Montag, 25. April 2011

365/55 until 365/114

Sorry girls for the long silence. But we had problems with a new internet connection and also the real life called all our shots, so there was unfortunately no time for blogging.

Here are my shots of the last weeks.

We planted tomatoes

We had fantastic weather - bright sunshine and 27°C degrees. In the afternoon we made a bike ride into town with the boys and their grandmother. We enjoyed a cup of coffee and ice cream together.

Colored easter eggs

Our elder one made colored easter eggs for the first time - together with his dad

Renaissance fair

My new friend

Perfect fun in the WWW - together with our new internet connection (provider).

I bought this fast laptop by myself as a late birthday gift. Fab now I can enjoy fast downloads, too!!! Fantastic!!

Now I´m also able to skype with my blogger friends...

....when the connection will work... ;-))

After a surgery

Talented in wave boarding

Humorous reading

Today the post man rang the bell!! Yeah!! I sadly missed her birthday letter last week. Thank you Fab, that you didn´t forget me after all. You made my day with this wonderful book. Many many hugs!

Another sunrise

Heart-shaped roll

Very sad birthday for me. 3 of 3 didn´t present me something, 2 of 3 didn´t congratulated me, and 1 of 3 would made coffee for his dad...
... so later, when they were away, I went for a pleasant breakfast into town.
Bought flowers by myself and enjoyed a quiet morning.

Back home again, the sadness was also back. The letter box was empty and only two of my facebook friends (and nobody of my blogger friends) congratulated me during the day.

Very different from last year....What was that down to? I don´t know.

I especially missed the wonderful postcards from all over the world, that I´m collecting.

Late in the evening my elder son gave me this heart-shaped roll he had baked at his grandmother; from her I got homemade crumble cake (yummy!)

Cool biker - father-in-law of my younger son

First love

Over the weekend we visited the girlfriend of my younger son. They are in love for a long time... since December 2006!!! Isn´t that cute?


Trying the saxophone (shot day 59)

Trying the violin

Open house for testing different instruments in an artistically gymnasium.

Seems my younger son is very talented. He tried the violin, saxophone, jazz-trombone, trumpet, piano, drums, clarinet, oboe and cello - he had much fun.

Valentine´s day flowers from my younger son

Isn´t that lovely! He´s the only one thinking of me.