Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

365/58 + 365/59

Sunday 28.02.2010 Day 59

Easter decoration

Rain - the whole morning!!

While my elder son and I went to the bakery for fresh baked rolls my other son made this Easter decoration for our breakfast table.

Later I played different games with my younger son.

After lunch we took a walk through the town, the children with bmx-bike and scooter. Both enjoyed their first ice cream and the movement in the vernal afternoon sun - after the long snow time.

We had a wonderful mild spring day to the afternoon - and then a heavy storm began.

Another snuggling time for me with my son and now my husband is on the way to bring him back to the hospital.

Saturday 27.02.2010 Day 58

Trip to a deer-park

In the early morning my husband hit the road for collecting our son at the hospital. Then he had a appointment at the hairdresser and afterwards we made breakfast together in a café.

Later we looked at another new car - a much smaller one as the car we got in January.

Owing to the fine weather we made a trip to a deer-park in the afternoon.

In the evening we had late lunch in a country inn.

Then it was high time to go to bed for the children and snuggling time for my elder son (and me), after another week without us. He was so tired, that he fell asleep in my arms, what a beautiful feeling - he was so close to me - like the time he was a baby.


Maike hat gesagt…

Schöne Tieraufnahmen, der Storch gefällt mir besonders gut!
Auch die Osterdeko ist ja eine nette Überraschung gewesen.

faye hat gesagt…

I enjoyed my visit to your blog.
Great mix of photos and ideas.

Mari hat gesagt…

It's so nice to snuggle with your children. Enjoy every moment like that because too quickly they grow up! I enjoyed these pictures from the deer park!

Tracey hat gesagt…

Love the pictures of the deer park! Are you as tired of the cold weather as I am? I am so very ready for Spring!!

Praying for you and your son. I'm so glad you were able to have some snuggle time with him.

sara hat gesagt…

what a cute decoration and very creative!!!

that baby deer is so cute! can you touch the animals?

it is such a great feeling for a mama to have her growing son snuggle with her!!!

Dot O hat gesagt…

I love your little one's Easter decoration - he did a wonderful job.

I feel very worried about your older son and I hope he will be okay... You take care.

Manfred Köllner hat gesagt…

hallo angelika, zunaechst einmal vielen dank für deine zahlreichen und liebenswerten anmerkungen!! du schilderst uns hier einen wundervollen tag mit wirklichen schönen fotos!! es ist immer spannend deine tagesabläufe zu lesen.. ich wünsche dir eine gute wochen, bis bald einen lieben gruss manfred

Jarila hat gesagt…

Nice decoration, easter isn't far away. Love the other pics to!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Huhuuu :)

was für tolle Impressionen wieder hier bei dir - die Bilder vom Tierpark sind ja klasse!! und es ist so schön und liebevoll, was du schreibst!

Osterdekoration *freu* das ist toll.. ich freu mich schon so aufs Frühjahr :)))

Ganz liebe Grüsse an dich zum Wochenstart *knuddel*

Birgit hat gesagt…

Wunderbare Fotos sind das von Dir. Die Idee mal schnell eine so süsse Osterdeko zu basteln find ich toll. Das bringt mich auf die Idee mit meinen Bewohnern aus dem Heim auch zu basteln.

Fabella hat gesagt…

Schön, daß Ihr so ein schönes Wochenende hattet. Die Bilder aus dem Tierpark sind toll!

Freut mich, daß Du eine tolle Kuschelzeit mit Deinem Sohn hattest!!

Sujomi hat gesagt…

I've been enjoying your photos even though I haven't been commenting.

I am so glad you were able to have some snuggle time with your oldest son. I've been keeping you and him in my thoughts. You take care of yourself too!

listgirl hat gesagt…

I love to see the animals! Glad it seems spring is coming. So happy you got some snuggling time with your elder son, so precious.

Susan hat gesagt…

I didn't realize that you had posted more pictures since early February. I've been wishing you and your son good health. Wonderful pictures, especially the beautiful bird--you seem to have been so close to it. I'm hoping for more sunny days to come your way.

takinu hat gesagt…

lovely greetings takinu

~Susie~ hat gesagt…

Great photos!! The bird is just lovely!! I hope all is well with you!

Anonym hat gesagt…

*winke* zu dir, ich hoffe, dir und deinen Lieben geht's soweit gut? und ich wünsch dir ein schönes, erholsames Wochenende .. ganz liebe Grüße schickt dir Ocean :-))

Unknown hat gesagt…

schöne Bilder der letzten Tage und der Storch ist ja klasse!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hello My Friend, I have been including your elder son in my prayers and hoping that everything is okay. What absolutely remarkable photos - the deer is exquisite! So peaceful and beautiful. I am in awe. ((HUGS))