Samstag, 28. August 2010

365/236 until 365/240

Saturday 28.08.2010 Day 240

Grapes (picture 2508)

Sleeping until 8.00 am, grey and rainy day.

We made a little shopping tour, our elder son´s quite grown and needed new jeans.

For lunch we had lamb stew with green beans.

The first week of my holidays and four weeks of school holidays are almost over... and we had almost only rain.

Too bad for my sons and me.

Friday 27.08.2010 Day 239

Angry clouds

Our car needed an oil change so we brought it to the garage.

I had an appointment with my physiotherapist.

Afterwards we had pizza for lunch at J*oey´s.

Another rainy day!

Thursday 26.08.2010 Day 238

Working together

Sleeping until almost 9.00 am

My husband and my elder son constructed a fly screen window and a screen door.

A little bit gardening in the afternoon and then BBQ.

We had rain, again and again.

Wednesday 25.08.2010 Day 237

Mowing the lawn

Today we had even a little bit sun.

My husband and my elder son used the chance for mowing the lawn.

In the evening I was informed that the teacher of my younger son leaves us. This in the critical months prior to the transfer to secondary school. It's absolutely sickening and I feel like crying. 3 weeks before the beginning of the school year no new teacher in sight. I´m speechlees and in despair... that´ll go wrong I know it!!

Why is it always him?

Hope God´s plan for him is good and everything will turn out well.

Tuesday 24.08.2010 Day 236

Lilac (picture 2508)

Brought my younger son to his grandparents (until Sunday)

Then I went to the doctor for a chiropractic treatment at my neck and my thoracic spine and also a injection. It hurts again since maybe 2 or 3 weeks.

Montag, 23. August 2010

365/230 until 365/235

Monday 23.08.2010 Day 235

New coffee maker

My younger son was in the zoo with the local vacation programm.

Sorry for the bad and rainy weather. From time to time with heavy downpours.

In the morning my elder son had an appointment with the dentist and in the afternoon he visited his grandparents - he haven´t seen them since some weeks.

Whilst he visited them, my husband and I drove to Ik*ea, for some shelves for our garage.

Sunday 22.08.2010 Day 234

No picture for today!

Get miffed about the construction area at 5 am and about children who don´t keep the proprieties at 7 am .... Welcome holiday Sunday .... I´m so mad about it ....

After breakfast we made a little bike ride before we picked up my younger son. The nine days christian camp is over now. He had much fun, but he´s really tired and his voice is nearly gone.

So first we snuggled a little bit on the couch before we went out, for having dinner in our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Today we had another day with beautiful weather til the evening... there was a really heavy thunderstorm at 8 pm.

Saturday 21.08.2010 Day 233

Open air hair cut

Happy birthday my dear friend Fabella wish you all the best and hope we´ll see us soon again. Stay the way you are. Have a nice day and enjoy all your gifts and good wishes.

Also Happy birthday and the same good wishes to JanMary

Wow sunny day today... unexpected after many days of rain.

We had breakfast outside in a little café.

Then we bought a new coffee maker! A big dream of my husband came true. He got a genuine coffee maker .... mmmh this coffee taste really really delicious.

Later we had lunch in a restaurant. My elder son had ostrich steak.

In the late afternoon I cut him his hair, outside in the garden. Only for the picture my husband took the razor over.

Friday 20.08.2010 Day 232

Broken coffee maker

Panic in the night at 3 am - It sounded as we had a geyser in our kitchen. I feared a water hose of the dishwasher might be broken. Thanks God it wasn´t .... What was it? That was not better either Thanks God I become awake ... because our coffee maker was the geyser of the night..... white smoke and the coffee maker ...sprayed the powder of the pads through the whole kitchen....

Immediately I pulled the plug and went back to my bed with heart throb.
At almost 6 am I was still but I had to clean out the kitchen, before I went for a workday until 8 pm....

After cleaning the kitchen, I decided to went to the bakery - first - for a good glass of latté macchiato. That was really required. Then I was ready for working until 8 pm

In the afternoon my husband picked up our elder son for a two weeks holiday at home.

The sunset after work compensated for the shock in the night.

Thursday 19.08.2010 Day 231

Sunset at the end of the work day (picture 2008)

nothing special happened

Wednesday 18.08.2010 Day 230


Had a day off from work... I used up my overtime hours and went to the post office.

A friend of mine has birthday on Saturday so I brought her parcel on its way

Montag, 16. August 2010

365/226 until 365/227

Sunday 15.08.2010 Day 227

Thunderstorm approaching

Had a lie-in until 8:30 am

Totally lazy Sunday, with doing almost nothing than relaxing on the couch (and a little bit laundry).

Saturday 14.08.2010 Day 226

Ready to go

We brought our younger son to a nine days christian camp!

So only the adults are at home... how quiet it will be!! Yeah!

But I miss him already, because he is the only one snuggling with me...

Today it was quite sunny and mild... but it´s announced that this would be the one and only nice day for the next time.

My husband and I made a walk over the vegetable market and had lunch in our favorite Italian restaurant

In the afternoon it was time for the second part of clearing out my wardrobe in the bedroom.

This was our morning today, as I woke up... more foggy than yesterday

Freitag, 13. August 2010

365/211 until 365/225

Friday 13.08.2010 Day 225

Still rainy, grey and foggy in the second week of the school holidays

Looks like autumn is around the corner.

I had a day off from work today... for being lazy and to relax that was badly needed .... and to clear out my wardrobe in the bedroom

5th day of my son´s diving and snorkeling course

Thursday 12.08.2010 Day 224

Selfmade wooden beater from my younger son

In the morning we had an appointment with the dentist. Everything was ok.

4th day of my son´s diving and snorkeling course.

Later in the evening I brought my son to his grandmother, for another overnight stay.

Wednesday 11.08.2010 Day 223

Another morning starts behind the contruction area

Had to work until 8.00 pm nothing special to report

3rd day of my son´s diving and snorkeling course

Monday 09.08.2010 Day 221

Entire crispy fish covered with garlic sauce, onions and pepper (picture 0708)

Working day for me.

My husband has three days holidays.

For my younger son started a diving and snorkeling course in the afternoon.

Sunday 08.08.2010 Day 220

Rainbow over the construction area

Lazy Sunday and most of the day with bad weather.

Saturday 07.08.2010 Day 219

Prawns in red Thai curry sauce with coconut milk, chillis, cashew nuts and lemon leaves

We used the chance of a children free weekend for a trip. Breakfast in a little café, shopping and relaxing with sta*r*buc*ks coffee.

For the first time we had lunch in a Thai restaurant and we were absolutely delighted with the taste.

Wave to my asian friends... here especially to Gigi from Bangkok and Girlie. Miss you all so much

Friday 06.08.2010 Day 218

Christopher street day (picture 0708)

Working day but only until 12.30 am. Then I went to the hairdresser and afterwards I met up for a cup of coffee with a friend of mine.

Thursday 05.08.2010 Day 217

Another working day. My son was on tour with the local vacation programm, to a park of senses.

In the evening grandmother came and picked him up for a overnight stay until Monday.

Wednesday 04.08.2010 Day 216

Speed meetering of the soccer ball (picture 0208)

I worked until 8 pm... nothing special to report

Tuesday 03.08.2010 Day 215

Rainy soccer training (picture 0208)

I worked ... nothing special to report

Monday 02.08.2010 Day 214

Beginning of the vacation

The first day of six weeks school holidays. And it´s always the same, every year... grey and rainy.

My younger son take part in a three days soccer camp.... today in pouring rain. Too bad...

From Monday until Wednesday my husband has holidays.

Sunday 01.08.2010 Day 213

In the morning my younger son made his sports badge ... and it rains....a little bit... at times

Afterwards we had lunch in town... and rain was coming down in sheets

Later me and my son went to my sons´s grandmother by bicycle... to talk about caring through the holidays.

Saturday 31.07.2010 Day 212

Airbrush tattoo

My sons and two of the other inhabitants went to the bakery for fresh baked rolls.
After breakfast we played different games together, then we went to town for a small shopping tour.

We had lunch in a yummy Chinese restaurant.

Later, my elder son was invited to a birthday party from a class mate, so I took him there.

Back home again we visited a scoring spree with fair. There my younger son and I got a tattoo (only airbrush)

Friday 30.07.2010 Day 211

Yummy afternoon in the icecream parlor (picture 0108)

Last school day!

After work I picked up my younger son at his grandmother and we drove to my elder son where we stayed overnight.

In the evening we went out bowling. Both boys had much fun.