Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011


Still Friday 17.06.2011 Day 168

Kuya Ed´s family (Miggy, Ed, Grace, Ate Mel and Paul)

Princess Grace

Delicious buffet

Excellent singer and guitarist

The birthday girl

Bong, Mayan, Sonia, Olivia, Rene, Aris, Kathy , Liz, Anne, Marcus, Junior

Rene and Sonia dancing

Girls together Mayan & Girlie

Father and his beloved daughter

Nitz and Girlie having fun

Cute girl Isabelle singing

In the evening we were invited to a birthday party of aunt Sonia.

That´s the reason for our trip to Chicago.

I was a bit nervously, knowing there will be only Fillipinos and I´m the only, not tagallo-speaking person, there. But my excitement was unfounded. Everyone was really friendly towards me - and it was an entertaining evening for us all.

Here, too I enjoyed the openness, cordialness and kindness - and *big smile* I enjoyed the yummy buffett there!

The performance of Sonia´s granddaughter Anne was outstanding. She is a very good singer and guitarist.

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Julia hat gesagt…

wieder so herrlich tolle Bilder. Sehe ich das richtig, dass die Dame 60 geworden ist (auf dem Kuchen)? Wow... sieht man ihr nicht an.

Du hattest sicher mehr als nur ne tolle Zeit dor.

Warst du eigentlich alleine oder mit der gesamten Familie?