Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

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The weather was bad the last days... cold, grey, rainy ... no sun and no time for beautiful autumn pictures.

Saturday 31.10.2009 Day 304

Butterfly stroke

We slept in until 7:30 am. It was cold outside, about 1°C degrees below zero.

My elder son was rather unwell in the morning, he was feeling giddy and had a headache. Glad he felt better later, because today were the city championship of swimming in the afternoon.

He started seven times. Five times single-handed in breast-stroke, butterfly stroke, crawl, back stroke, alternate layers - and he got five times the first place in his age group! And he started twice in a relay team.

After the city championship we went to Bur*ger K*ing and at home he was allowed to watch TV "The su*pertalent*

Friday 30.10.2009 Day 303

Bread rolls with salmon

My younger son went back to school for a dictation - he got a B.

My elder son got a A in history and a A and a B in German.

It was the last school day and now we are having holidays for one week.

I had to work - it was the last day for six of my colleagues in our group - so they spent us a cold buffet.

In the afternoon both boys had a rehearsal for the christmas myth of the swimming club. Then I brought my younger son to his grandmother for a overnight-staying until Tuesday.

Thursday 29.10.2009 Day 302

Reading in the morning

My elder son is an enthusiastic reader. On the picture he is reading Scorpia from Anthony Horowitz. He started reading the book yesterday and as you can see he´ll be ready soon.

In the evening he had soccer training.

Wednesday 28.10.2009 Day 301

Morning sun on my way to work (on Friday)

Ordinary working day - nothing special happened!

I picked up my younger son after work. He´s feeling a little bit better and the fever`s sunk.

My younger son`s writing a wish list (on Thursday)

My younger son is still having fever and he is feeling worse for wear. He sleeps a lot.

No swimming training for him, only for my elder son.

In the evening I brought him to his grandmother so I didn´t have to wake him up tomorrow morning, when I´ll go to work.

Monday 26.10.2009 Day 299

Barberry in front of the secondary school (on Friday)

(I use this picture also for Katinkas project "Beautiful moments in autumn and winter")

My younger son is in bad health. He is having fever about 39,6°C degrees(103,28 F) , headache and a sore throat. Maybe he is having the flue, swine flue or only a normal common cold. Nobody knows.

We went to the doctor in the afternoon and he said my son has to stay at home for one week and is not allowed to do sports.

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009


Gabs had a great idea concerning all bloggers – all around the world - so she told us on her blog.

At the moment it is still a secret...

She´ll relase the idea on Oct 31th - and no, it has nothing to do with Halloween

visit her blog for more informations!

Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

WEEK 43/2009

Pics by me
Font by Bretta
All other stuff from Weeds&Wildflowers

Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

365/294 + 365/295 + 365/296 + 365/297 + 365/298

Sunday 25.10.2009 Day 298

Garlic for a tomatoes sauce

During the night the clocks returned to standard time - so we won 1 hour for today.

Another day with bad weather. It was grey and rainy with about 8° C degrees.

Nothing special to report - we made a lazy Sunday! What else can we do in that weather?

My husband tidied up his mess and cooked spaghetti with vegetable and hash sauce. My elder son and I were watching TV. We also learned his English and French vocabularies.

In the evening I picked up my younger son from his grandmother. He had a wonderful weekend there and enjoyed it so much.

Saturday 24.10.2009 Day 297

Window decoration

We had a lie-in until almost 8:00 am.

We did the grocery shopping after breakfast and had lunch in our favorite Italian restaurant.

The weather was cold, rainy and grey.

From his pocket money - my elder son bought this Halloween window decoration in the grocery store.

No soccer match, no swimming competition this weekend so we had many free time for being lazy.

Friday 23.10.2009 Day 296

Candle in the wind

It was a ordinary working day. But I left the office earlier today. I picked up my son at school. After a short break for lunch I brought him to the meeting point of his soccer match.

Meanwhile grandmother brought our younger son to the rehearsal from the swimming club. After that he had his swimming training. His father picked him up there later and brought him back to his grandmother for a overnight staying through the weekend.

In the evening I was at my chiefess (female boss) house for a cosy get-together. To welcome new colleagues and say good bye to six embosomed colleagues.

It was a nice and cheerful evening.

One of my colleagues is developed of cancer and he is having a poor prognosis. A few month ago he donated a bottle of gin (see the picture I used for day 294) to my chiefess, for a collaborative project.

This evening we thought of and prayed for him. We drunk a glass of tonic water with a small spatter of the gin to his health. It was a sad moment for all of us.

I know he had dreamt to stop working and to be free from all the stress in the office - before he sickened!

Thursday 22.10.2009 Day 295

Sunrise in the morning

Nothing special to report! Normal routine this day with guitar lesson and pilates course.

It was a rainy, windy and cold day.

Wednesday 21.10.2009 Day 294

Bottle of gin from my colleague

Read the story of the bottle at day 296

Ordinary working routine this day. Nothing else to report.

CU all tomorrow!

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

WEEK 40/2009 + WEEK 41/2009 + WEEK 42/2009

Pics by me
Font by Bretta
everything else by Weeds&Wildflowers

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

365/292 + 365/293

Tuesday 20.10.2009 Day 293

Frozen car windows

It was beastly cold this morning with about -2,5 °C degrees (27,5 F) so we had to scrape the car's windows.

Despite the cold I snapped my camera early in the morning and made some pictures in our backyard.

I had a comfortable appointment at my physical therapist and another appointment for changing the tyres.

Today was a wonderful sunny autumn day with about 5 °C degrees.

Unfortunately a little bit blurry

Monday 19.10.2009 Day 292

Autumn atmosphere

I love these wonderful coloured leaves in our public park.

Today I had an appointment at the garage for changing the tyres. Otherwise it was a usual busy Monday.

A wonderful cold, but sunny day!

CU tomorrow!

Schöne Momente im Herbst und Winter

For Katinka´s project "Schöne Momente im Herbst und Winter" (beautiful moments in autumn and winter)

Colourful leaves in our public park

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009


Autumn lightning in the afternoon


In the morning we had a short time with blue sky, a little sun and only small clouds - but then it was another cold, wet and windy day.

I slept in until 7:30 am.

After breakfast my husband went to the soccer field with both boys, for the match of my elder son. They lost again this time with 0:9 ....

During the soccer match I had time for cooking and blogging.

In the afternoon both boys had to catch up on their homework and their learning material.... that´s the downside of the day release. For the parents it was a lazy Sunday!!

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

365/289 + 365/290

Saturday 17.10.2009 Day 290

Allianz Arena
Another uncomfortable wet and cold day.

We had a yummy breakfast in our small hotel. After that we went to town for shopping... but it wasn´t funny with all the rain and umbrellas. We had steaks for lunch at Ma*redo.

Afterwards we decided to make a short trip to the Allianz Arena - both boys were so thrilled and excited. They enjoyed the short visit despite the rain.

At 3 pm we met up with the late risers at the Hofbräuhaus to say goodbye. Because of my elder son´s soccer match on Sunday we had to go home, while the rest of the family is staying until tomorrow.

Girls I´m so tired after the short night and the long ride on the motorway. I´ll went to bed now and visit all your blogs tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.

CU all tomorrow!!!

Friday 16.10.2009 Day 289

Marriage ceremony

We stand up at 4:30 am and started our trip to Munich for the wedding of my brother-in-law.

A cold and wet morning and it was sleeting.

Along the way, when we passed the Holledau the fields and roofs were snow-covered. What a weather for marrying....

After a nice and funny marriage ceremony we had lunch and coffee in a rustic pub. The night ended at 2:00 am... too late for our children, so we already went to our hotel at 8 pm.

It was a small, quiet and beautiful hotel - but I can never sleep in foreign beds, unfortunately, so it was a wakeful night for me.

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

365/286 + 365/287 + 365/288

Thursday 15.10.2009 Day 288

My little helper (processed)

The morning started wet, grey and cold with about 2° C degrees. During the day we had 5° C degrees and from time to time it was sleeting.

It was a busy day. I cleaned up the rooms, did the laundry and packed our luggage. I had also an appointment with my handsome physiotherapist and together with my younger son one with the doctor.

After he had done his homework my younger son helped me ironing and vacuuming.

Wednesday 14.10.2009 Day 287

View after work

Nothing special happened today. But it was very very cold. We had only 1° C degrees and I had to scrape the car's windows.

I worked until 6.20 pm and the boys were at their grandparents.

Tuesday 13.10.2009 Day 286

Weather after school on Monday (processed)

Because I´ll have a day off on Friday, I had to work today.

It was a cold and rainy day, today. The weather was changeable in every minute. Sunny, cloudy but mostly it was raining.

After work I picked up my elder son at school (where I saw yesterday these impressive dark clouds), picked up my younger son at his grandmother and then we went to the swimming bath for their swimming training.

Bye girls, I´ll see you on Saturday again. Tomorrow we´ll make a trip to Munich because of my brother-in-law´s wedding.

Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

365/283 + 365/284 +365/285

Monday 12.10.2009 Day 285

Chimney fire

The day started dark and cold with about 7° C degrees and a heavy downpour.

My picture for today is also for the project from Katinka "Schöne Momente im Herbst/Winter" and shows you our chimney fire from Saturday.

It was a busy Monday with many appointments; for example influenza vaccination for three of us.

The whole day was mostly dark and grey, and it was raining again and again.

Sunday 11.10.2009 Day 284

Building-up a pyramid

The alarmclock was ringing at 5.30 am .... because....

..... my elder son had another international swimming competition - there were also teams from Austria and Czechoslovakia. I brought him to the meeting point for the departure.

After breakfast I went to children´s church with my younger son.

Later I picked up my son at the swimming bath and we enjoyed a sandwich at Su*bways.

We had cold, dark, grey, rainy and stormy weather today. So the rest of the day was lazy; in front of our chimney.

Saturday 10.10.2009 Day 283

Little accident

In the early morning my younger son had his guitar lesson, whilst my husband and my elder son had an appointment at the hairdresser in each case.

On his way out of the garage, my husband hit the car of the guitar teacher...

After playing the guitar my younger son had a soccer match in the neighbouring village (his team won 7:1) . My elder son had a soccer match about 20km away at the same time and his team lost (1:9) despite the goal of my son.

Playing soccer on a cold, rainy and windy day wasn´t much funny...

For warming up we enjoyed afterwards a visit in an Italian restaurant, where I had mussels in wine sauce. Delicious.

Back home again we lit a chimney fire what was very comfortable.

In front of it my younger son built-up the Playmobil pyramid he bought by himself, after saving money for a long time. He was so proud!!

CU tomorrow after work!

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

365/278 + 365/279 + 365/280 + 365/281 + 365/282

Friday 09.10.2009 Day 282

Fall decoration from my younger son

It was another ordinary day - today nothing special happened.

The weather was quite nice, mild and sunny.

In the evening both boys had their swimming training.

Thursday 08.10.2009 Day 281

Washing the hair

It was a really busy day with many appointments.

One was in the afternoon with my elder son by the doctor. Beforehand we had the guitar lesson of my younger son.

The mother from the classmate who is sitting next to my son, called in the evening whilst my elder son was at his soccer training. To my horror I heard that the classmate is having head lice, probably.

So I examined my younger son - blessedly NOTHING!! I picked up my elder son from his training, examined him - blessedly NOTHING!!

Anyhow we bought precautionary a lice shampoo.

My husband had to apply it by my son, because I had my pilates course and was in a hurry!

It was a grey and overclouded day. Sometimes it was raining.

Wednesday 07.10.2009 Day 280

Spider outside in front of the window

Not a good shot - I know - It´s a shot through the window - with the "wrong lens" But the spider was really fast

Today I had a conversation appointment with the tutor of my elder son, before that I was by the physical therapist - not by the handsome one - but by the female instructor of my pilates course.

The day was totally sticky and grey with about 25° C degrees.

My elder son had to stay in school (on Wednesdays) until 3.15 pm because of "Jugend forscht" he is working on a skin cream!

In the afternoon we cleaned up the room of my younger son.

Tuesday 06.10.2009 Day 279

Magnetic pinboard

I´m trying to made a magnetic pinboard.

It was extremely windy today - like a real autumn storm.

Monday 05.10.2009 Day 278


No time for pictures today, I had to work, and nothing special happened.

So I show you the sunrise from Wednesday 7th. Isn´t it beautiful?

Later it was raining....

In the evening I had a preparation meeting for childrens church on Sunday.

That´s all for the last days

CU tomorrow

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

Schöne Momente im Herbst und Winter

Auf Katinkas Blog bin ich über das Projekt "Schöne Momente im Herbst und Winter" gestolpert und fand das eine tolle Idee! Als sie mich nun auch noch ganz lieb eingeladen hat konnte ich nicht nein sagen - und bin dabei!!

Die Regeln:
Jeder, der mitmacht, zeigt einmal pro Woche einen positiven Moment aus der kalten Jahreszeit. Das kann ein Bild sein, ein Gedicht, eine Geschichte oder was Euch sonst so einfällt – es muss natürlich irgendwie zum Herbst oder Winter passen.

Der Beitrag sollte einmal in der Woche zwischen Montag und Freitag gebloggt werden.

Das Projekt startet am Montag, den 12. Oktober und geht zunächst mal bis zum Winteranfang, also dem 21. Dezember 2009. Ob wir anschließend noch weiter machen, können wir dann entscheiden.

Der Sinn der Aktion soll sein, dass wir uns die Schönheit auch dieser Jahreszeiten deutlich machen, sie bewusst erkennen und uns nicht zu sehr `runterziehen lassen.
Es wird sicher eine Herausforderung, wenn wir im November 2 Wochen Dauerregen und Kälte haben…..aber gerade dann macht diese Aktion Sinn :-).

Vielleicht habt Ihr ja auch Lust mitzumachen? Dann schaut doch einfach mal auf Katinkas Blog vorbei!!

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009


Sunday 04.10.2009 Day 277

Harvest festival wheel

In the morning my younger son and I were in church. It was a wonderful service with our new pastor, his guitar and a children´s choir.

Afterwards my son went to a annual fair with his grandmother in the neighbouring-county.

So I had a lazy Sunday inside!! Outside it was a really uncomfortable, cold and stormy weather, later it was raining.

At 8.40 pm my elder son returned from his swimming competition. He was very very tired.

CU tomorrow!

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009


Departure to the match

We slept in a little bit until 7.30 am - that´s late for us...

Today was an official holiday "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" here in Germany.

At 1.00 pm my elder son departed to a swimming match over the weekend.

After we had said goodbye we decided to went to the cinema. That was a big wish from my younger son - he wanted to see Wickie

Filmposter in front of our cinema

There was many to laugh about so we enjoyed the film and the big bag of popcorn.

Afterwards we went to an ice cream parlour. We had mild autumn weather with a little bit sun, so we were sitting outside with our cup of café latte and ice cream.

In the late evening our television set gronked out. I think it´s not worth to repair it.

CU tomorrow


Friday 02.10.2009 Day 275

Vegetables and fruits for the harvest festival

Cloudy and cold day with about 12° C degrees.

In the late afternoon my younger son went to church.

Many children joined up there for collecting fruits and vegetables in the village for the harvest festival service on Sunday. My son got this basket on the picture for the service from his grandmother.

After collecting they decorated the altar in church with the vegetables and fruits. And now my younger son is looking forward to the service on Sunday.

CU tomorrow

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

365/271 + 365/272 + 365/273 + 365/274

Monday 28.09.2009 until Thursday 01.10.2009

Nothing special happened the last days.

It was the normal busy routine. No time and no points of interest for making pictures. The weather wasn´t such as nice as last week. Always grey and clouded, sometimes wet.

Today I had my appointment with the physical therapist and I took my camera with me. So afterwards I walked through the town and our public park, searching for the signs of autumn.

And here they are...

With a little wink to Ralf and Fabella "I used several times the M-setting of my camera and I made plenty of pictures" .... LOL

Lightning through colored leaves

Chestnut in a public park

Upstairs to the public park (processed)

Lonesome leave in town

That´s all for today the business goes on.

Guitar lesson for the younger son after school, soccer training for both boys in the afternoon and parents' evening for me instead of my pilates course.

CU tomorrow