Sonntag, 30. August 2009


The first signs of fall

11,3 kg less after 11 weeks with WW

I´m annoyed about the fact that neighbours are making racket directly under the window of my bedroom early in the Sunday morning at 6:30 am .....grrrrrr ... but that´s the selfsame persons which are having a bitch about my boys - when they are too noisy.

The day started sunny but the weather had cooled down still more, so I need my hoodie sweater jacket again - for our walk through a public park.

There I saw more colored leaves and that´s my picture for today.

Our boys are back! We picked them up at the meeting point at 1:30 pm. At home ... we put them first into the shower ... LOL

The whole day it was sunny, but first in the afternoon it warmed up a little bit. I hurried with the laundry of the boys, for drying out on the balcony.

Hope you all had a sunny weekend, too!

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 29. August 2009

365/240 + 365/241

Saturday 29.08.2009 Day 241

Bag I bought Tuesday in Stuttgart

Fall is just around the corner!

I saw many signs the last days. At the beginning of the week, on my way to Stuttgart, I spotted the first colored leaves on the trees and I found the first chestnut of this year. Already more colored leaves on my way to Kerri. I love the colorful trees - it´s so beautiful in my eyes.

At home again I saw the first leaves falling.

It has cooled down as they had announced. In the morning we enjoyed a café latte in a sidewalk café. I wore my hoodie sweater jacket - because of the strong and cool wind.

Nevertheless sitting outside was beautiful. And we`ll take all chances the next days before they´ll wrap the chairs.

After the café latte, we had a walk through our town and over the market. We bought many fresh fruits... yummy.

Today we had only 22°C degrees and a strong and cool wind during the whole day. So my laundry on the balcony dried quickly.

Tomorrow the boys are coming back from their camp.


Friday 28.08.2009 Day 240

It´s me or rather my shadow

After work my husband and I went to town! Enjoying the sun and having a soft drink.

At our garage I spotted my shadow and thought - the light is very becoming to me - When elsewhere I´ll have such tall legs... LOL ... so I took a shot.

Today we had 25° C degrees but first in the late afternoon. Before then it was coolish!

Freitag, 28. August 2009

WEEK 34/2009

Pics by me
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Donnerstag, 27. August 2009


Girls, I´m back from my trip to....!! Did you guessed where I went to?

I got to know Sammy. Here he enjoys to get stroked by three.

You should know I´m allergic to cats - but Sammy casted a spell over me.

I also got to know these two beautiful children - do you spot who they are?

These are Richard and Robert and it was wonderful to see them playing together. They are really good boys, friendly and so happily.

Robert working in the garden

And this is cutie Richard - he made me smile a hundred times this day - and reminded me at my own little cutie.

Now I´m sure, you know where I was!?

Yes, I visited my dear webfriend Kerri and it was a fantastic day.

She gave me a warm welcome and I felt me directly comfortable. We had a nice time together.

It was a special moment for me, as we picked up the kids at kindergarden and one of them asked Kerri if this "Lady" (yeah he meant me!!!) want to come along.

We went out for lunch to a fantastic restaurant with a great playground for the children. After eating and playing there, we spend some time in Kerri´s garden. It´s a paradise and I loved being there.

Time flies - sadly and I had to go home again! I think we went very well together (did we Kerri?) so I´m sure we´ll meet us again!!

I enjoyed this day today so much!! Thanks Kerri, Richard and Robert for such a fantastic day.

Now girls it´s late and I have to go to bed. Good night to you all outside in blogger land

Today we had wonderful warm and sunny weather with about 28° C degrees

CU tomorrow

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009


Nothing special happened today!

The boys are still in their camp and I had to work. There were nothing interesting for taking a picture.

So I´ll show you two pictures I made on Monday in Stuttgart.

The old castle

Udo Snack

Udo is cult in Stuttgart. The best burgers in town. If you´ll visit Stuttgart you have to go to Udo. You´ll find the haute cuisine of burgers in ten different choices.

Unfortunately Udo was closed for holidays.... what a pity for me!

Well, actually we were supposed to visit a good friend this evening and having lunch together in an Italian restaurant - sadly to say, that our friend had to cancel our get-together.

She is a nurse in an intensive care unit for children and was called because of an emergency with triplets.

CU tomorrow girls...... after my meeting with.....psst.... it´s still a secret...LOL

Dienstag, 25. August 2009

365/236 + 365/237

Hi girls! I´m back from Stuttgart and I had a wonderful time there!!! Sure, not good for Weight Watchers (LOL) but for my soul.

I was in lucky with the motorways - no traffic jam despite many construction areas!

Tuesday 25.08.2009 Day 237

Sunflower nearby my first flat

In the early morning we had a thunderstorm with a heavy downpour. So later it was overcast and very sticky again. Not good for my headache, I´m having since yesterday evening... no, not because of alcohol (I drunk only water and diet coke), but infact of the stickiness I think.

Before I drove home, I visited the cemetery and the grave of my parents. Instead of flowers I left a little colorful windmill with her names and the name of my daughter. My daughter isn´t buried there, but nevertheless it is a place for me to remember and to grieve.

And that´s why I love sunflowers so much... these are the flowers my daughter got on her funeral. So I love them in remembrance of her.

CU tomorrow evening, after work - or at a later time. Because we´ll meet a good friend of us and we´ll having dinner - together. Don´t know if I´ll have time to step in between.

Monday 24.08.2009 Day 236

The new castle

Fantastic weather!! Hot (sure way above 30°C), sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately it was very very sticky in town.

I made many pictures of different childhood memories... school, ice cream shop, first flat and so on... nothing important for you, but for me and my memories.

And I had a wonderful time with my witness. She is for me, like a mother (she is over 70). She pampered me, made lunch, before I started my photo session and in the evening she invited me in a restaurant. We were chattering until 1:00 am ... girls, I´m so tired..

Sara asked me what a witness is... she was the person who attended me at my marriage ceremony. In Germany (until July 1998) 2 persons were needed to witness a marriage.

Sonntag, 23. August 2009


10,9 kg less after 10 weeks with WW

It was a sunny, but windy day today, with about 22°C degrees. We made a bike ride of about 28 km and had lunch (a fresh green salad with mushrooms, Parmesan and pine nuts) in an Italian restaurant. There we also had a yummy café latte, sitting outside in the sunshine.

Glad my back doesn´t hurt too much after the bike ride.

The picture of today shows you a little artwork from my elder son. I "found" it whilst I tidied up his room.

Girls I´m now - off - for my trip to Stuttgart. I´ll be there until Tuesday for visiting the town of my childhood and for meeting my witness. She also was a dear co-worker of mine, for some years.

Yeah and on Thursday will be a special day for me.... but I still didn´t let out the secret

- bye-bye- CU Tuesday girls

Samstag, 22. August 2009

365/233 + 365/234

Saturday 22.08.2009 Day 234

I had a short night and so I´m really tired. Someone in the house (not in our family) woke me up at 4.45 am. That bites!!! grrrr

After a nice breakfast together we brought the children to the meeting point for their vacation camp. The bus departed a few minutes past 10.00 am.

We had a lazy day, no working, no cooking, café latte in a sidewalk cafe, a fresh green salad in a restaurant. In the afternoon I was making a backup and my husband was watching the World Championships in Athletics on TV.

The weather wasn´t really nice. Fresh with about 19°C degrees and most of the day cloudy.

Whilst the children are at their camp I plan to visit Stuttgart for one or two days.

CU tomorrow

Friday 21.08.2009 Day 233

The whole day we were packing the bags for the vacation camp, sorted out clothed that were undersized and tidied up the children´s rooms.

For lunch we enjoyed home made cheese burgers.

It was a sticky day, with only 25° C degrees and it rained time and time again. We also had a short but heavy thunderstorm.

Today was also the birthday of my dear friend Sandra Happy birthday and many many hugs. I wish you all the best, health and joy. Hope you had a fantastic day. God bless you.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009


Both children spent the morning in the cool forest - learning shooting with bow and arrows. It was a offer in the context of the vacation programm for children, of our council/town.

They had much fun.

In the afternoon my elder son gave his brother a lesson of skating. It was nice to see them spending time together without quarrels.

Today was the hottest day of the year. We had 34°C degrees (93.2 F), clear blue sky, sunny and it wasn´t sticky - great!!

So the children were in luck as their Dad came home at 5 pm - and picked them up for a funny evening in the puplic open-air bath.

Tomorrow we have to pack the childrens bags for a 10 days vacation camp with the congregation (evangelic youth).... and then my holidays will begin... yeah... ok I must go back to the office... but the rest of the day will be freeeee!!

I´ll hope and cross my fingers ... to meet one or two of my webfriends!

CU tomorrow


Trnd is a word-of-mouth recommendation project in Germany.... where you can apply to different new products to test them.

If your application is successful you´ll get the test-parcel with a big one of the stuff for you and many small ones for your friends. So they´ll can test, too and I can discuss with them over their/our experiences.

The friends have to fill out questionnaires, that I have to redirect to trnd. There are also different polling for me.

WOW - da klingelt es doch glatt heute Nachmittag an der Tür und ich bekomme ein Paket von TRND. Noch ein neues Project ist gestartet und zwar diesmal von Brise! Und ich bin wieder dabei - super!!

Ein neuer intelligenter Lufterfrischer, der auf Bewegung (Bewegungssensor) reagiert und nur dann den Duft versprüht, wenn auch wirklich jemand im Hause ist und/oder man den Sprühstoß auch wirklich braucht.

Mittwoch, 19. August 2009


I saw a processed picture on Erikas Blog which was fascinating me. So I stopped by at Pioneer Woman and grabbed me the fantastic actions.

And this is the result..
Processed with actions from Pioneer Woman

Another hot and sunny sommer day with almost 30°C degrees.

We were lazy and enjoyed it. It was the last day of my husband´s holidays.

My elder son had his second day at the BMX course. My younger son was cleaning out his Dad´s car. After that he went to scooter with a friend.

We had again lunch at Jo*ey´s, after that a short cup of café latte in town and then I picked up my elder son at his course.

In the late afternoon my younger son had an appointment at the hairdresser (he tried an other), with head massage and a hot compress - everything for relaxing - he was fascinated.

In the evening we were in the carwash and the boys got dinner at Su*b*ways - and a scoop of ice cream afterwards - they were so happy.

CU tomorrow

Dienstag, 18. August 2009

365/229 + 365/230

Tuesday 18.08.2009 Day 230

In the morning I had an appointment at the eye doctor and after that at my handsome physiotherapist. Between them, I take a break and sat on a bench for reading a crime book in the sun. Wonderful.

As you can see... a dream came true for my elder son. Yesterday his Dad bought him a BMX-bike (not new, but pre-owned).

We were in a bike shop last Saturday to inform us, and had luck that there was a pre-owned bike up for sale. So we got it for less than half of the original price. It´s like new, almost unused.

So my son could take part in a BMX-course what was started today.

I think he´ll prefer the BMX-bike to the skateboard because he´ll get there faster the results... LOL

Today we had perfect summer weather, clear blue sky and about 28° C degrees (82,4 F).

My younger son, our little helper, was working in the garden with Dad. He had so much fun cutting the bushes and all the other required jobs.

CU tomorrow.

Monday 17.08.2009 Day 229

This is a picture from Day 230 I use for Day 229. It shows my younger son with one of our own plums. Sadly every plum is having a worm.

Today, my younger son made a trip with the local youth work to a senses parc - that is quite fantastic. He was the whole day on its way. My elder one didn´t want to...

Because... but this is a story I´ll tell you tomorrow first.

We had lunch at Joey´s . My son and his Dad ate a Pizza and I had a Nice Salad, what was delicious!

It was sunny and hot today with about 30°C degrees (86 F), unfortunately sticky, too. So in the evening we had a short thunderstorm but not much rain.

Today was my last pilates evening. But the next course started in September - and I signed in - yeah!!

Montag, 17. August 2009


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Ein neues Project bei Trnd startet - ich bin dabei - Coral klein & kräftig! Nach meinen ersten Wascherfahrungen werde ich hier wieder berichten.

Sonntag, 16. August 2009


Another wonderful summer day with 30°C degrees in the late afternoon.

Fresh baked rolls from the bakery.... yummy..... for breakfast

In the morning I had made another bike ride with my elder son and in the afternoon he played a little bit with his playstation... certainly it was a scater game... LOL ... we had lent it in a video store.

Later we picked up my younger son by his grandparents, because they are leaving the next days for holiday at the Lago Maggiore

The picture of today shows you my younger son in his grandparents´ pool.

CU tomorrow

Samstag, 15. August 2009

365/225 + 365/226 + 365/227

Saturday 15.08.2009 Day 227

Today we had wonderful and sunny weather with about 24°C degrees.

In the morning we went into town to a public park. There is a new playground for all generations and there is among other things a parcour for sences.

You see the feet of my elder son, while he was having much fun on the parcour.

After that we had lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant.

Later in the afternoon I made a bike ride with my elder son.

CU tomorrow

Friday 14.08.2009 Day 226

The day started with dense fog.

I brought my elder son to his grandparents, made the laundry and was vacuuming. After that my husband and I drove to the Swedish furniture store.... you all now..

The weather was nice in the afternoon and so my husband picked up our elder son by his grandparents by bike. We met together in a country inn for a soda.

This sky I saw on my bike ride to the country inn.

Thursday 13.08.2009 Day 225

This picture was made on Friday (Day 226) at the country inn. The last days weren´t mine and I wasn´t in the mood for good pictures. So I´ll take this one for Day 225

A stork´s nest on the chimney.

Not more to report from Day 225.....

Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

365/222 + 365/223 + 365/224

Wednesday 12.08.2009 Day 224

My elder son had made this heart for me yesterday.

Today he was by his grandparents as well, so I had time for cleaning and tidying up. I also organized some important things.

It was a sticky and cloudy day.

Tuesday 11.08.2009 Day 223

The last two days I played "Rummy" with my elder son.

Today I had a appointment with my handsome physical therapist.

Monday 10.08.2009 Day 222

Sunny morning - so we enjoyed a bike ride into town, were my elder son was spending me a scoop of ice cream.

In the nick of time we came home before the thunderstorm erupted. The rest of the day it was raining.

In the evening was my pilates course.

Dienstag, 11. August 2009


Some time ago I´ve got a little stick from Gabs. I should tell 10 things that make me happy!! And then I´ll have to throw the little stick to 2 or 3 other bloggers... for doing the same.

Sorry Gabs, it took a bit of time...

So, here are the 10 things that make me happy

01. sunflowers
02. someone who puts his arms honestly around me
03. when someone appreciate my work
04. a day without quarrels and a respectful contact
05. my younger son playing the guitar
06. a smile from my children respectively
---- to see them happy
07. shopping when I find clothes who fits me
08. café latte outside in the sun of a sidewalk café
09. a walk on a cold, sunny and snowy winter day
10. it would make me happy when I would know what´s
---- the right decision

I´ll throw the little stick to three of my webfriends Fab, Kerri, Normi and Takinu - Hope I´ll meet them soon!

Montag, 10. August 2009

WEEK 31/2009 + WEEK 32/2009 LAYOUT

Pics by me
Font Bretta
all other stuff by WW

Sonntag, 9. August 2009


9,7 kg less after 8 weeks with WW

Today I slept until 7.45 am - wonderful -

Last day of the skater basic course. In the night it has rained so the pipes were still a little bit wet for the first hour. No sun, but it was very sticky. Despite the black clouds, there was no rain again.

Lucky children.

The pipes may also be used with BMX bikes. And my son tested one - and as may be imagined - he had much fun! He'd love nothing better than to buy a bike itself. But that´s too expensive and it isn´t good to juggle too many balls at once.

After the skater course we visited a funfair - and as you can see - still more sport for my son.

In the meantime the sun had begun to shine!

Hope you all had also a great Sunday!

CU tomorrow!

Samstag, 8. August 2009

365/218 + 365/219 + 365/220

Saturday 08.08.2009 Day 220

Quiet in the morning - rare and wonderful - so I could sleep until 7 am - that´s better than normally 5.30 am.

My elder son and I were preparing breakfast and we went together to the bakery for fresh baked rolls.

Than it was time for a 2 days skater basic course for my son. Out there it was 31° C degrees hot and no shadow.... but he had much fun.

After the grocery shopping I went also to the skater park and spent my time there - and watching all the lucky children.

At the end of the day my son was very thirsty, hungry, tired and above all - dirty.

While I was blogging this he was allowed to watch TV... now I´m off to put him to bed.

CU tomorrow

Friday 07.08.2009 Day 219

Apple tree on another misty morning on my way to work.

After work I picked up my elder son at his grandparents and later his father went with him to the open-air bath.... certainly this wasn´t good for his cold ... but who´ll ask a mother?

So in the night he was coughing and sneezing.

My younger son has decided to remain with his grandparents for about 10 days!!! He loves being there.

They are having a big garden, a swimming bath, a tree house, a workshop with many tools and own vegetables and endless love for him. The grandfather is making homemade bread and noodles. And my son loves to go to church with his grandmother.

Lucky boy!

Today was a fantastic sunny summer day with 29° C degrees.

Thursday 06.08.2009 Day 218

Black Thursday... no comments thereto

I brought my children to the grandparents for having fun and a overnight stay.

In the afternoon I visited my best friend for a short cup of café latte. Unfortunately she was packing the bags for vacation in France and had not much time - but nevertheless a sympathetic ear for me.

We had wonderful warm and sunny weather.

Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

365/216 + 365/217

Wednesday 05.08.2009 Day 217

Last day of the soccer camp and all children got a participation cup.

The camp was a complete success for my elder son. He was one of the best in his age group and he was selected for a further camp. In the next camp he´ll get the chance to win a trial training in a German Bundesliga club.

I know he won´t win - he is good indeed, but not good enough for a Bundesliga club. But it is a feat to get the chance!! We all are very proud of him.

In the evening the boys and their father made another bike ride.

CU tomorrow

Tuesday 04.08.2009 Day 216

The day started misty

My boys had their second day in the soccer camp. And I enjoyed a back massage by the Asian physiotherapist. Because the handsame one has holiday.

It was a nice and sunny day.

In the late afternoon - after soccer, my elder son had a appointment at the hairdresser and then the whole family made a bike ride.

Dienstag, 4. August 2009

365/212 + 365/213 + 365/214 + 365/215

Monday 03.08.2009 Day 215

Both children take part in a soccer camp the next three days and they are having much fun.

The weather didn´t start well - fresh and windy, but thankfully no rain, despite the black clouds.

My elder son has still a cold and actually he should stay at home, without playing soccer, but he wouldn´t! Hope I didn´t make a mistake...

In the afternoon the sun came out.

CU tomorrow!

Sunday 02.08.2008 Day 214

8,1 kg less after 7 weeks with WW

Fantastic weather today.

But someone in our family wasn´t in good it was a horrible day for all of us...

Only my younger son had the chance of fun in the afternoon. The farmer was reaping his cereal field. So my son went down and asked him, if he may go with him. And he has been allowed. Lucky boy!

Jumping into the ceral trailer and driving in the farmer´s tractor to the silo!

Saturday 01.08.2009 Day 213

Today my children visited the open air theatre with their grandparents. So we had free time for us.

My DH had a hairdresser appointment in the morning. After that we went to a bigger town about 100km far from us. Our first stop there, were Starbucks for a cup of café latte venti - the biggest one they offer there. Yummy... sorry no pictures... because I deleted them once again...inadvertently.

In fantastic sunny weather, I had a great day with shopping expedition; my DH more probably with having lunch in a steak house... LOL... but he survived the expedition.

Friday 31.07.2009 Day 212

Last school day!!! Now school is over for 6 weeks of holiday.

Today they´ve got their reports . My younger son had a fantastic one! Five times he got a A and third times he got a B.

My elder son got his first report in secondary school. That´s a new experience for us. His report wasn't bad, but it could have been better, had he wanted it to be...and as I know he is capable... (thanks Kerri for your help with the translation)

In town we are having a sports outfitters who is pending t-shirts for every pupil with a A in sport. You could imagine both of my kids having a A in sport

The children stayed overnight by their grandparents. They had got tickets from them for a open air theatre to their birthday in spring.

After work I met my DH in town, enjoying a cup of café latte together.