Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009


Our second day in Austria. 5° C degrees in the morning and heavily cloudy

We made a hike above the Millstätter See. There is a circular route from cottage to cottage. On top the weather changed every few minutes from sunny to foggy and back. On top we had 11°C

View down to Lake Millstätt

Frozen flowers on the mountain

Brettljause in a cottage

Butterfly in a flowery meadow

After our hike we had a lazy afternoon, enjoyed a place in the sun with about 18 to 20°C degrees, sitting in the garden of the hotel with homemade cakes and café latte.

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 30. Mai 2009


We set the alarm clock for 2.30 am - our vacation trip to Austria begans at 3.00 am and we had 5 °C degrees in this early morning.

Allianz Arena Munich I shot this picture out of the window of my car at 5.00 am on the freeway

Because of the traffic jam in front of the Tauern Road Tunnel we decided to drive over the country road through Obertauern

Obertauern... seems like winter vacations - but we forgot our skis LOL

A few kilometer later on the Katschberg Pass the snow has melted and the sun was shining with about 11° C degrees

We arrived at 8.30 am - and because of the early time - we drove on to Spittal an der Drau Where we enjoyed a yummy café latte and a fresh-squeezed carrot-orange-juice
Later on the playground of the hotel my younger son has baked me many Blackforest Cakes
And he has much fun on the swing, his father has pushed on

Thursday night a barking cough has begun by my younger son - so I went to the doctor on Friday for a recipe of saline solution for inhalation.

About his dispositon of Croup I had got precautionary also a recipe for Rectodelt

He is feeling well, but has still a barking cough.

So, this was the first day of our holidays in Austria. My DH and my son are sleeping now and I utilize this time for blogging.


Freitag, 29. Mai 2009


Only a short post this evening!

Today was the last day of school for the children - and now we are having holidays for 2 weeks! We´ll spend the time in Austria

Ready to go

Our weather today

Last walk through our garden, where I found these wonderful roses....

.... and these two yummy strawberries .... they tasted delicious and I ate it all alone!!

So my friends - it´s time to say goodbye!! Wish you all two wonderful weeks - I´ll try to keep my project up to date - but I don´t know if I´ll be able to do this from Austria. So don´t forget me for the next two weeks. I´ll miss you just yet.

Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009


These flowers are growing in front of our housing area. They are not mine, but they are beautiful I think.

It was really cold today, only 12°C degrees and it was raining often. First in the late afternoon the sun came out, a little bit.

I cleaned up the apartment, did still more laundry and had a last appointment with my handsome physical therapist before our vacation begins!

The suitcases of the children are ready and already packed into the car. My suitcase is almost ready so the day tomorrow will not be so stressful, after working.

Now I´m tired and my back hurts a little, after I had carried the luggage 3 staircases down to our car.

CU tomorrow!


I feel a little bit uninspired, nothing special happened and the days are busy with working in the office, doing the laundry and packing the suitcases. So I forgot to take a picture yesterday.

A few minutes ago I shot this, as my picture for day 147 (Wednesday)

A handmade heart from my younger son

Isn´t it cute and beautiful?

It should be a Mother´s Day present made in the handicraft class at school. But the teacher was ill, so it didn´t managed in time.

The weather yesterday was quite fresh, grey, cloudy and sometimes with rain.

I´m now off for my next appointment with the physical therapist and an appointment with my sons´ motoric teacher.

CU later with my post for today - have a good day

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

365/145 + 146

DAY 145

Another one of our always busy Mondays but I released even more energy for cleaning the windows. It was mendatory after the heavy canola dust. As you can see, the field is no longer yellow so I decided that is now the right time.

I also packed the first suitcase for our vacation, passed through our Mondays appointments and in the evening I visited a session of our local council.

The weather was really really great and wonderful sunny... rather almost a little bit too hot, with about 31°C degrees. We took lunch on the balcony and the kids made their homework there.

DAY 146

Our cactus starts blooming

We had 16°C degrees early in the morning. I cleaned the next windows, packed suitcase number two and had an appointment with the handsome physical therapist. After that I took the chance for a short appointment at an allergist, because of my pollinosis. He prescribed me tablets and a spray.

Back home again a thunderstorm started so I had to hurry taking down my laundry.

Past the thunderstorm it was close and hot but no more sun. We had 25°C degrees in the afternoon. Later in the early evening it recommenced raining.

Hope you all had a sunny day

CU tomorrow


Pics by me
all other stuff by WnW

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009


Today was a really warm and sunny day - seems like summer! We had 27°C degrees.

I slept in until 7.30 am. After breakfast it was my turn for childrens church or sunday school - don´t know the right word - Kerri what do you mean? What´s the correct translation for "Kindergottesdienst"??

Then I did the laundry and hang it out in the garden - and it dried so fast. So I did not only one but four washing machines.

Because of the wonderful weather I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon on the balcony with a good crime book and my laptop before my three guys were starting the BBQ.

My elder son preparing the BBQ

My younger son´s burn on his forehead

He was so fascinated about helping his father with the BBQ, that he got too close to the grill and burned his forehead. Poor boy! Hope no scar will remain.

The meat tasted him anyway delicious! He loves steaks!

Hope you all had a wonderful and sunny weekend, too!

CU all tomorrow


Pics by me
All other stuff by WnW

Samstag, 23. Mai 2009


What a wonderful sunny morning! After breakfast my three guys were working in the garden.

My elder son mowing the lawn

My younger son was cutting the carryovers of the grass

At 11 am my younger son had a soccer game - unfortunately they lost - but he had much fun because his coach commended him.

The boy beside him is one of his classmate... and you see he is taller by nearly two heads

At 5 pm we went to town where a night flea market was. The boys were excited and they had make good bargains.

CU tomorrow!

Freitag, 22. Mai 2009


Here are a few pictures of flowers in our garden. Enjoy them!

Nothing special happend today. Through the day it was sticky again. And most of the day we had very dark clouds, thunderstorms and heavy downpours. First in the afternoon the sun came out.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

CU tomorrow

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009


Today was Father´s Day and this is what my younger son gave his daddy (through me) ... the translation meens "Dear father, all the best for Father´s Day"

We had asparagus, potatoes and pork escalope for lunch in a restaurant

The weather was still beautiful and warm, later in the afternoon a bit sticky.

When I picked up my younger son by his grandmother he told me, that they had founded the hole in the pool. Tomorrow they´ll repair it. And he can´t wait to help his grandfather after school.

At about 7 pm we had a thunderstorm with a heavy downpour.

My younger son was really frustrated that his DF didn´t gave him a thanks for his wonderful artwork ... but grumbling about his absence during Father´s Day. That´s so nasty.. You remember, my younger son had an overnight stay at his grandmother. Otherwise I wouldn´t been able to went to the house-warming party of my chiefess (female chief).

He felt sore and sobbed himself to sleep - poor boy!!

CU tomorrow


Yesterday I hadn´t time to post. After work I was invited at my chiefess (female chief) house-warming party. It was a wonderful day and the weather was so great (in the afternoon with about 27°C degrees), that we could stayed outside on her patio during the whole evening. And I went home not till 11 pm.

Her terrace is giant. She told us something about 70 square meters. It´s so beautiful there with all the plants, the candles and the sitting accommodations.

One of the candles on my chiefess patio.

They had arranged a buffet with varied and delicious food. And this was my first plate.

My younger son has another overnight stay at his grandparents - to help his grandfather finding the hole in the swimmingpool. It lose water and they didn´t know where the problem is.

During my DH has to audit the cash of our housing area, my elder son enjoyed the free house for about 2 hours.

Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009


Today I went to the public parc to remake some of my lost pictures.

The weather was really beautiful, sunny and about 24°C degrees. We had lunch on our balcony and my sons were playing there with their Playmobil.

Nothing special happened - except it seems the air conditioner of our car´s still not working good... and that´s after the garage had fixed it last week... Get outta here! My DH is really underwhelmed about it.

CU tomorrow


It was one of our always busy Mondays. That´s our normal life!

Glad the weather was nice at least in the afternoon. Sunny, with about 23°C degrees. In the morning it was cloudy and sticky. Because of the mild evening we decided to take dinner on the balcony! My younger son loves this so much and he enjoyed a delicious steak.

When the children stayed in bed the light was so wonderful. I snapped my camera and my bike for a late ride over the fields.

I saw this sunset (processed) during my bike ride

Already in the morning I discovered these ladybugs. Unfortunately the pictures are a little bit fuzzy and not pin sharp, but the best of about twenty.

CU tomorrow

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009


We had a lie-in today, because my younger son was still at his grandmother and the elder one was still tired after his overnight stay in school. Yeah!!

After a late breakfast we went to town, for a walk in a public parc. It was a wonderful warm and sunny day with about 23° C degrees.

There I took wonderful pictures of a blooming chestnut tree, of my elder son snuggling with his Dad, of the lightning in a treetop and of a strawberry ice-cream cup. Later I took some pictures of the growing plums on the plumtree in our garden.

But you´ll anticipate it... yes, I´ve lost all of my todays pictures in the late afternoon.... for the second time in this project. Ok it was my fault again, I delated them all on the memory card although I would do this only with one picture. And there was no confirmation message. What a bother!

In the meantime we were far away from the public parc, the weather has changed, now it was very sticky and we were at home. There was nothing else to take a picture of...or rather I was totally uninspired.

When I picked up my younger son I saw these flowers in the garden of his grandmother
This was the weather like at 7 pm today - a heavy thunderstorm and downpour.
This box is hanging next to the door of my elder son. It means "Donation for the library". It´s one of his creative and sometimes silly ideas. All books in his shelf are tagged like they are in a real library and you´ll get a handmade reader´s pass when you´ll enter his room.

So, that´s all for today - hope you all had a wonderful weekend

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 16. Mai 2009


These pictures were taken in the morning at 8:30 after a long night of raining. It was a beautiful sunny morning, although not so warm. I snapped my camera for a few shots.
In the morning, my DH brought our younger son to a overnight stay and working weekend to his grandmother.

Have all a wonderful weekend
CU tomorrow

I told you, that he loves to work in the kitchen, to cook, to clean and so on. His grandmother is having vacation apartments which would be tested and awarded a prize. So she must clean the rooms and my son would help her with enthusiasm.

After bringing him to his grandmother, we picked up our elder son from his overnight stay in school. He was very tired, but he´s had much fun. In the afternoon he took a long nap and then he was snuggling with his dad on the couch and both watched TV.


The baggage of my son for his overnight stay of reading

Yes, my son was well again to go to school. In the morning he was begging for the event - ok, why not? So we decided he could also go to the overnight stay in school.

Nothing special happened otherwise.

But it was a stressful afternoon. After working it was a very close thing to pick up my sons by their grandmother. I had to bring the younger one to his swimming practice... before that, the baggage of the elder one must be packed. While I was by the practice my DH brought the elder one to school ... for the reading-night (don´t know the correct word in English)

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009


The first grapes. The grapevine is growing up on the wall of our stairs into the garden.

Thanks for asking about my son! No, he doesn´t feel better. He is down with fever and didn´t went to school. No cough, no rhinitis... What on earth is wrong with him? Only fever, bad headache and he didn´t have an appetite.

All day long he stayed in bed, which is saying something! Because my elder son normally is having ants in his pants and he´s always in motion.... But today it was his own choice to sleep most of the day. And this was well for him. No more fever in the evening, however feeling worse for wear.

The wet suit was arriving today. Doesn´t he look great and powerful in it?

Due to the fact that he is ill - he can´t check out his new wet suit tomorrow. And he also can´t go to the overnight stay of reading in school. He is heavy-hearted about it.

Last but not least my car was in the garage to got the brakes mended.... now our purse is 1076 € lighter (horrific) - included having the car MOT'd (TÜV) and he passed it.

My younger son is feeling well and was playing with a friend and afterwards he went to his soccer practic.

I laid out ready the tax documents, had an appointment with the handsame therapist and now I´m tired...

That´s all for today

CU tomorrow... late in the evening.