Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

365/355 to 365/360

Saturday 26.12.2009 Day 360

The best christmas gift ever

We slept in until 8:15 am.

It was a wonderful sunny day with blue sky.

In the afternoon we made a walk. The boys with a scooter and roller-skates. Afterwards they played with the Wii.

Later my younger son made the best christmas gift ever for me. He prepared a foam bath with candle lights. During the bath he read to me and massaged my back. Isn´t this a cute and wonderful boy?

Friday 25.12.2009 Day 359

Preparing the stuffing for the turkey

We slept in until 8:00 am.

After breakfast my younger son and his father prepared the stuffing and the turkey. My younger son did this very well and he enjoyed it so much.

The turkey tasted delicious.

In the evening both boys were allowed to stayed up longer. We enjoyed snuggling time on the couch, watching TV and drinking Glögg for the parents and children glühwein (special mulled wine for children) for the boys

Thursday 24.12.2009 Day 358

Santa Claus´s little helper

Mail from my blogger friends and a colleague

I woke up at 7:30 am and brought my elder son to his grandparents.

I cleaned and tidied up the apartment, decorated the christmas tree and wrapped the last christmas gifts.

Just in the nick of time the christmas cards from my blogger friends Tracy and Normi arrived today. I was so happy. The cards and your words meaning a lot to me and touches my heart. Thank you both so much. It was the light of my day!!

Then my husband and I went into town for lunch and a cup of caffé latte!

At 5:00 pm we picked up both children at their grandparents. My younger son dressed up his costume as Santas little helper and made the handing out of presents.

Unfortunately not to the delight of my elder son; he wasn´t good with this "surprise"

Later my younger son talked to his girlfriend on the telephone. He is very sad because he couldn´t meet her this christmas time. Why? Because our christmas holidays were cancelled.

We had many tears as he was told about it.

Wednesday 23.12.2009 Day 357

Christmas gifts from Fabella

Last working day before christmas.

My younger son had a night out (it was the afternoon LOL) for eating carp with his grandparents. Afterwards he will stay overnight.

After school my elder son went home to his father, who already is having holidays. As I went home both were playing Mono*poly - what a rare view.

I can´t wait until tomorrow so I opened the first present in harmony yet. What a surprise. Fab you are the best. What a beautiful bookmark - I´ll use it every day!! And chocolate for emergency situations together with the "himmlische Schwester" (angel) is such a wonderful idea and touched my heart so deep. You can´t imagine how much it ment to me!!! My words aren´t enough to say thank you!!

Tuesday 22.12.2009 Day 356


In the morning I had the last appointment with my physical therapist for this year and did the last grocery shopping.

This beautiful angel I got yesterday from a friend of mine.

She know´s me and our family very well - just as my preference for angels.

You are such a wonderful person Elke - thank you!!!

Monday 21.12.2009 Day 355

Christmas mail from my swedish blogger friend

Today a lovely christmas card arrived from Sweden from Erika. I was so happy to find it in my letter box. Thank you very much for all visits on my blog during the year and all your lovely words.

Foggy morning

In the evening I went out with a friend of mine. We had a snack some soft drinks and a nice conversation. It was a wonderful evening.


gabs hat gesagt…

wie super lieb von deinem sohn. mensch, was kann schöner sein? das sind diese besonderen momente, für die es sich zu leben lohnt!
ich drück dich mal feste und hoffe, ihr könnt die letzten tage des jahres noch ruhig ausklingen lassen? *knuddelz*

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

I'm glad you've had a great Christmas, all the best for the New Year

Erika hat gesagt…

Thanks for the nice words about the card. :) I don't remember if I told you that your's arrived here? Sorry, a lot on the mind last week. But it did arrive, and it was beautiful! So cute and with the sweet note.

See you got very sweet and nice gifts in the angel and Fabellas packet too. So kind of them. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Eve too! Funny, we too had turkey for Christmas Day, but there were no stuffing inside ours. Delicious anyway. =)

I will be a bad commenter during the weeks to come, as we are leaving for vacation tomorrow. I hope to keep updating the blog, but no promise. =) We are going to San Francisco and San José, to visit friends. I wish you all the best for the New Year to come!

Unknown hat gesagt…

wunderschöne Bilder... tolle Gesachenke und das Herz ist einfach ein Traum!

sara hat gesagt…

looks like a wonderful week!!!

Are there grapes in your stuffing? Stuffing is one of my favorite things!

what a sweet boy you have!!! His future wife will be a lucky young woman!!!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Fabella hat gesagt…

Hui da hast Du ja gut gesammelt. Suuuper schön schaut das Bad aus, hach da könnt ich so reinhüpfen ..

Ist ja süß daß Dein kleiner sich verkleidet zu Weihnachten *schmunzel*

Tolle Post hast Du bekommen, und daß Dir meine Schenkies so gefallen freut mich natürlich doppelt!

Klasse auch Dein Nebel-Bild .. mit dem leichten rosa Touch oben .. schöön!

Manfred Köllner hat gesagt…

liebe angelika, ein wunderbares tagebuch... der höhepunkt, die kerzen!! dir eine erholsame woche zwischen den feiertagen.. bis bald glg manfred

Katinka hat gesagt…

Das hört sich nach einem schönen Weihnachtsfest an :-)
Das war wirklich lieb von Deinem Sohn und das Foto ist sehr stimmungsvoll!

Liebe Grüße

Anonym hat gesagt…

huhuu liebe Angelika,

nun hab ich erstmal alles nachgelesen von Euren Feiertagen .. das ist natürlich extrem schade wegen den christmas holidays ..

aber ich freu mich, von den schönen Glücksmomente und der lieben Post und den Geschenken für dich zu lesen :-) und das wundervolle Verwöhn-Bad - ist natürlich die Krönung - das ist so lieb von deinem Sohn :-)))

viele liebe Grüsse an dich ..ich wünsch dir einen entspannten und schönen Montag :-)))

Michelle hat gesagt…

That first shot looks so peaceful.

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Dein Sohnemann ist ja wirklich sensationell - da hätte sich wohl jede Mama super drüber gefreut!

Und ich freue mich mit dir über die vielen lieben Wünsche zum Fest - das kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen - habe ich mich doch auch riesig über jede einzelne Karte und jedes Geschenk einfach riesig gefreut.

Schön, dass ihr so ein schönes Weihnachtsfest hattet. Auch der Engel von Deiner Freundin ist wunderschön.. ich wünsche Dir viel Freude damit!

Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt von Kerstin

Susan hat gesagt…

So nice to hear about your family and the wonderful Christmas you had. What special letters from around the world and such nice gifts, including the very relaxing bath. Thank you for all the pictures.

listgirl hat gesagt…

I loved seeing all the cards from your blogging friends! I didn't have time to participate this year. Hopefully next year! Your younger son is such a sweet boy for making you such a relaxing bath!

Kerri hat gesagt…

huhu da bin ich wieder! tolles Geschenk von deinem Sohn, so liebevoll gemacht das Badezimmer! Süß! Auch deine anderen Bilder sind so schön.
Ich hoffe es geht dir gut..und wünsche dir schon mal einen "Guten Beschluß" wie man hier in der Gegend so seltsam sagt - mir gefällt Guten Rutsch besser, deshalb wünsche ich dir das auch noch
liebe Grüße
Kerri (die jetzt Goober anmacht!)

Jarila hat gesagt…

Great photo's!!
That bath with the candles, what a nice treat!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Great catch-up on all your daily pics.

I love those candles in the bathroom!

Anonym hat gesagt…

the first photo is sooo beautiful and warm! I love it so much and I wish you now Happy New Year 2010!



Stacey hat gesagt…

Oh, these are so, so wonderful! You have such a lovely family and many cherished friendships! Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Are you going to do it again in 2010? (LOL I made a rhyme, at least in English :D )

Katinka hat gesagt…

Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie einen schönen Silvesterabend, einen guten Start ins neue Jahr und das 2010 für Euch ein positives Jahr wird!
Liebe Grüße

Sujomi hat gesagt…

What a wonderful Christmas week you have had. Santa's helper looks adorable!

~Susie~ hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for all the lovwly photos from 2009! It has been a real joy to visit your blog and se all the lovely pictures!!

Take care!

Happy New Year!
Hugs Susie

Tracy hat gesagt…

What a beautiful thing your son did for you, what a thoughtful son! We don't do Turkey @ Christmas, we are more Ham people. I think due to it being so hot at Christmas in NZ. Santas helper is so cute :) I am so happy you received my card, I was beginning to worry that it may never reach you in time. I love the picture of the girl in Fabellas gift it is absolutely beautiful. The angel is beautiful gift! Stay Safe my friend, your weather does not look inviting. ((HUGS))

Anonym hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

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