Samstag, 27. März 2010

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Saturday 27.03.2010 Day 86

Confirmation present

Back side of the bookmark

Grey and rainy day today.

We picked out a new bicycle for my younger son - it´ll be ready next Tuesday. He is so thrilled!! His old bike is finally broken.

In the afternoon I delivered a confirmation present.

It was a selfmade bookmark, a voucher for a bookshop and something each young girl loves...nail polish and lip gloss. I´m really proud how the bookmark turned out - not as perfect as the one I got from Fabella - but I´m satisfied.

Friday 25.03.2010 Day 84

Last school day - now the children are having holidays for two weeks
- and so am I.

My younger son was visiting a classmate directly after school and had much fun.

Until the afternoon we had wonderful sunny weather, with about 21°C degrees. But then a storm with downpour approached.

Swimming training in the evening.

Wednesday 24.03.2010 Day 83

Flight schedule - The first step of my dream (picture 23.03.10)

Fantastic weather today with 20°C degrees and quite sunny. Sad I had to work until 8:00 pm.

But I enjoyed a lunch break of two hours, sitting in a sidewalk cafe with café latte. I sent a SMS to a friend of mine in France telling about my wonderful lunch break - and was so sorry to hear, that it rained there.

My picture of today isn´t a really great shot - technically - I know that. But for me it´s a perfect shot - because it shows the first step of my dream. These are the flight datas of my flight to.....

....psst, that´s still a secret.

I´m so jazzed. Hope nothing intervenes!!!! Please cross all your fingers for me!

Tuesday 23.03.2010 Day 82

Crocus - Spring is here

Had an appointment with my physical therapist in the early morning.

I found the first crocus in our garden, today. So spring is here.

This picture is also for Katinka´s project "looking for spring". And I too have a German poem for you.


"Wie lieblich ist die
Die Sonne scheint,
es blüht, gedeiht -
so ist es mit den Herzen.
Die Sonne will
hinein, warum soll
nicht auch Frühling
in unsren Herzen sein."

Gisela Solms-Wildenfels

Today was a beautiful mild and sunny day.

And the first step of a dream came true today... I´ll tell you a little bit more, tomorrow.

Saturday 20.03.2010 Day 79

My younger son had a swimming competition today.

He got two gold medals for breast stroke and back stroke, a silver medal for freestyle and a brazen one for butterfly stroke. It was his first time swimming the butterfly stroke.

Picture of the medals is following

Thursday 18.03.2010 Day 77


Wonderful sunrise today!!

Wednesday 17.03.2010 Day 76

Picture will follow... it´s a belated birthday gift from two of my colleagues.

I had to work until 8:00 pm and enjoyed a lunch break of two hours. There I had an appointment with my physical therapist for a treatment of my neck, shoulder and arm.

Tuesday 16.03.2010 Day 75

Belated birthday flowers

These beautiful flowers I´ve got from one of my BFF´s. We are making the pilates course together. She came back from her holidays in Gran Canary.

During the pilates course there was a crackling in my knee joint. Doesn´t sound good...

It was rainy today.

Montag, 15. März 2010

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Don´t forget Janmary´s St-Patricks-Day blogging-carnival

Monday 15.03.2010 Day 74

Frothy milk on my café latte(processed)

After lunch my elder son made a cup of café latte with frothy milk for me. He did it very well!! Yummy

From time to time it was snowing and the whole day was grey with about 5 degrees.

Sunday 14.03.2010 Day 73

Belated birthday breakfast

My sons made me a belated birthday breakfast.

Later we watched a movie "Up (Oben)" together. After lunch we made an hour´s and a half fast walk

Later we played games together and enjoyed the rest of my birthday crumble cake (Streuselkuchen) which I got from my sons´grandmother.

Grey and wet day.

Friday 12.03.2010 Day 71 and Saturday 13.03.2010 Day 72


Friends like Fabella and Normi make my life sparkle!

Both thought of my birthday and surprised me with wonderful presents. Fabella´s mail arrived in the late Thursday evening just before I left home for aqua jogging. Normi´s mail arrived in the early Friday morning.

Each gift seems to be chosen advisedly and touched my heart deeply. Thanks so much girls. Especially thanks for always lending a sympathetic ear.

Sonntag, 14. März 2010


Habe gerade auf Katinka´s Blog ein tolles Kurzprojekt entdeckt, für das ich gerne mit einem Textauszug von ihr selbst, Werbung machen möchte.

Es geht darum, Bilder, Geschichten, Gedichte oder sonstiges zum Thema Frühling zu zeigen.

Warum wünscht Ihr Euch endlich Frühling?
Was ist am Frühling für Euch besonders schön?
Habt Ihr ihn schon irgendwo entdecken können?

Wir wollen ihn gemeinsam anlocken…..

Die Aktion geht von heute, Sonntag, den 14.03. bis zum Sonntag, den 28.03.10.

Schaut doch einfach mal auf ihrem Blog vorbei und macht mit!!

Samstag, 13. März 2010


Fabella is now creating cards - I love them all! Sure you, too!!

Fabella´s Cards by scrap-wishes

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

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Thursday 11.03.2010 Day 70

Looks like real

Isn´t this a cool card?? It looks like a real cup of coffee!!

I had a day off! Made the grocery shopping and the laundry. But I also enjoyed a real cup of latte macchiato and a piece of a black forest cake in a bakery, before the boys came back from school.

Later my head had a collision with a soccer ball, so to speak. More pain for my neck and my arm.

Thanks god my husband came home earlier in the afternoon and we went to town for eating ice cream together.

In the evening one of the mums in our swimming club picked me up for the aqua jogging course. There I had much fun and it was the happiest time of my day.

Before I went to the aqua jogging course the door bell was ringing... and the postman came *SMILE* I´ll tell you more tomorrow!!

Wednesday 09.03.2010 Day 69


I love those days in springtime, where we can see beautiful sunrises again.

Went to the office again - what else should I do? Ordinary working day! Nothing special to report from there.

Tuesday 09.03.2010 Day 68

I was a day off sick - due to a examination of my shoulder. It´s a shift of a vertrebral body in my neck and very painful. Especially when sitting, based on the radiated pain in the right arm - strange, but true

Monday 08.03.2010 Day 67

Foot reflexology(picture 070310)

First school day of my elder son after his hospital stay. It would seem that it worked out really well... we´ll see.

Thanks for all your good words to the health of my son.... but the discharge from hospital is only temporary. It´s only a matter of time before he must go again.

So my thoughts are still everywhere but not with blogging, chatting, scrapping or taking pictures. Sorry girls but I hope you´ll understand that.

Sonntag, 7. März 2010

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Sunday 07.03.2010 Day 66

Winter is back

We had a lot of sunshine today but also a very cold wind. It seems as if winter is back.

We made a long walk through a public park in the morning.

After lunch I played Set with my elder son. It´s a fantastic game and my son is much better than I.

I still haven´t got time to go to the doctor... because of my shoulder. A couple of days it seemed as if it will be better. But today I fail to lift my right arm.

Both boys kneaded me, too cute of them!

Much snuggling time through the whole day with my elder son. He´s afraid of school tomorrow. 8 weeks are gone since he was the last time in school. Poor boy, but he must weather the storm in the first days, with all the questions and the necessity of a new class.

Saturday 06.03.2010 Day 65

Another snowy morning

Unbelievable... I´m so ready for spring .... and what did I see when I got up in the morning? SNOW!!!!

So my husband and my elder son cleared the snow after breakfast while I made the grocery shopping with my younger son.

Later my husband tipped a cup of coffee over.... all on the carpet... Thanks god it wasn´t me... who did it... So my three men had fun cleaning the carpet together.

After lunch we went ice skating together.

Friday 05.03.2010 Day 64

Cleaning the carpet (picture 060310)

My younger son was sick to his stomach - so his grandmother picked him up earlier from school - while I was working.

No swimming training for him in the evening and no training for my elder son because he is having a cold.

Snuggling time with him in the evening.

Thursday 04.03.2010 Day 63

From now on our office is open until 8:00 pm. Within six weeks I have to work three times until 8:00 pm.

No one is asking who take care of our children in this time. And no one cares that the children go to bed not until 9:00 pm.

I had a long call with the teacher of my elder son in the afternoon, because he´ll release from hospital in the evening.

It snowed on my way home...

ZWÖLF 2010

My picture for March - this time - just in time ;-))

Freitag, 5. März 2010

Announcing Janmary´s St Patrick's Day Blogging Carnival

Also this year Janmary is having a St.Patrick´s Day Blogging Carnival.

Look on her blog there are different prizes to win! And Janmary is such a wonderful blogging friend ;-)) I love her blog and her fantastic shots of Irelands nature