Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

365/361 + 365/362 + 365/363 + 365/364 + 365/365

Thursday 31.12.2009 Day 365

Champagne and children bubbly


The last day of the year was very rainy!

I was awakened by the a neighbour´s shutter at 6:30 am.

So I got up and went buying sauces for our raclette in the evening. As I got home my three guys had the first quarrel of the day.

Later the boys played a little bit with their Wii,were watching tv and playing Uno with me.

In the late afternoon we started our raclette. Especially the boys had much fun with it - it was their first raclette. But I think it isn´t the right thing for them because they haven´t the right calmness for such a little longer meal.

They had to go to bed to their normal time and we woke them up at 11:30 pm.

Wednesday 30.12.2009 Day 343

I brought the children to their grandparents in the morning - Know that my younger son will made Maultaschen (pasta squares/swabian pockets) together with his grandfather. Handmade!!!!

So today was my day of holiday - yeah!!

Drinking a cup of café latte and enjoying breakfast calmly!

Used the day for tidying up my sleeping room and sorting documents. It was a cold, wet and rainy day.

We made lunch in our favorite Italian restaurant and I had mussels in wine sauce.


I took no picture today so I´ll share one from our walk on Saturday.

In a way it was a really sad day for me. Whilst we did our last grocery shoppings for New Year´s eve ... I met a colleague of mine who is having bowel cancer. We all know that his prognosis is really bad and that he´s beyond all treatments. I´m fond of him and it was always a pleasure for me to work with him together.

To see him now, sick, cachectic, with grey hair and a thin voice, buying lucky charms for New Year´s eve... it bring tears to my eyes.

Tuesday 29.12.2009 Day 363

Christmas mail from KayJay

I totally forgot to post one of the first christmas mails I got. I´m so awfully sorry Kerri and hope you may forgive me. As I found it in my letter box I was so thrilled. Thanks a lot for this beautiful card. Think we both had funny times chatting together the last months. You are dear to my heart and it was wonderful to met you and your sweet boys personally. Hope we can continue and keep up our friendship.

The day started with rain.

Today we bought a "new" and bigger car. So we were busy with visiting the car dealership and the insurance. We can collect it at the 4th of January.

Whilst I was in the insurance my husband went to the hairdresser with our younger son. During that it began to snow.

I also was in the office and had a talk with my boss. Starting in January I´ll no longer work only two days a week but working again from Monday to Friday.

So I´ll have a lot less time for blogging, scrapping, CT´s, chatting and drinking café latte. But I´ll get more money and with that more independence. I´ll hope that was a good decision.

Monday 28.12.2009 Day 362


One of my younger son´s favorite "games" during the christmas time.

School is out until the 6th of January. But thanks God the holidays of Christmas are over and the grocery stores are open again.

After our grocery shopping we enjoyed hot chocolate and café latte in a small cafe.

Today was a rainy day again.

Sunday 27.12.2009 Day 361

Playing together

We played a lot during the christmas holidays. Monopoly, Uno and Wii. Most of the time we had fun together as long as one of my three special boys went wild.

Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

ZWÖLF 2010

On Terraginas blog I found a new project called twelve 2010

Sounds like an interesting and practible project, so I registered!

The idea is, to photograph the very same object from always the same place once in a month.

Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

365/355 to 365/360

Saturday 26.12.2009 Day 360

The best christmas gift ever

We slept in until 8:15 am.

It was a wonderful sunny day with blue sky.

In the afternoon we made a walk. The boys with a scooter and roller-skates. Afterwards they played with the Wii.

Later my younger son made the best christmas gift ever for me. He prepared a foam bath with candle lights. During the bath he read to me and massaged my back. Isn´t this a cute and wonderful boy?

Friday 25.12.2009 Day 359

Preparing the stuffing for the turkey

We slept in until 8:00 am.

After breakfast my younger son and his father prepared the stuffing and the turkey. My younger son did this very well and he enjoyed it so much.

The turkey tasted delicious.

In the evening both boys were allowed to stayed up longer. We enjoyed snuggling time on the couch, watching TV and drinking Glögg for the parents and children glühwein (special mulled wine for children) for the boys

Thursday 24.12.2009 Day 358

Santa Claus´s little helper

Mail from my blogger friends and a colleague

I woke up at 7:30 am and brought my elder son to his grandparents.

I cleaned and tidied up the apartment, decorated the christmas tree and wrapped the last christmas gifts.

Just in the nick of time the christmas cards from my blogger friends Tracy and Normi arrived today. I was so happy. The cards and your words meaning a lot to me and touches my heart. Thank you both so much. It was the light of my day!!

Then my husband and I went into town for lunch and a cup of caffé latte!

At 5:00 pm we picked up both children at their grandparents. My younger son dressed up his costume as Santas little helper and made the handing out of presents.

Unfortunately not to the delight of my elder son; he wasn´t good with this "surprise"

Later my younger son talked to his girlfriend on the telephone. He is very sad because he couldn´t meet her this christmas time. Why? Because our christmas holidays were cancelled.

We had many tears as he was told about it.

Wednesday 23.12.2009 Day 357

Christmas gifts from Fabella

Last working day before christmas.

My younger son had a night out (it was the afternoon LOL) for eating carp with his grandparents. Afterwards he will stay overnight.

After school my elder son went home to his father, who already is having holidays. As I went home both were playing Mono*poly - what a rare view.

I can´t wait until tomorrow so I opened the first present in harmony yet. What a surprise. Fab you are the best. What a beautiful bookmark - I´ll use it every day!! And chocolate for emergency situations together with the "himmlische Schwester" (angel) is such a wonderful idea and touched my heart so deep. You can´t imagine how much it ment to me!!! My words aren´t enough to say thank you!!

Tuesday 22.12.2009 Day 356


In the morning I had the last appointment with my physical therapist for this year and did the last grocery shopping.

This beautiful angel I got yesterday from a friend of mine.

She know´s me and our family very well - just as my preference for angels.

You are such a wonderful person Elke - thank you!!!

Monday 21.12.2009 Day 355

Christmas mail from my swedish blogger friend

Today a lovely christmas card arrived from Sweden from Erika. I was so happy to find it in my letter box. Thank you very much for all visits on my blog during the year and all your lovely words.

Foggy morning

In the evening I went out with a friend of mine. We had a snack some soft drinks and a nice conversation. It was a wonderful evening.

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009


So viele tolle Geschichten, Freebies und Rezepte waren hinter den vergangenen 22 Türchen versteckt und einige neue und interessante Blogs konnte ich besuchen.

Vielen Dank liebe Gabs, dass Du für uns diesen Adventskalender gestaltet hast!

Nun bin ich an der Reihe und darf für Euch das 23. Türchen mit einem Freebie füllen. Hoffe der eine oder andere hat Spaß an meinen Wordarts und kann sie für seine Layouts gebrauchen.

Sie waren mal Teil eines Foren-Collabfreebies.

Zum Download geht es HIER

Morgen findet Ihr dann das letzte Adventskalendertürchen direkt bei Gabs

Ich wünsche Euch allen Frohe Weihnachten und ein paar entspannende und harmonische Festtage.

Merry Christmas for you all!!

Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

365/348 to 365/354

Sunday 20.12.2009 Day 354

Soccer match

12 degrees below zero and a sunny day.

Wonderful childrens church in the morning and afterwards a soccer match from my elder son.

After lunch my younger son cleared the snow. Then I played Mon*opoly with the children for the rest of the day.

In the evening it began to snow.

Saturday 19.12.2009 Day 353

Clearing the snow (picture 201209)

14,2 degrees below zero.

Whilst the children had to play the christmas fairy tale again (on a christmas party for elderly people) my husband and I enjoyed café au lait in a café.

Afterwards we visited a christmas market with the children.

Friday 18.12.2009 Day 352

Christmas mail and presents from Fab

Yesterday I got lovely christmas mail from my friend Fabella which touched my heart deeply. Thanks so much for your words and mail. I´ll never miss the contact to you. I´m so glad that I met you!!!

Thursday 17.12.2009 Day 351

Christmas market

8 degrees below zero in the morning.

The heating engineer was here for a routine check.

In the evening we visited the advents devotion of my elder son´s school. Three hours in a very cold church - but the presentations of the children were beautiful.

Wednesday 16.12.2009 Day 350

Beautiful winter lightning at a pond (picture 171209)

Nothing special to report.

It snowed a little bit during the day, so it looked like powdered sugar.

Tuesday 15.12.2009 Day 349

Santa Claus

Appointment with my physical therapist.

In the afternoon was the christmas party from the children´s swimming club. Both kids took part in the christmas fairy tale and had much fun.

After the show Santa Claus came and each children got a little present. My younger son declaimed a poem.

Monday 14.12.2009 Day 348

Post office

I finished the most of my christmas mail today.

In the evening was the last part of my this year´s pilates course and the instructor surprised us with "Plätzchen" (german christmas cookies) and "Kinderglühwein" (children mulled wine).

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

365/341 to 365/347

Sunday 13.12.2009 Day 347

In memory for my daughter

3rd Advent cold and windy.

Every year at the 2nd Sunday in December people put candles at 7 pm into the window for their passed away children.

In fact of the time zones a string of light is rising worldwide.

Wonderful tradition - but it´s always a day that make me sad. Especially sad, when there are men who downplay my sadness and didn´t understand the feeling of a mother no matter how long ago..

Saturday 12.12.2009 Day 346

Father and sons put a new desk together

As wie stand up - we saw a little bit snow on the balcony. But it didn´t last long

My elder son had a appointment at the hairdresser in the morning (instead of a swimming competition). Afterwards we drove to Ik*ea where we bought a new desk for him.

In the afternoon we made a trip to our christmas market

Friday 11.12.2009 Day 345

Snow in the morning (picture 121209)

Nothing special to report - no swimming training for my elder son because of his cold. No swimming training for my younger son because of a sport badge honor.

Thursday 10.12.2009 Day 344

First laptop for my son

2°C degrees in the morning and very windy - but I stood 30 minutes in front of our grocery store to get one of these laptops - yeah I won and was the first person at the cash point.

Home again I found two beautiful christmas cards in my letter box. One was from Gabs and one from Girlie. What a wonderful surprise. Thanks girls It means a lot to me - you both light up my day!!

Wednesday 09.12.2009 Day 343

Christmas cards from Gabs and Girlie (picture 101209)

Nothing special to report - ordinary working day.

Tuesday 08.12.2009 Day 342


My younger son and I love to eat oranges. This picture is also for Katinkas project "Beautiful moments in autumn and winter"

Monday 07.12.2009 Day 341

Romantic advents atmosphere created from my younger son (picture 061209)

My younger son got this angel on the right side for taking part in children´s church for 10 times.

Nothing special to report today. Pilates course in the evening

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009



This picture I got from one of my best friend - as she know what sunflowers mean to me. Guycha you couldn´t guess how many joy you brought to me with this picture. Many hugs for you

Credit: picture by guycha

Every year at the 2nd Sunday in December people put candles at 7 pm into the window for their passed away children.

In fact of the time zones a string of light is rising worldwide

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

365/333 to 365/340

Sunday 06.12.2009 Day 340

Santa Claus was here

It was a rainy Sunday. But the kids were very happy with the contents of their Santa Claus boots.

In Germany it is a tradition that Santa Claus is coming in the night from the 5th to the 6th December - to fill the boots with sweets and little presents.

After children´s church and lunch we played many times "Kakerlaken-Salat" and "Kakerlaken-Suppe". A really funny game - sure you´ll like it, too!!

So we had a lazy Sunday with some minutes of snuggling on the couch.

Saturday 05.12.2009 Day 339

My younger son playing the guitar (picture from 22.11.)

We visted our christmas market in town. Then my husband did the grocery shopping and I went to the swimming bath with my younger son - for a christmas swimming competition.

It wasn´t really his day - after a week with stomachache - so he made "only" the in breast stroke, the (silver medal) with his relay team in freestyle, the in back stroke and the in freestyle.

My elder son wasn´t allowed to start because of his fever and bronchitis.

It was a cold day with 1°C degrees below zero in the morning and later in the day wet.

My elder son acting as if he is playing the guitar (picture from 22.11.)

Friday 04.12.2009 Day 338

Sunrise nearby a little lake (picture from 30.11.)

Normal working day. In the afternoon we run the grandparents to the station, for a trip to Munich.

In the morning we had rain, then snow and in the afternoon the sun was shining.

My husband was at home today to care for my elder son.

Thursday 03.12.2009 Day 337

My younger son constructing the lego he got from Santa Claus (picture from 6.12.)

We had an appointment with the doctor of my elder son. He couldn´t go to school today because of fever, headache and bronchitis. The doctor told him to stay at home until he´s two days free of fever - and not to exercise until Friday next week (11.12.)

In the early afternoon my younger son had his guitar lesson.

Wednesday 02.12.2009 Day 336

Statue of Bernd das Brot in Erfurt (picture from 28.11.)

Nothing special happened today. I had to work until 6 pm.

Tuesday 01.12.2009 Day 335

Our homemade Christmas cookies (picture from 29.11.)

In the morning I had an appointment with my physical therapist.

Swimming training for the children in the evening and afterwords preparation for children´s church on Sunday.

Monday 30.12.2009 Day 334


What a wonderful sunrise on my way to the hospital - I had an appointment for a routine check.

Afterwards I made breakfast in a little café and visited the christmas market there. I bought some christmas and Santa Claus presents.

In the afternoon I picked up my boys at their grandmother.

My elder son had soccer training in the evening.

Sunday 29.11.2009 Day 333

Santa Claus on Erfurt´s christmas market (picture from 28.11.)

Another swimming competition for my elder son. My husband accompanied him.

My younger son and I made a lazy Sunday.

Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009


Today starts Gabs advent calendar. Look on here page - there you´ll find the first door and the link to door number 2 for tomorrow. So come in and join with us!

(credits you´ll find on gabs blog)

Sonntag, 29. November 2009

365/328 + 365/329 + 365/330 + 365/331 + 365/332

The week was too busy for taking pictures and my thoughts where miles away - so all my pictures in this post are from day 332 (except the one from day 229).

My elder son had a swimming competition in Erfurt this weekend. I accompanied him, to visit the historic center of Erfurt.

Saturday 28.11.2009 Day 332

The indoor swimming bath in Erfurt

My younger son also had a swimming competition in another town. He was accompanied by his father. My younger son got three medals --> gold for back stroke and freestyle and silver for breast stroke.

The rivalry by the competition of my elder son, was far too big - so he´ll probably get only one medal for butterfly. We didn´t know it yet, because the competition still continues until Sunday evening. But we know that he improved all his time performances. Nothing else matters.

Friday 27.11.2009 Day 331

Mariendom Erfurt processed

window beside the altar

Thursday 26.11.2009 Day 330

my breakfast in Erfurt

Wednesday 25.11.2009 Day 229

Playing with the kids

After work I played UNO with my sons.

Tuesday 24.11.2009 Day 328

Turkish honey

I found Turkish honey on Erfurt´s Christmas market (on Saturday day 332). For me it´s a childhood memory and I know my passed away mother loved it.

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

365/326 + 365/327

Monday 23.11.2009 Day 327

Part from our christmas decoration

Today it was a mild, but stormy and rainy day. I had my pilates course in the evening.

Sunday 22.11.2009 Day 326

The fun begins

We baked christmas cookies today. My younger son was in children´s church. And in the afternoon my two sons and I played together with their lego