Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

365/58 + 365/59

Sunday 28.02.2010 Day 59

Easter decoration

Rain - the whole morning!!

While my elder son and I went to the bakery for fresh baked rolls my other son made this Easter decoration for our breakfast table.

Later I played different games with my younger son.

After lunch we took a walk through the town, the children with bmx-bike and scooter. Both enjoyed their first ice cream and the movement in the vernal afternoon sun - after the long snow time.

We had a wonderful mild spring day to the afternoon - and then a heavy storm began.

Another snuggling time for me with my son and now my husband is on the way to bring him back to the hospital.

Saturday 27.02.2010 Day 58

Trip to a deer-park

In the early morning my husband hit the road for collecting our son at the hospital. Then he had a appointment at the hairdresser and afterwards we made breakfast together in a café.

Later we looked at another new car - a much smaller one as the car we got in January.

Owing to the fine weather we made a trip to a deer-park in the afternoon.

In the evening we had late lunch in a country inn.

Then it was high time to go to bed for the children and snuggling time for my elder son (and me), after another week without us. He was so tired, that he fell asleep in my arms, what a beautiful feeling - he was so close to me - like the time he was a baby.

Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

365/52 + 365/56

Thursday 25.02.2010 Day 56

Spring ist just around the corner

Another weather report. After two days of raining we had wonderful spring weather today. Mild with about 11,5°C degrees and sunny until the early afternoon. Then the grey came back. Nevertheless it was a wonderful day for the mood.

My younger son and I made the grocery shopping by bike - our first bike ride for this year.

If everything goes well my son will be release from hospital next week. But for a limited period only. We´ll see.

I wasn´t at the doctor yet... but the pain in neck and shoulder is still here ... no time for my own health and I´m a little bit anxious about the results.

In the evening I´ll go "aqua jogging" for the first time. Two mums of our swimming club invited me. So I didn´t want to say "NO" (this would been my nature) and I´ll give it a chance.

Sunday 21.02.2010 Day 52

Our weather today

AGH!! More snow! Totally different weather to yesterday... it has been snowing almost the whole day and I am so ready for spring.

How Kayjay said "I have just had enough snow for this winter, but no one is listening to me!" I need more sun for my mood.

In fact of having a stiff neck and pain in my shoulder I slept baddish the last nights. And I´m so tired. Todays night was horrific. The pain spread as far as the arm... I think I´ll have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Hoping it will be only a tension and not a disc prolaps in the cervical spine. Or maybe something happend during my fall in january

ZWÖLF 2010

Finally I managed it to take my shot for the project Zwölf 2010 from Jana. In fact of the hospital stay of my son - I wasn´t able to take my first shot earlier. Sorry Jana.

Here is my picture for February.

For all who were interested... on the left you can see our new car ;-))

The idea of the project is, to photograph the very same object from always the same place once in a month.

Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

365/47 + 365/48 + 365/51

Saturday 20.02.2010 Day 51

Our day was really in chime today and the weather was beautiful as you can see.

We had pizza for lunch at J*oeys and afterwards our son skied an hour on a small ski slope in our neighbourhood.

My picture of the day shows you my son making dips . His swimming trainer made him a training plan for the time he couldn´t swim.

Wednesday 17.02.2010 Day 48

When I came home from work I found this beautiful card in my letter box. It´s selfmade by my friend Fabella.

Thank you so much Fab and many hugs for your words and thoughts. You know what I need in these hard weeks.

Tuesday 16.02.2010 Day 47

Pizza selfmade by my younger son

My younger son was baking pizza with the local vacation programm today. He had so much fun.

After work I picked him up and we went to my BFF for a cup of café latte and a good talk. She is a supportive of me, during my son is in hospital. She also visited him three times.

I´m so blessed with her.

Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

Whatever for? I have no more energy

365/31 + 365/37 + 365/38

Blue sky and sun

The first day with sun and blue sky - since so many weeks (or month). I enjoyed this to the fullest. It´s so good for the mood

Saturday 06.02.2010 Day 37

My younger son on the slide

Today was a swimming competition for my elder son. The whole family spent the time together there. My son reached the third place in each stroke and the third place in the competition....and that without training since four weeks. But he was totally dissatisfied with his showings.

Sunday 31.01.2010 Day 31

Handmade by my elder son