Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

365/16 until 365/39

Here´s my next shot for Frau Kunterbunts project CAM UNDERFOOT.

Tuesday, 08.02.2011 Day 39

Trying his teacher´s electric guitar

It sounds great .... and he´s hoping to get one at his own as a birthday present... we´ll see - don´t think the neighbours would like it ;-)

Sunday, 06.02.2011 Day 37

Suit for confirmation

Yesterday we bought his first suit - and it fits him very well. Can´t wait to see him wearing the suit at the confirmation.

Saturday 05.02.2011 Day 36

Birthday flowers

Friday 04.02.2011 Day 35

Birthday cheese cake

Yummy cheese cake (for my DH) - is always a memory at my childhood

Thursday 20.01.2011 Day 20

Another snowy morning

This was, how my car window looks like....

Sunday 16.01.2011 Day 16

Apple tart

My younger son baked a apple tart with me. It was delicious!!!