Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

365/210 + 365/211

Thursday 30.07.2009 Day 211

Balloon competition at the secondary school

The day started fresh and windy.

My elder son had no school in the morning, because of the schooltreat in the afternoon. We went to the doctor for a vaccination.

We had lunch (sepia noodles with tomatoe-prawns-sauce) on the balcony. It was warm, but very cloudy and it seemed a thunderstorm would come! But we had luck... sun and blue sky were coming back.

It was the perfect weather for the schooltreat with 25°C degrees. Sunny and not too hot. Both kids had much fun with the activities they offered there.

Later in the evening I had my pilates course. It was displaced from last monday.. because of the trainer´s illness.

Illness... unfortunately my elder son is having a bad cold.

CU tomorrow!


Wednesday 29.07.2009 Day 210

Sunrise in the morning (30.07.)

Perfect weather today!! Quite sunny and warm. So I enjoyed a cup of café latte in a sidewalk café after work, before I picked up the boys. It was gorgeous!

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

365/208 + 365/209

TUESDAY 28.07.2009 Day 209

School holidays are almost here, so this was the first NOT busy Tuesday, longly. It was hiking day in the secondary school.

In the afternoon my younger son enjoyed scooter time, outside with his schoolfriend. My elder son was playing soccer in the sports area, just for fun.

Instead of swimming practice, there was a BBQ on the area of the swimming club. The club-house is close to a river. This is quite a bargain for canoeing. Today was the first time ever, my kids grabbed the chance - and had so much fun.

The weather wasn´t as quite sunny and warm as yesterday. Nevertheless it was a beautiful, sunny and warm day. I think we had about 25° C degrees.

So, that´s all for today!

CU tomorrow

MONDAY 27.07.2009 Day 208

Another flower in the bed of my younger son.

School holidays are almost here, so this was the first NOT busy Monday, longly.

The weather was quite sunny and warm - we had 29° C degrees - and it would have been a perfect day to go to the open-air bath. But we didn´t - we enjoyed the free time without any appointments.

I did the laundry and my younger son snapped his scooter and went to the playground, my elder one enjoyed time with a former schoolfriend from primary school.

In the evening I had parents crackerbarrel.

365/206 + 365/207

SUNDAY 26.07.2009 Day 207

7,2 kg less after 6 weeks with WW

In the morning my younger son and I went to church for a leave-taking service of a coworker in childrens church. The service for her, was wonderful.

It never ceases to amaze me how much my son is taking delight in the service and singing.

In the afternoon he was invited to a birthday party of his friend Paul. It was a Gaul party in the style of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix. In the evening the parents were also invited for the magic potion ... what was a pottage with beef.

We had sunny weather with about 23° C degrees.

SATURDAY 25.07.2009 Day 206

Today our kids enjoyed the childrens university. They had much fun and were totally hepped up.

My DH and I used the free time for rambling about the city and lunch in our favorite Italian restaurant.

The weather was almost nice but windy and occasional showers.


pics by me
all other stuff by WnW

Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

365/203 + 365/204 + 365/205

Friday 24.07.2009 Day 205

So this is the bread my younger son has baked last Wednesday! It´s really delicious!

In the morning we had another heavy downpour but in the afternoon the sun was shining.

Nothing special happened today!

CU tomorrow

Thursday 23.07.2009 Day 204

Overnight it has rained... so the laundry was wet again. Doesn´t matter I thought, the sun was shining again... and I went for grocery shopping...

On the move it began to rain... it was a really heavy downpour... do you remember my laundry... needless to say, what happened...

In the late afternoon, the weather improved and the sun came back. So my younger son could enjoy playing outside at a farewell party for his teacher.

Wednesday 22.07.2009 Day 203

My younger son has had an excursion to a museum of local history with his school class. They baked bread there.

After the excursion he was allowed to went home to his schoolfriend´s house for having lunch and playing, while I was working.

Fantastic weather outside! So I enjoyed some time on the balcony after work. It was beautiful. Love the view there.

I also did the laundry and hang it out on the balcony... and forgot it overnight...

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

WEEK 28/2009 + 29/2009 LAYOUT

Pics by me
all other stuff from WW

Pics by me
all other stuff from WW

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009



I wish you all the best and I hope you´ll have a wonderful day at your favorite Italian restaurant and at the beach bar

This flower is especially for you and Sara who is celebrating her 25 th. Anniversary with her DH Steve, today.

Congratulations Sara - that´s really wonderful!! Sure, you are so blessed!

Nothing special happend today here by us.

The sun was shining and we had 25°C degrees, later in the afternoon up to 30°C degrees.

CU tomorrow


This book I have read during a project from trnd

It´s a historical novel over two different women. Their destiny is contingent on the doom of the Ottoman Empire. The book was very interesting and I can recommend it to all who are interested in historical books.

Later I´ll post here my German book recension because I´ve not enough words for a recension in English

Montag, 20. Juli 2009


Rain, almost the whole day. Grey and wet.

But this didn´t stop the pupils of my elder son´s school from participating in a benefit running. Sponsors spended money for each run round of 400m.

My son runs 25 rounds..... so he runs 10 km in about 55 minutes ... with short brakes for chatting with his buddies. Thank God for chatting, otherwise my DH had to pay still more money, as for 25 rounds... ´cause my son was not even exhausted.

In the evening I had my pilates course. I enjoy every Monday evening. It´s hard, but it makes so much fun and it benefits me!!

CU tomorrow

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009


6,7kg less after 5 weeks with WW

Rainbow over the field

The weather was ugly today... where is the summer gone ...? Most time of the day it was raining.

My DH and both sons went swimming in the morning. So I had time for cooking, doing the laundry and blogging LOL. The afternoon was lazy and the evening busy with ironing many shirts for my DH, he needs for work.

While I was ironing, rain alternated with sun and I discovered this beautiful rainbow. Sadly the camera can´t gather the bright colors.

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

365/197 + 365/198 +365/199

Saturday 18-07-2009 Day 199/365

Younger son in action

It was a cold and rainy day today. We had only 13° C degrees... later in the afternoon 18°C degrees.

My younger son had a beach soccer tournament in the morning.

After grocery shopping, we were lazy, for the rest of the day. Watching TV on the couch and I had time for blogging.

CU tomorrow!

Friday 17-07-2009 Day 198/365

Deer afield

In the early morning, I snapped my camera for a shot of the sunrise and opened the sliding shutter. Suddenly I heard a noise in the cornfield. Before I knew what was happening ... a deer jumped up....

It was really fast jumping and it was far in the cornfield, so I could only took this blurry shoot of the deer.

Today we had only grey and sticky 19° degrees and sometimes a little bit rain.

After working I met my DH in town for a cup of café latte, while my elder son made his second appearance with his theatre group in school.

Today he was accompanied by his younger brother and his grandparents.

They all had much fun.

Thursday 16-07-2009 Day 197/365

After the appearance

Today was a very hot and sunny day! We had 31° C degrees during the day and in the evening at about 9 pm still 25°C degrees.

My elder son joined in a theatre group in school.

In the evening he had his first appearance after rehearsing the whole school year. He was so excited and did it very well. I accompanied him and was so proud.


I was so super surprised as I saw this fantastic "Supermom Award" on Gabs Blog

Thanks a lot my dear friend - It means a lot to me!! And I´m so happy!! I also give it back to you with your two beautiful children and your crazy and creative life. Thanks for being my (web)friend.

Now I can give this award to four other Supermoms - I´ll give it to five...

Sara with her 3 amazing kids and her christian activities
Tracy with her 5 sporting angels and her creative life
Kerri with her 2 whirlwinds and our planned coffee meeting
JanMary with her 3 great kids and her creative life
Marleen with her 2 unique girls

Last but not least to all MOM´s in the world which are making all a hard but fantastic job!!!

Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

365/194 + 365/195 + 365/196

Wednesday 15.07.2007 Day 196/365

One moment in our garden

Nothing special happened today! In the morning it was raining, but the rest of the day the sund was shining and we had 25°C degrees.

My younger son had his last exercise for a sport badge ... 50 m swimming .... not really difficult for a match - swimmer LOL

Tuesday 14.07.2009 Day 195/365

Flower in the favorite color of my younger son

I had an appointment with my handsome physiotherapist and I forgot it... beause of my younger son´s malaise. So I got a new date later, with an asiatic physiotherapist. He was very friendly and he made it very well.

In the evening my younger son was able again to went to his swimming training.

Monday 13.07.2009 Day 194/365

Colors of our awning

A craftsman came in the morning and fixed our new and first awning.

After that the sun came out and we had lunch on the balcony under the awning.

In the afternoon we had 29°C degrees and an appointment by the otolaryngologist of my younger son. His ears are well again and everything is ok now. Thank God!

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

365/192 + 386/193

Sunday 12-07-2009 Day 193

5,8 kg less after 4 weeks with WW

After childrens church and lunch, I made a trip with my younger son to a wonderful festival with a stately procession.

We were in luck with the weather. Ok, it was sticky, but sunny and we had no rain!

Saturday 11-07-2009 Day 192

In the early morning I had to bring my elder son to the meeting point for his swimming championships (in an open-air bath). We had 10°C degrees and it was raining.

Poor boy.

Later the weather's picking up.

He was successful and reached the second place in breast stroke.

My boys and their tambourines

Sadly, we had a big family quarrel in the evening.

Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

365/189 + 365/190 + 365/191

Friday 10-07-2009 Day 191

Potato heart for my younger son from his grandfather

Most of the day it was raining, windy and it was not really warm. We only had 15° C degrees.

After work, I picked up my son for BBQ and a fairwell party of his soccer trainer.

Don´t know when I´ll be -on- the next time. I´m so tired of all, so uninspired and busy with other things.

CU tomorrow.... maybe, perhabs, possibly...

Thursday 09-07-2009 Day 190


Nothing special happened today.

We love playing Rushhour or the other games from Thinkfun.... like Tipover, River Crossing, Hot Spot or Safari Rushhour.

I was tidying up my workroom today. It was really hard, but indispensable. Because we`ll receive visitors weekend after next.

Today we had 15°C degrees and it was windy.

Wednesday 08-07-2009 Day 189

It was really cold today! We had only 13° C degrees and we had rain in the early morning and later on the day.

A few hours only, it was dry - just aright for the athletic sports games of my younger son in school. In Germany they are called "Bundesjugendspiele" Sorry, I didn´t found a link in English.

It is a competition with three parts, long throw, broad jump and running.

Despite he wasn´t really fit after his illness, my younger son got a honorary certificate (barely) for his accomplishments. You got it for a high score.

For a medial score you got a victor certificate and for a low score you only got a participation certificate.

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

365/187 + 365/188

Tuesday 07-07-2009 DAY 188/365

My son is stacking with Flash Cups

After a appointment with my physical therapist, I had the order to make a farewell picture of my younger son´s school class.

Shortly afterwards it began to rain for the rest of the day - with short off and on.

In the evening I had a preparation of sunday school.

CU tomorrow

Monday 06-07-2009 DAY 187/365


A few minutes after the sunrise we had rain for most of the day. Not until afternoon the sun was back. We had 23°C degrees.

The car of my DH was in the garage today, because of the front tire. They had to adjust the axis and we´ve got two new front tires. Now both of our cars are working!! Hope they´ll do also the next years.

In the evening I went to my pilates course where I had much fun.

Montag, 6. Juli 2009


Pics by me
Everything else by WnW

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009


4 kg less after 3 weeks with WW

Today was the day of the pupils run. The weather was fantastic! Clear blue sky and starkly sunny with 31° C to 34° C degrees, but still sticky.

This year we had a new routing! So it wasn´t 1,4km as the last times - but 1,5km or even 1,6km - We don't rightly know.

The winner in his age group with 05:54
(8 of the boys-pupils and place of all 122 pupils)

After the run we enjoyed some pizza and noodles with seefood in the sun - in an italian restaurant and afterwards a yummy Caipi soda without alcohol.

Now we are back home again - and I´m sighting the planes from the airshow out of my roof window, while my DH is taking a nap and my younger son is watching TV "national geographic world".

Hope you all had a great and sunny Sunday, too!

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

365/184 + 365/185

SATURDAY 04-07-2009 DAY 185/365

In the morning we had ugly weather, heavy rain and thunderstorm. It was warm and sticky.

We went to the hairdresser with my younger son...before that, we had a short breakfast in a café in town. My elder son was in school from 9 am until 1 pm, for a dress rehearsal. They´ll have a theatre play next Thursday.

In time for a airshow the weather's picking up and the sun came back. Great!!

I was there with my younger son, he was so thrilled!! And I bought him this plane!

And here are some special pics for my webfriends Schlapper and Takinu!

You´ve missed a wonderful day with me, the sun and fantastic planes and shows. Toooo bad!

As we picked up our car and went home, we had 33°C degrees and the sun was shining!!

Tomorrow is a 1,4 km run for my children (but you know, infact of the antibiotics only my elder will run). Underway we picked up the race numbers, and goodie bags. Yes, my younger son picked up his stuff too, even though he can't run the race.

Because only with the race number you´ll get a t-shirt after the run.

Hope tomorrow morning the weather will be great!

Please cross your fingers for my son.

Last year he finished runner-up ( in his age group with 04:13 (9 th. place of the boys-pupils and 12 of all 149 pupils).

The year before last he was the winner in his age group with 04:27 (11 of the boys-pupils and of all 128 pupils)

CU tomorrow after the run.

FRIDAY 03-07-2009 DAY 184/365

Hit the peas with the hammer

My younger son had his schooltreat today.

We only had 23°C degrees, but it was really, really sticky - However we´d luck - the thunderstorm passed by.

Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2009


Red poppy and camomile

In the morning the sun was shining. I snapped my camera and made a little bike ride. On my way I found this field of red poppies and camomile.

During the day more and more clouds are grewing and it got sticky, at about 29°C degrees. In the late afternoon and evening we had a heavy thunderstorm and rain again.

I got my car back! All my fingers and toes are crossed that it will work dependably. Unfortunately I´m not allowed to drive with the car, tomorrow - but my DH!

Because the next problem is waiting. At the car of my DH one of the front tires is bald immediately - only one at the inner surface. Probably something with the axis is wrong.

My DH is having a long commute, so it´s too dangerous for him to use that car. So he´ll take mine. And I have to go to the garage again, before work. Don´t know how I´ll reach my office and I don´t know how I´ll reach the school festival of my younger son, after work.

I hate those situations, respectively undependable cars!

CU tomorrow

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009


It was another wonderful summer day, today! Sunny and warm.

My car is still in the garage, so I´m driving a V*OLVO hire car. Great car, but most of all it is working!!!

My webfriend Schlapperblabber is feeling pity for me, about the problems we had lately. So she brought joy to me, with a guardian angel on her blog. Thank you very much Schlapper, this means a lot to me! Big HUGS.

Sky after a thunderstorm with heavy rain

After work we had a short, but heavy rain and thunderstorm. I had an umbrella but nonetheless all my clothes were wet, the shoes, the trousers, the shirt - everything. After the rain it was sticky.

Raindrops on our grape leaves

CU tomorrow