Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

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Saturday 30.01.2010 Day 30

The first minutes of sun since many weeks

Overnight it has snowed again - and now we have so many snow that I can say we are having a winter wonderland.

In the morning my husband picked up our son at the hospital. It was not easy driving over the snow-covered streets. Glad nothing happened and both came home save.

My boys had a funny trip to an indoor swimming pool as a reward of the congregation for being a carol singer. This was soooo good for the mood of my elder son. But he was extremely pale when he came back in the late afternoon.

While I picked them up, my husband was snow shoveling.

After dinner my elder son and I enjoyed a long snuggling time together.

Friday 29.01.2010 Day 29

On my way to work

Swimming training in the evening for my younger son! He was allowed to be promoted in the next upper competition group in fact of his results from the test on Tuesday.

Thursday 28.01.2010 Day 28

Mail from Normi

Today I got lovely mail.

"A life without love is lonely
a life without hope is horrible
a life without faith is blank
But a live without good friends
would be no life anymore"

Thank you so much Normi. Your words do me so good. Many hugs for you!

My younger son got an "A" in a test of his religion class.

In the afternoon he had his guitar lesson and soccer training. Preparation of children´s church in the evening for me.

Wednesday 27.01.2010 Day 27

View outside my home office

Nothing´s worth to report

Tuesday 26.01.2010 Day 26

My husband snow shoveling (picture 300110)

Swimming training in the evening for my younger son. They made a test for upgrading to the next upper competition group. We´ll got the results Friday first

Monday 25.01.2010 Day 25

Little snowman (picture 290110)

My younger son got two "A" in school for tests in mathematics and music!

In the afternoon we visited my best female friend and I had my pilates course in the evening.

Montag, 25. Januar 2010

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Monday 25.01.2010 Day 25

Weather in the morning

It has snowed again overnight.

Sunday 24.01.2010 Day 24

Undreamed win

Today my younger son had a soccer championships. 8 teams in 2 groups.

Usually our team isn´t the best and most often at the foot of the list.

But today a dream came true. Our team gained the second place in their group. Then they had to take on against the team of the first place in the other group.

They won this match clearly and were the winner of the championships. The prize was this fantastic cup and they were very proud.

We had a late lunch with selfmade Chinese food. Afterwards my husband brought our son back to the hospital. With each week he is sadder when he had to go. Many tears ran over his face.

Saturday 23.01.2010 Day 23

Game my sons played over the weekend

In the early morning my husband picked up our son at the hospital. Then my husband had an appointment at the hairdresser.

We had a lazy morning together. In the afternoon I went with my younger son to the victory celebration 2009 of their swimming club. My elder son couldn´t be bothered although it was worth while.

Last year he was the winner of the youth appreciation. This year it was the first year for him in the adults appreciation so we expected nothing. But... it was unbelievable... he was close beside a cup...

Too bad, that it didn´t work... but we were soooooooooooooooo proud of him!!

My younger son was one place inferior to last year because of less startings in fact of different colds.

Today had been the birthday of my passed away daughter.

Friday 22.01.2010 Day 22

Employment contract

My new employment contract arrived today. Swimming training in the evening for my younger boy.

Edit: some of you asked... "No, it is not a new job... it`s the same old one... but I´m working now 30 hours instead of 15 hours"

Despite the cold and fever, I was working today...

Thursday 21.01.2010 Day 21


Some days are better than others. Today was one of those days!

I got mail from a friend who is dear to my heart. Thank you so much! And you are a lucky one *LOL* your stamps are never postmarked.

Soccer training in the afternoon for my younger boy.

And I´m now ill with a cold and fever

Wednesday 20.01.2010 Day 20

No picture for today. But the cold has started...with the first symptoms






Samstag, 23. Januar 2010


These pictures I found just this minute on Takinu´s Blog .

Her todays post is dedicated for my daughter and me.

"For Angelika

I know that nothing and nobody can take away your pain, but I want to make you smile. I think of you."

I´m thunderstruck and totally speechless.

Tears are running over my face, her post touched my heart so deeply. She was the first and only one who remembered my special day today.

Thank you so much my friend Susan!!

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

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OH, the days passed away sooo fast....

Tuesday 19.01.2010 Day 19

Real big flakes NOT through the window

The weather changed in a few minutes ... sometimes big flakes, sometimes rain but always grey and drab.

It seems a cold is in advancing...

Monday 18.01.2010 Day 18

Winter wonderland picture 170110

In the morning I had a routine taking of a blood sample. On my way out of the house I slipped on ice and fell. My whole right side is in pain.

Our visitors went home.

And in the afternoon I had an appointment with the hospital doctor of my son. A drive of almost 2 hours (one way). Afterwards I picked up the homework at my son´s classmate. Then I had to hurry to my pilates course. Not funny today with my painful right side.

Sunday 17.01.2010 Day 17

My little skier

We went skiing today. The boys enjoyed the time with their skiing uncle because we - their parents - cannot skiing.

In the late afternoon my husband had to bring our son back to the hospital.

My younger son and his uncle played together on the Wii and had fun with bowling and sword fight. Later we had pizza, delivered from J*oey´s.

Saturday 16.01.2010 Day 16

Funny sledging

In the early morning my husband picked up our son at the hospital.

He was allowed to went home for the weekend. The comeback was very emotional and the brothers hugged and squeezed each other.

They played on the Wii till our visitors got up at 11.30 am...

We had lunch in a little restaurant before we went sledging. It was so cold and it seems my feet were freezed.

Friday 15.01.2010 Day 15

In near mint condition

Normal working day and swimming training in the evening for my younger son.

After work I went to the jeweller for collecting my wedding rings after the service. Now they are in near mint condition.

We got visitors for the weekend. My husband´s brother and his pregnant wife.

Thursday 14.01.2010 Day 14

Nothing to report - no picture

Wednesday 13.01.2010 Day 13

New mugs in our favorite colour picture 210110

Normal working day nothing special to report. I had an appointment with the teacher of my elder son and in the evening was a meeting for preparing children´s church.

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

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12.01.2010 Day 12

Little snowbird in grandma´s garden

Today is grandma´s birthday.

We stopped by for a cup of café latte and a piece of cake before we went to the swimming training.

She was very sad, that only one of her grandsons could be here.

11.01.2010 Day 11

Swing in grandma´s garden picture 120110

Lonesome feeling

10.01.2010 Day 10
Stabilize each other

Love the closeness between the two in this picture

09.01.2010 Day 9

Construction of a new Intercity-Express bridge picture 261209

08.01.2010 Day 8

Sacrificial candles picture 100110

I had a day off from work - because my son must be taken to the hospital.

07.01.2010 Day 7

New cellphone of my sons


Janmary is delighted to share that her photos are now available for sale over in her shop

I love Janmary´s photos they are really fantastic - and I love the landscape in her country.

All images will be professionally printed on high quality paper, and are available in a variety of sizes (if you don't see what you want, just ask her!), lustre or gloss finish, with or without a white border.

Montag, 11. Januar 2010


Because a few of you asked

Just a word...

Project E is a project with words - a positive recap of the day - a Essence of the day - not mandatory with a picture - but with a quote or a word.

So my project E is without pictures - If you want to see pictures you´ll find them in my project 365.

















Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

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Wednesday 06.01.2010 Day 6

Carolers (Sternsinger)

Feast day today - Epiphany (Heilige 3 Könige)

Our day started early. I got up at 6:00 am and went to the bakery for fresh baked rolls.

After breakfast I brought my children to the Catholic Church where a mission mess for the Carolers was. My boys are the first time involved and it was the younger one who had the idea.

It was a long and uncomfortable day for them. We had a foggy and cold day today with about 4 degrees below zero. But both had much fun and enjoyed the time.

Tuesday 05.01.2010 Day 5

Sunset (picture 040110)

Normal working day for me.

The boys were at home with their father and played with the Wii.

In the evening both had their first swimming training in the new year.

While I was waiting for them I got a long-awaited phone call and now our own project 2010 will start. Hope it will come out all right.

Monday 04.01.2010 Day 4

At last snow

The day started with 4 degrees below zero and at the end of the day we had 7 degrees below zero. It was sunny today and sometimes it snowed. Wonderful white landscape.

Today was my first working day after holiday and from now on I´m working every day from Monday to Friday.

Both children have still school holidays and went ice skating with the local vacation program - one got home with a blister and the other one with an injury at the eye.

In the afternoon they had a preparatory appointment for Epiphany.

Afterwards we collect our new car at the car dealership.

Sunday 03.01.2010 Day 3

Stuffed animal

This beautiful animal belonged to my younger son. He got it as a christmas gift from his girlfriend

Our last lazy day - or I better say the last lazy day for me ;-)

It was a grey day and in the afternoon it began to snow. My younger son and I made a little walk - searching a subject for the project 12/2010 and we clear out our "old" car.

Later we played a little bit Wii.

Saturday 02.01.2010 Day 2

Lucky charm (picture 010110)

We slept in until 8:00 am.

It has snowed overnight ... but not much ... and we had 2 degrees below zero.

We took lunch in our favorite Chinese restaurant and had afterwards a cup of café latte in a small café.

Our elder son got his first mobile as he came into the secondary school. It was only a ordinary mobile for calling and text messages - nothing else. That´s the way it should be for our younger son, too - in about 1 1/2 years from now....

I´m making no comments... but today both boys got a mobile with camera, mp3.... not from me...

Samstag, 2. Januar 2010






Freitag, 1. Januar 2010



Experiments with bulb exposure

My photographic yield wasn´t big tonight. But anyhow I experimented with the M-mode, with bulb, remote release and my new tripod which I got for christmas.

The weather was really bad, foggy, cold and rainy sometimes with downpours.

But the boys had fun with the fireworks.


We slept in until 8:45 am and had another lazy day.

Not good for the wild boys but the weather is still awful - grey - foggy - wet - windy and rainy!

Watching tv, playing Wii and lead-pouring that was our day. My elder son had to keep records for "Jugend forscht" (German contest for young scientists)