Donnerstag, 30. April 2009


It was a sticky and busy day, today. Working in the office for a half day and afterwards I did the grocery shopping. After lunch, I baked a crumble cake with cherries - together with my younger son. And he did it nearly quite alone! We had so much fun together. And it was his wish doing it together.

Something went wrong, but we didn´t know what. We definitely did it by following the recipe but the cake stayed flattish. Hope it will taste delicious at least.

This is how the cake has looked before we put it into the oven.

The cold of my younger son isn´t still better, but he didn´t feel bad. He is such a cheerful boy.

A heavy thunderstorm was approaching and erupted with a downpour in the afternoon.
In the evening my elder son had organized a private disco in his room. He is full of ideas and so creative. I made this "wrong" shot aware in this way. It should be a "cool shot"

When the kids were sleeping I made strawberry cupcakes and arranged the birthday table. And then I went super tired to bed.

Mittwoch, 29. April 2009


This was the weather today. Raining, raining, raining and still raining. Ok, for the nature it is necessary and also to wash off the ever-present dust (pollen) of the canola blossoms. However it is a uncomfortable weather.

Today I had a half day off - because there were nobody to care of my children. The missing half day I´ll have to catch up on tomorrow.

My younger son is having a big cold. Hope he´ll feeling better till his birthday.

Dienstag, 28. April 2009


My son participated in a drawing contest. The subjects were humanity, against terror, black and white...

The journaling:

black vs white is no answer. We connect people to a solidarity No war against other countries

People, humanity, no war, dare to love everyone

Hope the translation is correct.

He won the contest and his prize was... Guess what!..... a skateboard! Now he is having two LOL ....sure you remember what he bought from his birthday money a few days ago!? That´s life!!

Today was a busy day for me with many different appointments. We had 22°C degrees and it was sunny in the morning. In the afternoon cloudy and now it´s raining from time to time.

Montag, 27. April 2009


Tulips in our backyard in the flower bed of my younger son.

In the morning I meet up with a friend of mine for breakfast in town. It was the first time after 6 years I saw she again. We had to talk and laugh a lot and so it was a wonderful start of the day.

At my younger sons request we had lunch on the balcony. And this is the salad he ate together with a pizza. During he made his homework also on the balcony - I sit there, too - and enjoyed the sunny weather with about 23°C degrees.

In the evening I visited a session of our local council.

Sonntag, 26. April 2009


Already at 6.05 am one of my boys was awake. Remember... they had a swimming competition yesterday - aren´t they tired? And he got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Is that really necessary? OMG it was Sunday ........ When the day started in this way ... no ... that wasn´t a bright thing to do from him....and much less if your father came home not until 1.00 am.

After breakfast we took a walk through that public park I shot the pictures of my younger son, yesterday. I made again some beautiful shots. Then we had lunch in an italian restaurant. The afternoon was very lazy. My younger son and my DH had a nap of a about one hour and I was also very tired, but I made my week pages. Almost the whole day it was overcast and only 17°C degrees.


Pics by me
Date boarders by Dawn Inskip
All other stuff by Weeds and Wildflowers


Pics by me
Dateboarders Dawn Inskip
All other stuff Weeds and Wildflowers

Samstag, 25. April 2009


Got up at 5:30 am to prepare breakfast and to pack the bags for the swimming competitions of my sons. They had different competitions in different towns.
I cared for my younger son. Backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and relay swimming were his challenges. Despite of his rhinitis/cold it turned out good for him. He´s got one silber medal, one bronze medal and a challenge cup for the runner-up slot in the relay.

My picture of today shows him by backstroke in the relay. Backstroke is his preferred stroke.

As a little reward he may choosed a cute toy. It was this little green one what he want. It is flabby and very elastical. It´s good for nothing, but funny.

Back home again we went in town, for a big portion of ice-cream for him and a cafe lattè for me. We enjoyed the wonderful sunny weather with about 24°C degrees in a sidewalk cafe. Before that, we had made super cute spring pictures (of him) in a big public park.

Late afternoon we picked my elder son up, after his competition. His strokes were freestyle,backstroke, breaststroke and a medley (thanks to Sara for your help). He reached the third place in breaststroke and improved all his times in the other strokes.

Hope, you all had a wonderful Saturday!
CU tomorrow

Freitag, 24. April 2009


These "sweets" are very sour. Today it was my turn to bring sweets into the office. My colleagues are always happy when I bring these sour sweets along.

Another day without a special happening. In the morning we had only 1°C degrees above zero. It is still windy but sunny and through the day we had about 19° C degrees.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Please cross your fingers for my sons. Both are having a swimming competition tomorrow, so it will be a busy and hard day for us all. All the more about my hurting back.... I think it wouldn´t be good to sit many hours in a wet indoor swimming bath. But I´ll have to.

CU tomorrow

Donnerstag, 23. April 2009


This mug is a memory of the "Oktoberfest" from 1989, I trunk hot chocolate with cream in it. Today I used it for a milkcoffee and it seemed it would be a good picture.

It was a boring day today. Cold, about 11°C degrees and sometimes it has rained. That´s good for the cars, the balconies and so on, because almost anywhere lies the pollen from the canola fields.

In the morning I had an appointment by the handsome physiotherapist. He told me, that he is making an in-service training as a alternative practitioner in the field of orthopedics and chiropractic. Great, I think he is the right man for me and my back problems.

Now I must go downstairs for ironing... but I don´t feel like it, but it must be done.

CU tomorrow

Mittwoch, 22. April 2009


Nothing special happend today! It was very windy thereby coolish, but still sunny.
On my way to pick up the kids I saw this wonderful sky (processed with PIX3)

CU tomorrow

Dienstag, 21. April 2009


In the morning I had an physiotherapy appointment with massage and heated air. The therapist was a handsome young man ... OMG ... why do I only get the handsome therapists, when I´m in bad health and when I´m having overweight, that isn´t fair. It´s no fun to philander in that way...

The weather was still sunny and great, but very windy today. In the afternoon I took some shots of a canola field and of my younger son in the canola field. Wonderful shots... but... I delated them accidentally ... as I would put them onto the laptop. What a bitch!!!

So we tried to started over - but the new shots are never the same as the first ones. Therefore a bee shot succeeded to me. Klick for a larger image. I took them with my macro lens.

Later my son played on our balcony with his Playmobil tuning garage and had much fun.

Montag, 20. April 2009


I woke up at 4:45am lying in supine position. It needed 15 minutes alone to turn me into a lateral position. As much again to stand up... Horrific.... that´s because my mattress isn´t so hard so I couldn´t prop me up. And when I had to tensed my muscles up for getting out of my bed... my back hurts so much.

Due to the fact of this complications I decided to stay up and not to return into my bed after the bathroom visit. But I took the advantage for an early shot of the goodbye saying moon at 5:30 am. I didn´t have a tripod - but would share this picture although.

An hour later at 6:30 am I took this fabulous sunrise shot.

I haven´t got any breakfast because I had a doctor´s appointment for taking of a blood sample. Afterwards I went to an orthopaedist and chiropractor. He made X-ray, reduced my displaced hip (coxa) and gave me an injection. He diagnosed a damage to the intervertebral disk at L3/4, so it isn´t only a lumbago ... shit happens!

Due to this shock I needed a cup of cafe latte....

.... and some new outfits.

The weather was very nice today, sunny with about 22°C degrees, but very windy.

Sonntag, 19. April 2009


First I would say thank you to all - for your good thoughts and wishes!! It means a lot to me. My back isn´t still good, but it´s no longer so painful as it was yesterday.

Well, it seems my elder son got up on the right side of the bed the last three days. He was exceptionally virtuous and friendly I haven't seen that one in a long time. It was so wonderful and benefit me so much.

He prepared breakfast for us and learned the English grammer and vocabulary in the absence of a battle. It is so hard to believe and I´ll hope that it wasn´t only a straw fire. Thanks my son, for these wonderful three days which warms my heart, I love you so much.

DH prepared lunch and afterwards we took a little walk in town. There I saw this wonderful play of light in the leaves - so this is my picture of today.

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 18. April 2009


The day was cold about 9°C degrees, windy and wet. The most day it was raining.

In the early morning hours I took my shots with the new macro lens, in our backyard. The red bloosoms are from our apple tree, the white one from our plum tree. I´m glad I did the shots.

Because later was a soccer match of my younger son, where I would rather shot my picture of today... but I forgot to apply the memory card.

And after the soccer match my back pain was so bad that I squirmed with pain and cried out in pain. The wet weather is another turn of the screw also standing ... but who had to go to the soccer field? Me? or DH? ..........

The rest of the day I used hot-water bags but I didn´t feel better. No matter if I`m sitting or standing always pain. Lying is the best, but I can´t stand up alone anymore or it needs about 20 minutes.

I think I must go to the doctor on Monday, for an injection.

Freitag, 17. April 2009


Unfortunately this early morning shot is a little bit blurry but I love the nightly raindrops on the blossoms of our plum tree.

Today it was a really boring and painful day. The whole blessed day it was raining, raining, raining.... and we had only 9°C degrees. My lumbago got worse because of the wet weather. It was really difficult for me to work in the office, so I went home earlier. But I didn´t feel like doing something..

Now I go to bed with a hot-water bag for my back. Hope this helps.

Wish you all a good and quiet night! CU tomorrow

Donnerstag, 16. April 2009


Surprisingly my son (the elder one) came into my bed in the morning and was snuggling with me.

Today we had a wonderful warm spring day again. But it was a little bit windy and sticky in the afternoon, because of the announced weather changing.

My elder son was at his climbing adventure, the younger one still at his grandmother and I grapped the chance for a lazy shopping expedition in town. After I had tidy out my wardrobe I need some new clothes which are fitting. Afterwards I enjoyed a cafe latte and a strawberry-cream-cake in a pavement cafe.... not good for new clothes LOL... but really yummy.

In the evening my colleagues and me went to skittle. Due to my lumbago I were only watching. But it was a funny evening. On my way home I took the picture of today and a few minutes later it began to rain. I know the shot isn´t very good, as I took it without a tripod. I put the camera only onto my coach-roof.

CU tomorrow

Mittwoch, 15. April 2009


Another sunrise in the morning at 6:45 am.

Nothing really special happened today. But the weather was still beautiful, sunny, warm... over 25°C degrees.

Late in the afternoon, I picked up my elder son from his grandmother, where he was, while I´m at work. My younger son enjoys the time with his grandparents so much, that he extended his stay until Friday. For all that he would have a climbing-adventure tomorrow. So his brother will go there for him.

I did the grocery shopping and hanged out the laundry on the balcony. At 7:30 pm my son went to bed. Because the weather was still so nice and warm, I decided to take a brake on the balcony - the first this year. I made myself comfortable on the chair, snapped a cup of "cafe latte", a fresh baked roll and read my book... a crime thriller.

It was a little bit like holidays.

Dienstag, 14. April 2009


The first skateboard of my elder son. He bought it today from the money he had got for birthday and Easter. It was a great dream of him. I think the red colour is as great as the graffiti on the bottom, and it was a good choice. What do you think about it?

The whole afternoon he was practising!! While I took the pictures of him. I enjoyed spending so much time alone with him. That´s really rare.

We had still wonderful sunny and really warm spring weather!


The travel bag of my younger son. He was fetched from his grandmother to stay by her until Wednesday. Halcyon days for him!! I envy him!

I contend with the lumbago I´ve got after our yesterday´s cycling tour.

The wonderful spring weather continues, equally the battle of the english vocabulary with my son...

Montag, 13. April 2009


All stuff form WW
pics by me

Sonntag, 12. April 2009


HAPPY EASTER to all of you!!

Another shot with my new macro lense. Once again the common pasque flower (pulsatilla vulgaris) from our backyard.

Today we could sleep in until 7:30 am. Then the Easter Bunny hid the goodies and maked breakfast with his little helper.

We had a wonderful warm and sunny day, with a clear blue sky without any clouds. Look at this picture.

After breakfast my sons and I made a cycling tour of about 28 km. Now my thighs and my back are hurting. Back home again we were lazy reclining on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

Samstag, 11. April 2009


The feet of my younger son, while he is taking a nap at about 1:00 pm

We had another wonderful spring day today! We had breakfast in a cafe in town. Afterwards we took a walk over the market.

Home again my elder son met up his friend from elementary school. Both are now on a grammar (secondary) school but not at the same. His friend is on a boarding school. Currently are school holidays and he is at home again. They were playing soccer, the whole afternoon.

My younger son was playing with his Playmobil but eftsoons it was really quiet. As I took a look in his room, I saw first his feet and than him while he is taking a nap..... that´s a really rare sight.... and happens almost never.

Later in the afternoon we (DH, the younger son and I) made a cycling tour of about 14 km.

Freitag, 10. April 2009


I can't believe we are already on day 100 in this blogging adventure

Yummy pretzels for breakfast with butter and honey!!

After breakfast my DH and my younger son went out to clean the bicycles and tidy out the garage. The favorite pastimes of my son are cooking and cleaning... certainly playing, reading and snuggling, too!

Later my elder son was helping, too - but first he had to learn for school.

After lunch(On Good Friday certainly fish) we altogether made our 12 km (there and back... so 6 km one way) cycling tour to the ice cream parlor in town. We didn´t need jackets and we were only wearing t-shirts. What a great sunny and warm spring day!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend!

CU tomorrow!

Donnerstag, 9. April 2009


Another artwork from my elder son

That´s what happend today, in a moment of abstraction as I went upstairs, instead of staying at the stove. The wads of smoke swirled through the whole apartement. It has stunk terrible!! Only one moment later and it would have burned. Thank God nothing happened. But I had to air the rooms and to clean the kitchen cupboards and the exhaust hood.

Apart from this, we had a wonderful sunny spring day with soft air from about 25°C degrees....and the first private lesson in English for my son.

My younger son came home from his night in the museum. He told me, that he had slept under a stuffed bear. He learned much about bisons and Amerindians.

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009


I had a day off today - yeah and brought my elder son to his grandmother, too!

Afterwards I went to the market. I´m unable to go there otherwise, because I´m working on Wednesdays. Love the vibe there, the colors at the market, the fresh fruits and vegetables.

Back home again, I found this wonderful handmade Easter Card in my letter box. What a surprise. Seldom I got post, so it is always a great pleasure for me. Thanks a lot to my friend Fab!

What a wonderful sunny and warm day, today - nobody at home but me - I could do what I want! Yeah! And what did I do? I tidy (do not know the past tense form) up my wardrobe... LOL

When my DH came back from work, we went out for dinner in an italian restaurant. I ate mussels in wine sauce. Afterwards we took a walk through the city at nightfall with a yummy ice-cream cone in our hands. The air was so soft and it was like holiday.

Hope my younger son will have a good night, too... because he´ll sleep over with other kids in a museum.

WEEK 14/2009 Layout

All stuff by WW
Pics by me


Pics by me
all other stuff by WW

Dienstag, 7. April 2009


The new soccer shoes of my son.

That´s a part of a birthday letter my son´s got from his grandparents.

What a wonderful sunny morning we had today... and then suddenly it began to rain - bright sun and rain together unbelievable - what a spectacle.

I made a special breakfast for my son with all the things he is loving... tomatoes, grapes, liverwurst, salami, fresh baked bread with crust, cafe latte, chocolate cake and a candle.

After unpacking the presents we played different board games and had much fun.

Then his grandmother cames with another yummy cake and a wonderful birthday letter. What a great surprise for him and his all time empty purse. Grandmother picked his brother up to stay overnight!

So my birthday kid has his mother on its own... he desired to eat at Joey´s Pizza, so we did. It was so delicous.

In the afternoon (we had 24°C degrees and sun) he tested his new soccer shoes before we had to go to his swimming practice.