Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009


Gum bubble

Since today my elder son can make gum bubbles!

It was a very sunny and hot day, today. We had sticky 29°C degrees.

CU tomorrow

Montag, 29. Juni 2009


The sun is back - Beautiful sunrise in the morning

My younger son went to school again. And I went again to the garage with my car.

On Saturday, midway between our appartement and the swimming bath the car was left behind. It won´t start anymore. Time pressed about the swimming competition. And it was really dangerous in the middle of the motorway.

After 15 minutes it decided to work again - so we could drove to the swimming bath. Here I had the same problem again for another 5 minutes.

Do you remember - the car was already in the garage the last week - and we´ve got a bill over € 1000,-. The car worked at least two days.

Today they told me another wire and a sensor were broken. Now I have a hire car for two days.

Homemade popcorn

In the afternoon we had an appointment with the otolaryngologist.

He told us, that my younger son had a middle ear effusion on both sides, with many water inside. That´s the reason why he couldn´t hear enough. He prescribed him antibiotica again also a expectorant. We hope it´ll work! Otherwise he´ll need a surgery.

In fact of the antibiotica it´s disallowed to him, to trink milk or to eat dairy goods. Back home again, we made popcorn, as a scrap of comfort.

The weather was great today, warm and sunny!

CU tomorrow


Pics by me
Cloud by Kubivet kit weather
all other stuff by WnW


Pics by me
Cloud by Kubivet kit weather
all other Stuff by WnW

Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009


2 weeks after WW 3,3 kg less

A few minutes of brothers´love

It was a grey and sticky Sunday at about 21°C degrees, no sun!! My younger son made up his leeway from school and I helped him with his homework.

I think he is well enough to go to school again, tomorrow! But we´ll have to check his hearing at tomorrows doctors appointment. Because he is misshearing most of our words and he´s always asking Eh? Huh?

CU tomorrow after my next visit in the garage...LOL (gallows humor)

Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

365/177 + 365/178


SATURDAY 27-06-09 DAY 178

Ready to start

My elder son is waiting for the start of 200m freestyle. It was his 5th. and last start.

He started for 100m freestyle (his result 7.place), 200m breast (3.place), 100m backstroke (6.place) , 100m butterfly (3.place) and at last 200m freestyle (4.place)

The weather wasn´t really nice. Quite windy, sticky, sometimes with rain and scarce sunny.

My younger son wasn´t allowed to start in fact of his earache. Although he is feeling well again.

After the competition we stopped at B*urgerK*ing as a small reward.

CU tomorrow with a troublesome new story of my car.....

FRIDAY 26-06-09 DAY 177

Yummy chocolate strawberries and bananas from the buffet in school

Today was the farewell party in my younger son´s school. A balladeer for children sang with the kids and they had much fun.

Because my son was free of fever, I allowed him to visit "his" party, however with a cap for protecting his ears. Not even funny at about sunny 21°C, but a must-do!

Not until after the party a thunderstorm approached. And it was raining the whole night.

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

365/174 + 365/175 + 365/176

Sorry girls - I wasn´t clear-headed the last days - (my DH is still at home, the cars were in garage and my younger son is ill) so I didn´t take any pictures. The following ones are all from today, I must confess it.

High temperature at 4.30 pm

My younger son had to stay at home because of his heavy earache. We went to the doctor and he told us that my son is having an otitis media on both sides and a beginning tonsillitis.

He prescribed us antibiotics, nose drops and a liquid against his pain. And he didn´t allow him to swim this week. So he isn´t able to take part in his swimming competition on Saturday - and maybe also in a farewell party at his school, tomorrow. This school will be closed at the end of this school year.

Most of the day my son was freely sleeping. He was not even interested in watching Sponge Bob on TV.

We are so relieved about my elder son´s grade C in his English exercise. Ok, I know it isn´t still good. But after grade F, it seems to be fantastic. My elder son is almost highly talented and a very good pupil. So we don´t know what´s so difficult for him in English.

The weather today was very sticky. We had about 20°C and it was very cloudy, grey and there was no sun.

Before I forget, my car is back from garage. The air conditioner, the side mirror and the servo steering were repaired. Hope everything is working now.

CU tomorrow

WEDNESDAY 24-06-09 DAY 175

Another new flower in the bed of my younger son

I had to work until 6 pm. As I picked up my sons at their grandmother, my younger one told me, that he is having earache. Poor boy! He had an early night.
Hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

The weather was still grey, cloudy and nearly stormy.

TUESDAY 23-06-09 DAY 174

The apples in our garden are growing

I had an appointment with my physical therapist, my younger son an appointment with his guitar teacher and in the afternoon both sons had their swimming training.

My younger one felt cold, so I hope he wouldn´t become ill.

Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009

365/172 + 365/173

MONDAY 22-06-09 DAY 173

Nothing special happened on our always busy Monday. Except a doctors appointment for taking of a blood sample.

It was chilly, windy and we had rain from time to time.

In the evening I had my pilates course. During the course rain alternated with sun and as I came out a very special rainbow was in the sky. I´ve never seen such a wonderful, bright and entire half-rounded rainbow. I was mad about the fact I had no camera with me, not even a cell phone. What a bother!!

Back home again - after a 5 minutes car ride - the rainbow was gone, but I took a shot of the wonderful sky. Another 2 Minutes later the sky was black and it was raining.

Wonderful sunset

CU tomorrow

SUNDAY 21-06-09 DAY 172

1 Week after WW 2,3 kg less

Beginning of summer! But, where is the sun? Where is the heat? I only saw, wind, much rain and it was cold.

My younger son visited childrens church and then we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant. After that a dream came true for my younger son. We went to a big Circus! We all had much fun!

My younger son and his stunt

My elder son and his stunt

One of the acrobatic groups

It was a fantastic and expensive afternoon, but it worth the money!

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009



My younger son had a soccer match in the morning, which my DH and my elder son were visiting, while I made the grocery shopping. The day started off sunny, but windy!

Black currants in our garden are ripe

We made BBQ in the afternoon

Clouds were filling the sky and a heavy rain approached but we finished in time.

I´ve got a parcel with a fantastic book inside from TRND

CU tomorrow I´m off now for reading the book


Sujomi (SuzyH) told me, she´s having problems when she follows the links on her sidebar ... but if she clicks from her blogger dashboard, she don't has the issue.

Maybe some of you also note this and could crack the problem in this way.

Good luck!

Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

365/168 + 365/169 + 365/170

The last days I were busy and I felt so listless for blogging (because of the blogger problems), internet, taking pictures or being creative.

Instead we´re having many problems, with our cars. Not only the mirror at my car....
There are problems with the servo steering of my DH´s car and the garage is unfit to order the right replacement part. But that´s not enough. At my car there are still some other issues. Sometimes the motor is running out during the drive. Sometimes it isn´t possible to start the motor. Don´t know what the problem is, but it seems to be expensive.....again.

And it seems that our refrigerator will perish!

Not really good news....

So here are my pictures from the last 3 days.

Friday 19-06-09 Day 170

These are the books I bought yesterday

Nothing special happened today - but it was a long and busy working day from 6:30 am until 3:00 pm and directly afterwards the swimming practice of my children.

I were at home not until 7:45 pm and I was so tired and ran out of steam for blogging

CU tomorrow

Thursday 18-06-09 Day 169

My DH´s tools of the trade and the result from yesterday

I wanted to have orange walls... but I got these ... the colour is called "Mandarine"

In the morning I had an appointment with my handsome physical therapist and afterwards I enjoyed a cup of café latte in a sidewalk café with my DH. There was a book sale on our market place. If you buy at least 5 books - each one will cost only € 2,50 .... I bought many books for my children and me.

After lunch a shutter assembler visited us and we ordered an awning for our balcony. It will be delivered in three weeks.

My younger son had soccer practice in the afternoon.

Wednesday 17-06-09 Day 168

My boys were picking nearly 5kg strawberries on a field - with their grandmother

Strawberry Jam

I made strawberry jam from all the strawberries.

My DH had painted the walls today.

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009


Our broken exterior mirror

The pilates evening yesterday, was funny and not too heavy. I was a little bit afraid if I´m able to do the gymnastic exercises with my back - but it worked out really well and it benefit my back.

Today the weather wasn´t nice. Grey sky, cloudy and from time to time many rain.

In the morning I had an appointment with my handsame physical therapist, then I did the laundry and cleaned up the master bath. In the afternoon I had to bring the children to their swimming practice.

Meanwhile my DH cleared out the corridor and vestibule and began to paint the ceiling (in white). Tomorrow is the turn of the walls.

My picture of today is our broken exterior mirror. It happend yesterday while my DH drove the car....no one knows how it happened - suddenly there was a bang and it cracked up.

CU tomorrow

Montag, 15. Juni 2009

365/165 + 365/166

DAY 165

Our family breakfast table on the balcony

I went to the bakery for fresh baked rolls and we had breakfast on the balcony because of the fantastic weather. Afterwards we made a walk through the wood - the kids with their cycles.

We had then another lazy afternoon before we all snapped our cycles for a ride into town... enjoying a ice cream. Back home again we made a BBQ.

Today I started a new attempt with Weight Watchers. Hope it´ll works. Please cross your fingers!

DAY 166

School began again. We had 18°C degrees in the early morning and it was totally sticky during the whole day. From time to time we had thunderstorms with heavy rain.

Nothing special happened. My DH has still holiday. He´ll stay at home, for the next two weeks.

I unpacked our luggage, did the laundry and prolonged the concession of my anti-virus programm. Morover I had the usual busy Monday.

In the flower bed of my elder son

In the flower bed of my younger son

I´m off now ... A new course "Pilates" begins today - hope it´ll help my back.

CU tomorrow


Some users told me, they had problems again, loading my blog.

So blogspot informed - it seems to be a problem from users with the Internet Explorer - they are looking into this and will post and update once they've isolated the issue.

Mari gave me the tip to move the follower widget further down - and then it should work.

I did and Sandra told me it is working!!

Hope my visitors are now able loading my blog and commenting again!


Pics by me
All other stuff by WnW

Samstag, 13. Juni 2009


We are back, at home!! We arrived at 0.10 am - so the boys were tired and let us slept in until nearly 9.00 am

It was a wonderful sunny morning and our fridge was empty, so we took a late breakfast in a café in town. In the pedestrian area we listened to a samba percussion group. Afterwards we made the grocery shopping, skipped lunch and had a lazy afternoon.

Then we went to town again in a beautiful bar. By fantastic weather we enjoyed some Caribbian cocktails nearby palms. Three of the cocktails were without alcohol they named Caipi acqua and Caipi ginger. The cocktail of my DH was with alcohol and was a Mojito.

They recollected us at our vacation to CUBA years ago.

Our cocktails

We took then dinner in our favourite Italian restaurant

My latte macchiato

Our antipasti plate

Wish you all a wonderful and sunny weekend!

CU tomorrow



My night was horrific, because of my back pain

Our last day in Austria - and we had to pack the luggage - not easy with such a back and very very painful. But my DH helped me.

It was necessary to went to the pharmacy. I had to buy more painkillers for surviving our homeward journey by car which continues many hours.

The Austrian Pharmacy

On our way to the pharmacy we passed...

Schloss Porcia in Spittal

We had fantastic weather at our last day!! Really wonderful, so we enjoyed a last café latte in a sidewalk café and our children had much fun with swimming in the pool and by throwing water balloons.

My elder son with a bursting balloon

These field flowers are a gift from my younger son

And they are also especially for Schlapperplabber and Takinu

Heaven´s gate

This was the sky during some minutes of our god saved homeward journey. All road accidents were on the other side of the road. We prayed for all the casualties.



We had wonderful warm and sunny weather. So we decided to make a shipping tour on Lake Millstatt

Villacher Bürgergarde accompanied the shipping procession

Because of the feast day Corpus Christi (Fronleichnam) there were many processions around the lake. The biggest one was a shipping procession with a mass and many peoples on different ships. So we weren´t able to make a sightseeing shipping tour...

Therefore we rented a electric boat and the children had so much fun ... I think more than on a sightseeing ship.

My younger son at the wheel

Some surroundings we had seen during our boat trip

The feet of my elder son

After the boat trip we went to a seaside restaurant

My younger son loves shrimps and salad

Already in the early morning I noticed that my back pain is coming back... After two hours in the boat the time has come and I wasn´t barely able to move.... (In the evening I had to take painkillers)

Because of the approaching thunderstorm we hurried home to the hotel

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

365/160 + 161

The WLAN here in hotel makes me crazy....

so here are the pictures from DAY 160 - Tuesday 09 th June

The weather was really nice today! Sunny, warm and a little bit windy!

We made a trip to the “Malteiner Wasserspiele”…. An easy circular route through the wood were we passed different cascades. A great natural spectacle.

After that we visited a donkey farm . Especially my elder son was so happy about their confidentialness. It was so wonderful to see how relaxed he was between the donkeys.

There where also different other animals.

DAY 161 - Wednesday 10 th June

The weather was sticky again and it has his ups and downs - sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and sometimes we had rain.

Nothing special happened today, although the kids made a camp fire at the hotel with barbecue.

My DH and I weren´t in. We made a little relaxed shopping tour in Spittal; the last before our homeward journey.

I had my camera with me, but forgot to take a picture. So I´ll show you two barbecue pictures from the last year.... because this is every year the same

Hope WLAN is working the next days...

CU hopefully tomorrow