Sonntag, 29. November 2009

365/328 + 365/329 + 365/330 + 365/331 + 365/332

The week was too busy for taking pictures and my thoughts where miles away - so all my pictures in this post are from day 332 (except the one from day 229).

My elder son had a swimming competition in Erfurt this weekend. I accompanied him, to visit the historic center of Erfurt.

Saturday 28.11.2009 Day 332

The indoor swimming bath in Erfurt

My younger son also had a swimming competition in another town. He was accompanied by his father. My younger son got three medals --> gold for back stroke and freestyle and silver for breast stroke.

The rivalry by the competition of my elder son, was far too big - so he´ll probably get only one medal for butterfly. We didn´t know it yet, because the competition still continues until Sunday evening. But we know that he improved all his time performances. Nothing else matters.

Friday 27.11.2009 Day 331

Mariendom Erfurt processed

window beside the altar

Thursday 26.11.2009 Day 330

my breakfast in Erfurt

Wednesday 25.11.2009 Day 229

Playing with the kids

After work I played UNO with my sons.

Tuesday 24.11.2009 Day 328

Turkish honey

I found Turkish honey on Erfurt´s Christmas market (on Saturday day 332). For me it´s a childhood memory and I know my passed away mother loved it.

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

365/326 + 365/327

Monday 23.11.2009 Day 327

Part from our christmas decoration

Today it was a mild, but stormy and rainy day. I had my pilates course in the evening.

Sunday 22.11.2009 Day 326

The fun begins

We baked christmas cookies today. My younger son was in children´s church. And in the afternoon my two sons and I played together with their lego

Sonntag, 22. November 2009


Zusammen mit bopki dürfen 5000 Frauen sechs Wochen lang die WELT am SONNTAG testlesen und mit den Zeitungsmachern austauschen. Und ich bin dabei.

Mein umfangreiches Startpaket habe ich vor einigen Tagen schon enthalten. Darin waren u.a. zum Weitersagen und Weitergeben an Freunde, Bekannte, Kollegen und Verwandte

60 Gutscheine für jeweils eine Ausgabe von WELT am SONNTAG.

Das Exemplar zum Testlesen fand ich nun heute früh in meinem Briefkasten und ich war total überrascht, wie dick die Ausgabe war.

Aber das ist noch nicht alles!!

Ich hatte Glück und bin bei einem weiteren bopki Project dabei.

350 Frauen dürfen die erste Kinderzahnbürste von Phillips die Sonicare for Kids testen.

Das Startpaket war sehr umfangreich und hat u.a. neben einer Philips Sonicare For Kids Schallzahnbürste auch 20 zusätzliche Bürstenköpfe zum Aufstecken beinhaltet. Diese sind zum Weitergeben an Freunde, Bekannte und Kollegen mit Kindern gedacht.

Die Sonicare zeichnet sich durch eine kindgerechte Handhabung aus, ist elektrisch und wiederaufladbar und besitzt eine patentierte Schalltechnologie. Desweiteren gibt es altersgerechte Bürstenaufsätze, austauschbare Blenden, einen Timer und sie hat ein ergonomisches Multi-Grip-Design. Darüber hinaus gibt es einen KidPacer der lustige Melodien spielt und die Kinder ermuntern soll, die verschiedenen Zahnbereiche zu putzen.

Bin gespannt, wie das bei meinen Kiddies ankommt und werde wieder berichten.

Samstag, 21. November 2009

365/324 + 365/325

Saturday 21.11.2009 Day 325

New skiboots

We had mild and sunny weather today!

In the morning we went to the post office to mail the parcel for my younger son´s girlfriend.

Afterwards we went to a sports outfitters for buying new ski boots for my elder son. Both kids need also new skies - unfortunately. So our trip was more expensive as we thought.

We had lunch in an Italian restaurant with mussels, calamari and pizza.

In the afternoon we decorated our stairs with christmas stuff.

Friday 20.11.2009 Day 324

New artwork from my elder son

In the afternoon both children had a rehearsal for the christmas fairy tale and afterwards swimming lesson.

My elder son is drawing... a christmas gift.... maybe for me (so he said)

CU tomorrow

Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

365/320 + 365/321 + 365/322 +365/323

Thursday 19.11.2009 Day 323

The day begins

It was the first day with sun and blue sky since many weeks.

We had a doctor´s appointment in the morning. After school the guitar teacher arrived and in the afternoon my younger son´s friend came for playing L*ego with him.

Wednesday 18.11.2009 Day 322

Birthday presents for my younger son´s girlfriend

Nothing special happend - nothing to report.

Tuesday 17.11.2009 Day 321

The notes of my guitar playing son

I got a email from Gabs that I´ll may be a part of her Creative Team - yeah that´s fantastic!

Swimming training for the children in the evening!

Monday 16.11.2009 Day 320

Ovenwood for cold days

Nothing special happened - nothing to report.

Pilates course in the evening - and rain through the day - but mild temperatures.

Sonntag, 15. November 2009


This week I must use a picture from autumn 2008 for Katinkas project "Beautiful moments in autumn and winter" - because of our terrible weather we are having the last days/weeks. No sun, always grey, wet and rainy.

Autumn 2008

Pictures from Sunday 08-11-2009 until Sunday 15-11-2009

Turkish apple tea with cinnamon

Childrens church in the morning with my younger son, whilst my elder son had a soccer match. They lost 3:1 - the goal was from my son - and he was hurted at his knee.

After lunch we made a careful walk through town and had a cup of coffee and Turkish apple tea in a café

The results of my elder son´s swimming competition

Both boys had a swimming competition. So we spent the whole day in a swimming bath round about 8 hours.

It was the first competition for my younger son after his flue disease. He started for breast stroke, back stroke, freestyle and relay team. He got three times the silver medal.

My elder son started for breast stroke, back stroke, freestyle, butterfly, alternate layers and relay team. He got three times the gold medal, one silver medal and one bronze medal.

Little Ph*elbs at alternate layers (Saturday 14-11-09)

Maple seeds over a river

My younger son´s guitar lesson (processed)

Lego City

Making bubbles (Saturday 14-11-09)

Making glogg muffins (Saturday 07-11-09)

Most of the days where ordinary - without something special to report! So I present most of the pictures without journaling. Some pictures where taken on another day as I used them.

CU tomorrow!!

Mittwoch, 11. November 2009


Gabs wanted to start this project for 2010 when she´s finished with her project 365 for 2009

But she was in such a creative mood that she thought she´ll kick it off today – as a little warming-up

So here is what this project is for:

See at least one positive thing in every day – no matter how badly the day was - note this positive thing.

It can be just a word, a sentence – keep it less time-consuming!

Blog about it – so we can all share our positive vibes to make this world a positive place!

If you want to: scrap a page about it but keep it clean and simple

That’s all – easy and simple but so positive

Let Gabs know if you wanna join the fun and grab the logo on her blog, if you want.

She also has a project E-group at digi.scrap.friends where you could join in
(modified text-copy from gabs)

Montag, 9. November 2009


Saturday 07.11.2009 Day 311

Craftsman in the field

Picture processed with action from Pioneer Woman

Another cold, grey and part time rainy day.

My younger son and his father fixed up a CD shelf, in the morning. My son is many-sided interested and has fun in varied things (garden, kitchen, laundry or as today being a craftsman).

He wants to do all these things alone and he can - And he do all these things conscientious and dedicated!!

Love you my diligent, social, helpful and romantic cutie!!

Later I had an extensive conversation with the private English tutor of my elder son and afterwards I did the grocery shopping.

My elder son had a soccer match and my husband accompanied him. They lost the match 6:2 - the two goals were from my son.

Afterwards we had a late lunch at J*oeys with yummy pizza.

In the afternoon my younger son and I baked glogg muffins (for German readers Glühwein).

CU tomorrow!

Sonntag, 8. November 2009


Christmas is coming soon. Gabs will start an ADVENT CALENDAR.

layout from Gabs (credits here)

Do you feel like to take part of this project? So join in on Gabs Blog - there you´ll find more informations!! Have fun all together!

Freitag, 6. November 2009

365/308 + 365/309 + 365/310

Friday 06.11.2009 Day 310


Our last day of vacation.

In the morning I had a doctors appointment with my younger son. He has still a purulent cold - no fever for now - but if he´ll get fever again he´ll have to take antibiotics. The doctor prescribed us expectorant and we are still using our pariboy for the inhalation therapy.

Afterwards both boys went to their grandmother.

My husband and me made a trip to Nürnberg. As you can see - the weather was beautiful, mild and sunny.

But the traffic was horrible. The motorway and the railway line was blocked in fact of two ownerless suitcases, they had found at a station. So there were jam in and around Nürnberg.

Thursday 05.11.2009 Day 309

Lego day

My elder son slept in until 9:00 am ... OMG that was the first time ever ... actually he is a early bird.

Both boys played the whole day with lego. They built a big lego city with different themes. It was wonderful to see them playing so harmonic together!

In the late afternoon I had an appointment with my physical therapist.

Wednesday 04.11.2009 Day 308

Candle - gingerbread and spiced cookies

At 8:30 am grandmother brought my younger son back. He is still sick.

In the afternoon he had a appointment at the hairdresser. Back home again, he prepared the afternoon coffee table with candles, gingerbread and spiced cookies. He likes it romantic. He is soooo cute! Isn´t he?

At 6:30 pm my BFF brought my elder son back. He was so tired that he went straightaway to bed (yesterday evening he had watched a soccer match on TV...)

Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

365/305 + 365/306 + 365/307

Project "Beautiful moments in autumn and winter" 4th week


We saw these pumpkins at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Tuesday 03.11.2009 Day 307

Italian breakfast in Munich

No rain in the morning, partly cloudy and a late riser brother-in-law. We let him sleep (sure he didn´t got up before 11 am), packed our luggage and said goodbye.

We went to town at 8:30 am and had an Italian breakfast in a small Café named Espresso Valle Uno. On the toasted sesame pita was Italian salami, rocket salad and cheese.

I´ve never ate something that was better than this sesame pita. This was the perfect Italian taste.

After this yummy breakfast we made a little shopping expedition, had lunch at M*aredo and then we headed for home.

We were invited from my BFF. Her husband cooked for us and we had a wonderful evening together. My elder son stayed another night.

Monday 02.11.2009 Day 306

New Town Hall Munich (picture from Tuesday)

After a doctors appointment - we brought my elder son to his friend (the son of my BFF) for a overnight stay. Then we drove to Munich, to visit my brother-in-law.

His wife is pregnant and we brought some stuff (high chair, changing mat) to them.

Along the way we had a short stop for a cup of coffee.

I also had scheduled to meet my blogger friend Melly.

But do you have spent time once already, alone together with two men (husband and brother-in-law)? I thought we would go to town for lunch - and afterwards the men for a beer and me for a cup of coffee with Melly. I were so hungry and had bad headache. But.... they were babbling and babbling and babbling.

So time passed (without someting to eat, without a get-together with Melly). At 6 pm we went to town with bus and the subway, to pick up my sister-in-law from work. She´s working at the BR and showed us the recording and broadcast studios. That was very interesting.

In the end it was 8 pm when we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner... I had breakfast at 7.00 am....

The weather was really terrible - rain - rain - rain - nothing but rain, the whole day.

Sunday 01.11.2009 Day 305

Scenery at the Viktualienmarkt (picture from Tuesday)

Soccer match in the morning for my elder son, pizza from Jo*ey´s for lunch and a lazy Sunday for the rest of the day.

Nothing special happened what was worth to take a picture.

My younger son had fever again (in the afternoon) and the cold isn´t better yet. In the evening the fever was gone, so he could stay at his grandmother and go to a exhibition on Monday.

It was a cold, grey and wet day.