Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

365/146 - 365/149

Saturday 29.05.2010 Day 149

Rain in the late afternoon

New shoes for my younger son

Chinese lunch

Friday 28.05.2010 Day 148

Bonfire at the Indian festival

Campfire bread with sausage inside

Fun for the children with a tractor ride

Thursday 27.05.2010 Day 147

A part of the hotel´s garden

Another handicrafts with sequins

They also made bracelets and headgear for an upcoming Indian festival

Wednesday 26.05.2010 Day 146

Today we made a trip into the Pöllatal and hiked 10 km. The day wasn´t as sunny and warm as the last days, but this was good for hiking. Overnight (the night before) we also had a thunderstorm


Many cows on the way

Wonderful nature

My elder son hiking

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

365/137 - 365/145

Tuesday 25.05.2010 Day 145

Don´t know how often I´m able to go "on".... because the internet connection in this small mountain village is really bad... and did not work each day... So I´m mostly not able to comment on your blogs - sorry - but I´ll fetch it later, when I´ll be back at home

As you can see we are having fantastic weather - I enjoy it so much after the long cold and rainy weather in Germany.

Handicrafts with straw

One of the results

Monday 24.05.2010 Day 144

Fun in the swimming pool

My elder son driving a boat on Lake Millstatt

Jumping on the trampolin

Making handicrafts with Salzteig

Sunday 23.05.2010 Day 143

View from the bench where we carved

Boat carved by my husband

My elder son carving

Saturday 22.05.2010 Day 142

We got up at 3 am and started our trip to Austria.

View in the garden of our holiday hotel

Field flowers my elder son collected for me

This is so nice of him, isn´t it?

Friday 21.05.2010 Day 141

Demolition of a bridge

That means a big detour for us....

Monday 17.05.2010 Day 137

Spring or autumn morning?

Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

ZWÖLF 2010

My picture for May - you´ll find me at number 27

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

365/123 - 365/135

Chinese lunch

Mail from England

Perfect idyll (picture 15.05.)

Fun in the beer garden´s playground (picture 09.05.)

Pretzel and Obatzda (picture 09.05.)

Steckerlfish in a Munich beer garden

A walk with his girl cousin

Chestnuts blossoms in Munich (picture 09.05.)

Fun with strawberries

My elder son and me had fun with his shoes

Beautiful mail from Sara

Thank you so much Sara! Love that beautiful picture. What a relaxing and colourful surprise in my grey letter box. You gave me a great pleasure

ZWÖLF 2010

My picture for April you´ll find me at number 27

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

365/ 114 - 365/122

we visited an animal park

Cold, grey and rainy weather

Birthday presents for my younger son

So sorry, the sun was gone - we had a heavy downpour - based on the rainy weather... we were picnicing in the living room.... to have a picnic, was his big ambition.

Enjoying yummy lunch after a 24 km bike ride

Jolly weather with bright sun.

My younger son relaxing after gardening

Birthday present I got from Kerri

Thanks so much Kerri - I´m looking forward and can´t wait to eat the yummy strawberries

Having fun jumping on the trampoline

My elder son had a swimming competition.

Planes flying again after the volcano eruption

look at this beautiful sky - we had fantastic weather!