Montag, 29. November 2010

365/317 until 365/333 BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS

A new picture for Katinkas project Beautiful moments in autumn and winter.

And more pictures for my own 365 project.

Parcel for a wonderful friend


More snow (picture day 331)

Angels at a christmas fair (picture day 331)

Preparing the car for winter (picture day 331)

Handmade christmas cards (picture day 331)

It started snowing

Funny plasticine guys

Dienstag, 9. November 2010

365/303 until 365/306 and BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS

More pictures for Katinkas project "Beautiful moments in autumn and winter" and also pictures for my own 365 project.

Tuesday 02.11.2010 Day 306

The side mirror of my husband´s car was damaged by an other car, during the drive.

Monday 01.11.2010 Day 305

Public holiday today and school holidays for one week.

Sunday 31.10.2010 Day 304

Halloween! The boys walked through the streets for "Trick and treat". Both had own ideas for their costumes.

Saturday 30.10.2010 Day 303

We visited a go-kart track for making a driver license there. Both boys had much fun.

ZWÖLF 2010

My November picture Jana´s project - you´ll find me at number 27.