Samstag, 31. Januar 2009


My beloved (the younger one) son brought along some flowers for me, from the market. Wonderful tulips in our favourite colours orange and yellow. He is so adorable.

Freitag, 30. Januar 2009


In the morning I went to the doctor for a check up and control. I´m now in better health, but not healthy yet. I must stay at home until the 4th. of february.

On the picture you can see the wastebasket of my younger son. Today his project called clean up his room. It´s hard for him - but it admit no delay. LOL
Now the floor is at least visible again. But he is nowhere near ready.

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009


This is a cartoon of my elder son, painted by himself


The picture of today is a test of my younger son - about the year and the months. When he came home today, he was so proud about it, because he has no mistakes and the best mark.

Today I finished my calender 2009 - because I´m so late - the calendar begins with february and ends with january 2010

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009


I lost a little bit of inspiration for the 365 project. And it´s another day with fever and a grey sky outside.

The most time I tried to work at my calendar project but I wasn´t so successful as yesterday.

After a long time of thinking I decided to show you my wonderful friend from my days of childhood. It´s my teddy named Cosy. It was a gift from my brother. My teddy is meanwhile an old man and has much undergoes. But I always love him - to this day.

Montag, 26. Januar 2009


Yeah, after 12 days my first cafe latte - yummy - it tasted so good and I savour the moment! To this I allowed me a wonderful "Apfelkrapfen" (apple cruller).

The whole day I worked on my calendar 2009 - I know, I´m a little bit late - but better late than never - 5 months are ready. We have an invitation for a birthday party at the 14 th. of february - until then it must be ready.


Melly inspired me to search my silhoutte (in my young days) - and I found it, so this is my picture today

Today we made a lazy sunday. Only my DH and my elder son took a walk to a castle with a great park in the next town.

Samstag, 24. Januar 2009


I think it´s been two years that I got this handmade angel as a christmas gift from my younger son - in his favourite colour orange.

It means a lot to me, because he couldn´t got to know his sister but he always think about her. When he has a helium-balloon he never cries when it is escaping up to the sky. He always say that´s a gift for my sister. And I got the angel in memory of her.

My DH and my sons went to the swimming bath after lunch. So I had a relaxing afternoon. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. Maybe 4 degrees above freezing.

Freitag, 23. Januar 2009


Another cold (1 degrees above freezing), wet and grey day in my life. On the picture you see the sleeting what we have at the moment. 9 years ago it was bitterly cold but the sun was shining. My husband said at that time "rather a day to beget heroes" but we lost our child. Today is the birthday of my deceased daughter. I hoped to find some sunflowers for my living room - and a better feeling - but it wasn´t meant to be.

Today is the right day to snuggle up with my younger son and for a cup of hot chocolate with cream.

In the morning I went to the doctor - He said it´s not allowed to go to work until the end of the month. So you see I´m furthermore in bad health.


This is my new flowering plant "Jasmine" - I love the smell of Jasmine and I love jasmine tea at our chinese restaurant and also asiatic food.

About 13 years ago we made a trip to Hongkong - that was fantastic - It was the best trip we ever had.

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009


Today it´s not my day. I feel like the weather is - look at the picture - grey - grey - grey - wet - some little snowflakes and a few minutes later rain with 1 degrees above freezing.

I feel so sad, because today is the obit of my daughter. In these days of january the pain is so big, I feel nothing at all. On the picture you see a "tilia cordata" in german "Winterlinde". The tree has cordiform leaves and was planted in remembrance of my daughter whose grave is so far apart from me.

Thanks for all of your good thoughts.


This is the guitar of my younger son. He learns playing the guitar since one year.

Today is the 80 th.birthday of my mother - but she died a few years back. I miss her a lot.

My cough is now much better, but I have still fever. The weather is still grey and wet.

Montag, 19. Januar 2009


The picture of today shows you frozen rain on the tiles of our balcony.

I made the picture before I went to the doctor. There I got stronger antibiotica because I have furthermore fever and a swollen neck. The doctor think that is a reactive swelling of the lymph node. The cough is a little bit better.

Today it´s another grey and wet day with 3 degrees above freezing. So I stroll some minutes outside to catch a breath.

Later in the morning it begans to snow, later it chanced into rain, terrible weather, the right to get sick.


Today I´ll show you a big portion of vitamins. I need them for my health and they are so yummy!!

The weather wasn´t good today, grey, dark and wet - somethimes with rainstorm. My elder son and I lie on the sofa and watch tv. Furthermore I have fever and now a swollen neck, too - like mumps. It´s horrific.

My younger son is by his grandma since friday evening.

Samstag, 17. Januar 2009


My lunch of today. A big and spicy doner kebab with many garlic. Yummy, really tasty! My first lunch since wednesday. The last days I have no hunger - and today voracity for this doner!

I had "free" the whole saturday. My husband, my elder son and a friend of him are at a soccer game. Today it´s grey, sometimes snowing and round about one degrees below zero.


The picture of today is especially for my webfriend Takinu - for her decision making about buying a new camera. It shows my new camera Nikon D60 and it is a wonderful camera which I can commend highly.

I use a long-cherished objectiv 18-200mm witch I bought second-hand from a friend of mine. The objeciv is fantastic - for each situation you´ll be geared up - and I have not to change the objectiv every minute.

Two years I´ve saved for it - and I´m so happy the camera is now mine!!

Freitag, 16. Januar 2009


These are also friends of mine...... I press out the juice of them and trink it with coke light.......

I know it´s not a great shot - but I have many troubles with my new camera. Something happens but I don´t know what? The most time it´s impossible to release an exposure -and I don´t know why? I did not do anything unlike else. The autofocus didn´t work - or it takes fuzzy pictures - it´s horrific

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009


This is not a good shot today - but these are my new friends.... furthermore I´m not in good health. Spasmotic, irritation cough with vomitation and fever, I´m not hungry and I don´t feel like to everything.

I can´t go to work until friday.

The gummi bears are a childhood memory. When I was ill my mother brought them along to me. Nowadays my husband do this sometimes

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009


These are my best friends in these days. They are good for my bronchitis.

I´m furthermore in bad health with fever and shivers.

Montag, 12. Januar 2009


Even today it was bitterly cold in the morning. 13 Degress below zero. But a wonderful blue sky and it will be sunny today.

In the early morning I went to the doctor, and forgot my camera - so I can´t take a shot from the wonderful moon I saw. Hard luck!

Let´s see, what I can do during the day......

The day has passed... and it was not a good day. In the evening I had to go to a meeting of our local council. And altough it may seem absurd - our school will be closed.

During the meeting I get from bad to worse and at home I had fever and I break into shivers.

The last thing I had done before I went to bed - I took a picture...It doesn´t work how I would - inspite of a tripod - but here it is - the moon in the evening.

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009


Today was another wonderful winter day! Bitterly cold in the morning with again 15 degrees below zero. But also sunny - and on the top of the mountain comfortably warm.

Even today we went skiing with the boys - and now I have sunburn in my face for all I have used sun creme.

This photo I wanted to show you first - you can see the piste early in the morning

But suddenly there were many people from a production company and a tv-station, with film cameras, and many other stuff. They keep records with Takeo Ishi which are telecasted at the end of january.

So the picture I made today is Takeo Ishi. He is a yodelling japanese.

Samstag, 10. Januar 2009


In the morning it was still cold 13 degrees below zero. We went skiing with our boys. There was wonderful winter weather, quiet sunny and with a fantastic blue sky.

My picture of today is a winner cup of my elder son! He got it in the afternoon for the first place -teenage winner of the year - in his swimming-club

Freitag, 9. Januar 2009


When I wake up in the morning there were about 15,5 degrees below zero. So I love my milk-coffee still more. These days in Germany are beastly cold.

The rose hips picture of today was made near my company early in the winter morning at 13 degrees below zero. Brr it´s freezing cold. Let´s go to work - have all a nice day!

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009


Not long ago, I receive a bookmark calendar as a present from a friend of mine. The present gave me a great pleasure and means so much to me! Thank you again!!

The german journaling means analogous " it´s pleasing that you are here"

The copyright holder of the bookmark-calendar is the Magdalenen Verlag . I have the permission of the publisher to post this picture here on my blog.

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009


Today was my first day at work after our holidays. It was terrible! The whole day pick up the phone, hang up the phone, pick up the phone, hang up the phone, no time to catch a breath, no time to handle the applications.

So sometimes, I want to take flight ..... because of that, my picture of today shows the sign of an escape route in our company.

Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009


Wow I like the 365 project each day a little bit more...... never else I´ll got so much comments......... that´s fantastic!!

Thanks to all my visitors and people who left a comment - it´s a great pleasure for me!!

Today there was a regular holiday in some federal states of Germany.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was bitterly cold outside - about -11°.

After we had a lie-in we take a long breakfast. So we didn´t have time to go to skiing. But in the afternoon we go to the nearest town and undertake there a walk. We all bought us a coffee to go.

On the picture of today you´ll see my younger son - how he warm up his hands

Montag, 5. Januar 2009


In der Nacht hat es in dicken Flocken geschneit und es dauerte eine ganze Zeit, bis am Morgen das Auto freigeschaufelt war. Noch am Samstag war bei unserer Rückkehr alles grün - und nun haben auch wir hier eine wunderschöne weiße Winterlandschaft.

Mal sehen, vielleicht geht es morgen nochmal zum Skifahren......

Mit einer riesen Begeisterung fuhren die Jungs am Vormittag mit Papa ins Schwimmbad und kamen erst am späten Nachmittag wieder zurück.

Den ganzen Tag ist es heute draußen grau in grau gewesen und kein Sonnenstrahl war zu sehen

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009


Foto wird nachgereicht!

Einen richtig faulen Sonntag haben wir uns heute gemacht!

Wir haben "lange" ausgeschlafen, gemütlich gefrühstückt und mit den Kids "Das weiß doch jedes Kind" gespielt. Danach habe ich mit meinem Kleinen die Fernsteuerung seines seit 2 Jahren heiß ersehnten Playmobil Trucks zusammen- und eingebaut.

So konnte er diesen anschließend für die Transporte seines heute aufgebauten Tier- und Wildparkes nutzen und hatte dabei eine Menge Spaß.

Ich habe die Gelegenheit genutzt und mich derweil u.a. durch die vielen Beiträge der Foren gelesen und mit einer lieben Freundin gechattet. Nebenbei lief einige Male die Waschmaschine.... wie das eben am Ende eines Urlaubes so ist.

Nach 10 Tagen Pause hieß es auch für meinen Kleinen wieder - Gitarre üben!


Bevor wir ihn nun wieder abbauen werden, habe ich noch schnell die Gelegenheit genutzt und das Leuchten unseres Weihnachtsbaumes fotografiert!

Fototechnisch sicher für jeden Profi ein Graus.... zwinker zu FLB .... aber ich bin ja noch am Lernen mit meiner neu erworbenen Kamera; aber für das Project 365 wollte ich diese Erinnerung einfach festhalten.

Heute haben wir uns 8 Stunden durch die Megastaus des samstäglichen Rückreiseverkehrs gequält - Gott sei Dank war wieder wunderschönes Wetter, so dass wir nicht auch noch bei Eis und Schnee die Heimreise zu bewältigen hatten.

Der Abschied fiel uns allen schwer - vorallem aber unserem Kleinen, der sich von seiner Freundin mit Tränen in den Augen verabschieden musste.

Wieder zuhause waren wir zum Abschluss unseres Urlaubes - und zur Freude unserer Kiddies - noch lecker Chinesisch essen!


Dieses Foto ist ebenfalls während unseres Urlaubs entstanden und zeigt das Maskottchen der Skischule unserer Kids, die dort 8 Tage lang einen Skikurs besucht und mit einem Rennen abgeschlossen haben.

Sie erreichten den 3.Platz bzw. den 4.Platz und wurden mit einem wunderschönen Pokal und einer tollen Medaille belohnt.

Beide haben in dieser Zeit ganz toll Skifahren gelernt und super viel Spaß gehabt.

Das Wetter war traumhaft - strahlend blauer Himmel - viel Sonne - tolle Pistenverhältnisse und knackig kalte Minus 11 Grad.

Am Abend hieß es dann Koffer packen und das Auto beladen und ein letztes Mal das tolle Menue unseres Familiengasthofes genießen. Unser Kleiner durfte hierbei am Tisch seiner Freundin sitzen, was sein größter Traum im Urlaub gewesen war.

Wie fast jeden Abend wurde auch dieser Tag in einer lustigen Runde beim Uno Extreme spielen beendet.


Das Foto ist während unseres Urlaubes in Kärnten entstanden und zeigt einen kleinen Ausschnitt des Silvesterfeuerwerkes.

Unsere Kiddies hatten noch bis um 16.00 Uhr Skikurs bevor sie um 18 Uhr ein spezielles Kindersilvester-Menue im Gewölbe bekamen. Anschließend ging es raus in den Garten für ein eigenes Kinderfeuerwerk - was allen super gefiel - stolz zündeten sie geeignetes Zubehör unter Aufsicht an.

Danach hieß es für sie ab ins Bett - bevor um 20.00 Uhr das Silvester-Menue der Erwachsenen begann........ mmmmmmh war das lecker!!

Kurz vor dem Jahreswechsel wollten wir dann unseren Großen zum Feuerwerk wecken, aber er war so müde und schlief so fest, dass er nicht aufstehen wollte....
....als wir dann später ins Bett gingen... aber anfing zu schimpfen, dass wir ihn nicht rechtzeitig geweckt hätten....

Auch wir hatten viel Spaß beim Feuerwerk in der Kärtner Bergwelt und dem anschließenden obligatorischen Bleigießen

Welcome 2009!!


Auf Fabellas Blog habe ich das Project 365 entdeckt!!

Eine tolle Idee habe ich gedacht... aber sicher nicht für mich, dachte ich so bei mir... das hälst Du sicher nicht durch.... weshalb ich das alles erstmal wieder beiseite schob.

Aber irgendwie ließ mich die Idee nicht los.... so dass ich heute mal am surfen war und mich umgeschaut und diesen neuen Blog angelegt habe!! Ich will es einfach mal versuchen!!

Wenn man sich so im Netz umschaut, entdeckt man eine Menge User, die an diesem Project in den verschiedensten Foren teilnehmen.

Worum geht es eigentlich bei diesem Project?

Man macht jeden Tag des Jahres ein Foto und zeigt es auf seinem Blog und/oder in einem Forum und erzählt vielleicht noch ein bißchen drumherum.

Bei Sweetshoppecommunity gibt es wöchentlich ein Template womit man die jeweiligen Fotos verscrappen kann.

So hat man - wenn man durchhält - am Ende 365 Fotos und Erinnerungen - sowie 52 Seiten für ein tolles Jahrbuch

Wer mehr zu diesem Projekt wissen will, kann sich z.B. auf diesen Seiten umschauen

Creatingkeepsakes I
Creatingkeepsakes II

Drückt mir die Daumen .... dass es keine Eintagsfliege für mich wird. Ich habe fest vor durchzuhalten