Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

365/3 until 365/15

Saturday 15.01.2011 Day 15

My little scientist

DH isn´t feeling well - he´s having gastric flu - so he´s sleeping most of the day.

In fact of the grey and rainy weather we are staying inside and my little one´s working with his microscope.

Thursday 13.01.2011 Day 13

Our small village stream

We still have floodings in our village and administrative district.

Saturday 08.01.2011 Day 8

High water

It became warmer, so the snow is melting and it´s raining frequently. So streams themselves burst its banks. Our village street is blocked now.

Friday 07.01.2011 Day 7

New suitcase for my next dream

The day before yesterday I bought a new suitcase for my next holiday dream.

I´m so excited!!

Thursday 06.01.2011 Day 6

Mass for the carol singers

Holy Communion

Black ice and freezing rain. Weather-wise a horrific day for car drivers and pedestrians.

Anyway my boys had fun being carol singers and walking through the streets, collecting bounties for Cambodia.

For me it wasn´t a funny day, had an car accident unnecessarily - due to a mistake of another - but who cares? Under German law I´m the offender - and having many troubles now.

Wednesday 05.01.2011 Day 5

TOM YUM GOONG - Traditional Thai prawn soup with mushrooms, coriander, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves

WanTan soup with fresh vegetables and chicken

Fried rice, pineapple, chicken, prawns, peas and raisins

GAENG KHOUR - Thai curry with coconutmilk, tropical fruits, onions, tomatoes and prawns

Whilst our younger one was snowtubing, my DH, me and my elder one had lunch in a Thai restaurant. It was really delicious.

Tuesday 04.01.2011 Day 4

Home baked bread with jalapeño

Made jalapeño bread with a spicy dip.

Monday 03.01.2011 Day 3

Handmade confirmation cards (we did it at day 4)

My elder ones confirmation will be in May, so we made invitation cards together.

Cam underfoot 2011

Here´s my first shot for Frau Kunterbunts project CAM UNDERFOOT.

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011


Bei Toffi bin ich auf das Projekt Textur 2011 von Rewolve44 gestoßen.

Es reizt mich schon lange, mal mit Texturen zu arbeiten - vorallem wenn ich die genialen Bearbeitungen auf anderen Blogs sehe. Und so habe ich mich gerade spontan entschieden, beim Projekt mitzumachen.

Wenn noch jemand Lust hat mitzumachen - bis 10.01.2010 ist eine Anmeldung noch möglich.

Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011


Guitar hero

Today we were invited for lunch by the godmother of my kids.

Her husband is a leisure musician and plays the guitar. My younger one was so thrilled that he was allowed to play with his electric guitar.

It was snowing from time to time - but nothing much. Otherwise it was a grey winter day with zero degrees.

Samstag, 1. Januar 2011


Saturday 01.01.2011 Day 1

Start of the NEW YEAR

It was the first year the kids were allowed to stay awake. But our elder one was very very tired.... it seemed he fall asleep before the turn of the year....but he has arrived.

So both had much fun with plenty of fireworks and they were in bed about
1.00 am

He was the first I saw again in the morning at 9.30 am. That was late for him - as he is a early bird. The younger one has to be woken up for breakfast at
10.00 am.

After breakfast with fresh baked rolls - we made a little walk - much to my elder ones chagrin. In the afternoon it was time for playing Wii.