Freitag, 6. November 2009

365/308 + 365/309 + 365/310

Friday 06.11.2009 Day 310


Our last day of vacation.

In the morning I had a doctors appointment with my younger son. He has still a purulent cold - no fever for now - but if he´ll get fever again he´ll have to take antibiotics. The doctor prescribed us expectorant and we are still using our pariboy for the inhalation therapy.

Afterwards both boys went to their grandmother.

My husband and me made a trip to Nürnberg. As you can see - the weather was beautiful, mild and sunny.

But the traffic was horrible. The motorway and the railway line was blocked in fact of two ownerless suitcases, they had found at a station. So there were jam in and around Nürnberg.

Thursday 05.11.2009 Day 309

Lego day

My elder son slept in until 9:00 am ... OMG that was the first time ever ... actually he is a early bird.

Both boys played the whole day with lego. They built a big lego city with different themes. It was wonderful to see them playing so harmonic together!

In the late afternoon I had an appointment with my physical therapist.

Wednesday 04.11.2009 Day 308

Candle - gingerbread and spiced cookies

At 8:30 am grandmother brought my younger son back. He is still sick.

In the afternoon he had a appointment at the hairdresser. Back home again, he prepared the afternoon coffee table with candles, gingerbread and spiced cookies. He likes it romantic. He is soooo cute! Isn´t he?

At 6:30 pm my BFF brought my elder son back. He was so tired that he went straightaway to bed (yesterday evening he had watched a soccer match on TV...)


gabs hat gesagt…

oh wow, wie toll ist das denn? ich freue mich auch immer, wenn meine mal ganz harmonisch miteinander spielen - allerdings dauert das nie den ganzen tag....

Mari hat gesagt…

What a beautiful building!

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

gorgeous Cathedral

Sandra hat gesagt…

Nice pictures..!

Tracy hat gesagt…

The photo of St Lorenz is fantastic, absolutely beautiful! I love the Lego truck totally cool and wow how dreamy is the candle with the gingerbread and spice cookies - YUM.

sara hat gesagt…

Is that a church? it is beautiful!!

my boys loved legos growing up and would spend hours and hours playing with them!

Sounds like your son is becoming a teenager..sleeping in!!

girlie hat gesagt…

that candle and cookies are so romantic. i hope your boys feel better.... have a nice weekend!!

Dot O hat gesagt…

Beautiful photos - love the one of the building. I am sorry your little guy is still not feeling great. This year is a difficult year for kids to get over viruses.

How sweet your little one set up a romantic tea for mom! My son makes tea for me in the afternoon but usually just brings it to me at my desk. I'll have to ask him to please serve it with some cookies and a nice candle :0)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Huhu liebes Flöckchen,

das Legobild gefällt mir auch ausgesprochen gut! Was mir nicht so gefällt, ist, dass dein Sohn immer noch krank ist :-( Ich wünsche ihm an dieser Stelle gute Besserung!

Und ich kann gut verstehen, wie sehr du es genießt, wenn die Jungs gemeinsam schön spielen - aber das geht uns glaube ich allen so, die wir mehr als ein Kind haben ;-)

Sei lieb gegrüßt und ncoh einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich dir,


Jarila hat gesagt…

Love your photo's!!

takinu hat gesagt…

What is BFF? I don´t know. Our trip went without a traffic jam. And it was not raining. Then I dont like to drive a car. But: Even the woman. I have rightly come alone. And I will! Greetings. Takinu

magelan hat gesagt…

Mensch die Ferien sich schon wieder um. Schön, dass du noch einen tollen Ausflug nur mit deinem Mann unternehmen kontest. Was zwei Herrenlose Koffer auslösen können...
Deinem Sohn die besten Genesungswünsche! Hoffe es hat sich unterdessen schon gebessert ohne Antibiotikum. Ja das geniesst man als Mutter, wenn dir Kinder sich verstehen und wenn sie dabei noch konstruktiv sind ist es wie Weihnachten im Sommer.

Fabella hat gesagt…

Wow, ein tolles Foto hast Du mitgebracht aus Nürnberg, auch wenn die Krankheitsgeschichten alle nicht so schön klingen. Ich drück die Daumen, daß es allen bald besser geht!

Schön wenn Geschwister mal so einträchtig miteinander spielen und wenn dann noch Romantik aufkommt .. wie niedlich!

listgirl hat gesagt…

Sounded like you had a fun trip with your DH, even if the traffic was bad. The boys playing legos together is too cute! I love Legos still. Your younger son is too cute. Beautiful photo of the candle!

Erika hat gesagt…

It looks very cozy with the candle and the gingerbread. So sweet of your son!
Lego can truly be the best company, versatile and fun for hours.
So nice to be able to get off on a little trip. Nürnberg is lovely, sorry you had a bad traffic-day.