Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010


My next picture for Katinkas project

Wonderful day today - sunny and 15° C degrees! We made a little walk through a public park and enjoyed a cup of café latte afterwards, in a sidewalk café.

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010


My picture for the upcoming week for Katinkas project

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

365/284 until 365/290

Sunday 17.10.2010 day 290

Flower bouquet

This beautiful flower bouqet I got yesterday from our visitors.

My elder son spent the morning at his grandmother and joined the service together.

In the afternoon my younger son was invited to a birthday party from his class mate.

It was another grey and rainy day.

Saturday 16.10.2010 day 289

Walking through the autumn scenery

In the morning my elder son got his flu shot. Afterwards he had a soccer match.

Later we received visitors. My sister-in-law with her husband and daughter visited us. We had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Too bad is was raining the whole day. Anyway we made a little walk through the autumn scenery.

Friday 15.10.2010 day 288

Checkup of the knee in the morning. The doctor found an intra-articular space so he prescribed me electro-physiotherapy for six times.

Hope it´ll work.

Thursday 14.10.2010 day 287

In the afternoon the chimney sweeper was here.

No aqua jogging this evening because of the sick knee.

But I was allowed to remove the bandage.

Wednesday 13.10.2010 day 286

I plan to make a photobook for me - and I also want to make a little memory book for one of my best blogger friend... Hope it´ll succeed. Because I´m not so good in these things.

This is the stuff I ordered and bought the last weeks.

Decoupage pager, leporella and letters

I worked again. But it´s not comfortable to sit with the bandage.

Tuesday 12.10.2010 Day 285

Paper, stamps and envelope

Nearly two days I was unfit to walk correctly ... so I had an appointment at the orthopedist in the morning... swelling of the capsule, jammed nerve starting from the sciatica, patella low and so I got an taped ointment-bandage

I was off sick, today.

Monday 11.10.2010 Day 284

Paris stamps

Sunday 10.10.2010 Day 283

It´s the birthday of my sons grandfather.

We were invited for coffee and cake in the afternoon.

For Katinkas project "Beautiful moments in autumn and winter"

Pumpkins for sale

Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010


Saturday 09.10.2010 Day 282

Different perspective of the construction area

Beautiful autumn weather today.

In the afternoon we took the chance for a little bike ride. On our way we passed the construction area and I made shots from a different perspective.

Then my DH and our younger son played soccer on a small playground. A few minutes I take part... and then it happens.. a big pain in my left knee... (edit: Nearly two days I was unfit to walk correctly ... appointment at the orthopedist on Tuesday morning... swelling of the capsule, jammed nerve starting from the sciatica, patella low and so I got an taped ointment-bandage)

Katinka makes her project "Beautiful moments in autumn and winter" this year again. I take part again, too.

This is my first project shot.

Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

ZWÖLF 2010

This time punctual My picture for October - you´ll find me at number 27

Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

365/260 until 365/269

Sunday 26.09.2010 Day 269

My younger son on a scenic flight

Today was my turn for Childrens Church. So my husband had to pick up our son at the pathfinder (scouts?).

Later we stopped by a childrens festival.

In the afternoon we made a little walk. On our way we passed a little airfield.

There was a microlite ready to take off and my younger son was allowed to accompany the pilot. He was so proud and had so much fun.

Saturday 25.09.2010 Day 268

Our new television

In the morning I brought my younger son to the pathfinder (scouts?) for an overnight stay and all-terrain games. So bad they had heavy rain all the time, but anyway much fun.

We used the chance for buying a new (digital) television without ruffle or excitement. Look at the light behind the tv - it changes the colour according to the colours of the film sequences.

Thursday 23.09.2010 Day 266

Nocturnal activities at the construction area

Today has started a new aqua jogging course.

Another sleepless night!

Wednesday 22.09.2010 Day 265

Hot-air balloon

Had another day off from work for compensating my overtime.

In the afternoon I catched sight of a hot-air balloon.

Later the day it was parents´ evening in my younger son´s school.

Tuesday 21.09.2010 Day 264

Off from work.

No picture for today. But parents´evening in my elder son´s school.

Monday 20.09.2010 Day 263

A new beautiful sunrise

Three days off from work for compensating my overtime.

I´ll use the free time for tidying up the rooms.

In the evening has started a new pilates course. Before that I had an appointment with my physiotherapist.

Sunday 19.09.2010 Day 262

Little billiard table

Another soccer match in the morning for my elder son.

Later the boys played with this little billiard table, my younger son has purchased yesterday at the flea market.

Saturday 18.09.2010 Day 261

Baked apple

Soccer game in the early afternoon for my elder son.

Later we went to an overnight flea market. The boys made good bargains.

Friday 17.09.2010 Day 260

Little harvest from our own garden (picture 1809)

Normal working day with nothing special to report.

Parents´feedback in the afternoon for my elder son

Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

ZWÖLF 2010

Sorry Jana, a little bit late again... My picture for September - you´ll find me at number 27