Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

July until December 2011

Here are the missing pictures from 2011, now I´m up to date


Christmas cards

Special thanks to Fabella, Erika and Christine - you all made my day with your very special christmas cards. Thank you for thinking of me.

Presenting the christmas cards

Education makes sexy - school sweat

Christmas turkey

Christmas gifts under the tree

Gifts from Fab and my younger one

Many thanks and a big hug for you Fab! I love getting mail from you!! It´s always heart touching.


Smash gift I bought by myself

Urn interment

Christmas cookies

Taking X-rays


Nativity of stone

First mulled wine of the year

Ice sculpture

Funeral service


Climb artist


Hot-air ballon


Night of the museums

Starting in a new school

School cone

A part of my elder one´s perfect dinner



A part of my little one´s perfect dinner

Zoo Erfurt



Eating in a Japanese restaurant

My elder one´s starting a trip to England

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

365/173 - 365/204

Playing cachon at the schooltreat

Evening mood

Running competition

Souvenirs from Canada

Montag, 1. August 2011

365/153 - 365/162

Saturday 11.06.2011 Day 162

Field of poppies in our neighbourhood

Flower in our garden

Sunday 05.06.2011 Day 156

Isn´t he strong?

Thursday 02.06.2011 Day 153

Visiting a wildlife park

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011


Still Monday 20.06.2011 Day 171

Waving goodbye


Another plane


Between Ireland and England
waving to Janmary

After our time in Bluffer´s Park, we stopped at Girlies special supermarket Top Food.

We needed stuff for dinner and some food souvenirs for me. Girlie remembered my preference for their yummy mangoes and had a heart to buy another box.

For dinner we had Sinigang . It´s a very yummy sour soup. Girlie made it with tomatoes, ginger, salmon, string beans, spinach and tamarind powder that made it sour.

Afterwards we had tons of yummy mangoes for dessert. Sad to know they were the last for a long, long time.

Later the time has come - time to say goodbye - and the time as I no longer couldn´t detain my tears.

Nitz was so kind to drive me to the airport... and had to resist more of my tears! Another big hug and thank you for that,Nitz. Good he left the airport fast, so it wasn´t more hard for me.

Thanks for every hug, every heart-to-heart conversation, your trust and kindness and letting me be a part of your family. Hoping to see you again, some time.

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011


Monday 20.06.2011 Day 171
my last day in Canada

Seagull waiting for feed

Isn´t that a beautiful place?

Lovely Sofia

Making picnic

Girlie in action

It was such a beautiful sunny day, today! Canada presents its most attractive side for goodbye.

As beautiful as the day was... so sad it was.

Before we went home, we rested a while at the lakeshore. Sat on a bench, looked into the distance, listening to the waves and feeling the wind against the skin.

The view there

While I sat there I felt more and more sad. Tears ran down my face and my throat felt constricted (tried to hide this from Girlie and Nitz) knowing I have to leave Canada tonight.

It was so hard at this time - and it´s now again, while I´m writing these words. Miss you all so much!!!

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011


Sunday 19.06.2011 Day 170

Way back to Canada


I was here!!

Miss you!!

Sunset at Niagara Falls

Dinner at Kelsey´s

Sofia eating the four cheese spinach dip on pita chips

Girlie has promised to show me the Niagara Falls during my visit in Canada.

Today was the day!

On our way home from Chicago to Canada Nitz was so kind to make a little detour - so at the close of the day we could enjoy a wonderful evening at the Niagara Falls.

In appreciation of the wonderful days and experiences (in Canada and Chicago) I invite all for dinner at Kelsey´s. We were happy with the offer there (and it was one of the few which was open) especially with the yummy four cheese spinach dip... we ordered twice.