored four!!! What a successfully day for him.

But that´s not all for the day...

After the run and the soccer tournament we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and met up there with Takinu and her nice daughter.

We had a fantastic afternoon together, despite the really heavy downpour. As the rain begun to slackens I showed them special points of our town. I think they both enjoyed the time here - Thank you Takinu for visiting me. It was great to met you in real.

You and your daughter are always welcome!

Saturday 03.07.2010 Day 184

Fantastic weather, but a little bit too hot. At 9.30 am we had almost 31°C degrees... and more later the day.... 36,1°C degrees in the afternoon.

We (my younger son and me) spent the morning in an open-air bath where we had much fun. He sprung the first time from the 5 meter diving board. I didn´t have the camera with me, so I show you a picture from day 185

My husband and my elder son attended together a summer fair

In the afternoon, back home again... the shutters were closed and the guys watched the Germany vs Argentina soccer match.

It ended 4:0 for Germany

Thursday 01.07.2010 Day 182

Today I tried a recipe from Terragina "noodle salad". It tasted really delicious. Thanks for that yummy recipe!

Monday 28.06.2010 Day 179

We celebrated my younger son´s birthday later.

So we spent the day in a climbing gym and all the boys had much fun.

Good that they had an aircondition because we had 37° C degrees in the afternoon.

Afterwards we had "dinner" at B*urger K*ing.

Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010


Sorry girls I can´t post new pictures at the moment - and it´s difficult to go online!

One of my sons has broken my laptop - don´t know who and don´t know how - and how it happened.

Everything is upside down and nothing more is working... so my laptop has to be repaired - hope it won´t be too expensive - and nothing of the files is gone. We´ll see, but I´m sooooooo annoyed.

My laptop is/was my baby... I saved my money for a long time, before I was able to bought my very first and own laptop....

Please cross your fingers for me!!! Thank you!!