Freitag, 1. Januar 2010



Experiments with bulb exposure

My photographic yield wasn´t big tonight. But anyhow I experimented with the M-mode, with bulb, remote release and my new tripod which I got for christmas.

The weather was really bad, foggy, cold and rainy sometimes with downpours.

But the boys had fun with the fireworks.


We slept in until 8:45 am and had another lazy day.

Not good for the wild boys but the weather is still awful - grey - foggy - wet - windy and rainy!

Watching tv, playing Wii and lead-pouring that was our day. My elder son had to keep records for "Jugend forscht" (German contest for young scientists)


Unknown hat gesagt…

Happy New Year :)

Are you planning to continue with Project 365? I am undecided!

Jarila hat gesagt…

Happy new year!
The fireworks look great

Unknown hat gesagt…

wunderschön und stimmungsvoll... ich wünsche dir einen guten Start ins Jahr!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Sounds like a fun contest! My 11-year wold love it!! Great pics, we saw some lovely fireworks yesterday here aswell!

Happy New Year!

Sujomi hat gesagt…

Happy New Year!

Thank you for your kind words on my New Year's Eve picture...It seems the more I like the photographer, the better looking I am in the photo! ;)

Excellent firework capture!

gabs hat gesagt…

toll, dass du weitermachst!
dir und deinen lieben ein gesundes und glückliches neues jahr!

Fabella hat gesagt…

Wow Du machst echt weiter?! Respekt!!!

Mari hat gesagt…

I like the fireworks shot! We are playing Wii here too!

sara hat gesagt…

I love your experiments with your pictures!

I am going to continue Project 365 for 2010!

so what is Lead-pouring? I blew up the picture to see it closer but can't figure it out.

bentonflocke hat gesagt…

The German word is "Bleigießen" I had the translation from "Bleigießen" New Year's Eve custom of telling fortunes by the shapes made by molten lead dropped into cold water

Sandra hat gesagt…

Happy newyear..are you going to do it again!? cool!!

girlie hat gesagt…

hi bentonflocke!! happy new year!! those picture of the fireworks are nice. we didn't have much here.
thank you for keeping in take care always!!!

Sandra hat gesagt…

tolle Bilder - auch das mit der Kerze ist wunderschön und stimmungsvoll geworden!

Ich wünsch Dir noch von Herzen ein erfülltes, gesundes neues Jahr in dem sich Deine Wünsche erfüllen!

Susan hat gesagt…

I like reading about your New Year tradition. Everything looks very beautiful for New Year's. I hope that the molten lead showed a very good fortune for you.

Tracey hat gesagt…

Happy New Year! Love the pictures and I always learn so much from reading your posts. Can't wait to see a picture of your new car!

manfred köllner manni 45 hat gesagt…

hallo angelika, schön.. wie du so alles beschreibst!!! ich wünsche dir alles alles gute für dieses jahr.. bei uns hat es geschneit oh oh!!bis bald wieder dir einen lieben gruss manfred

tconlan hat gesagt…

congratulations on completing your 365 project and starting another! wow!! Thank you for you thoughtful comments on my blog this year!

Your photos are so inspiring!
Happy New year to you!

chantal hat gesagt…

We made it! Congratulations from me too and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

and a big thanks for all the nice comments you always left on my blog. I'm not going to continue with this project(that's what I'm telling myself but I must admit I miss it already!)
Hugs, Chantal

Tracy hat gesagt…

Happy New Year Angelika, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your photos during 2009, and I look forward to building our friendship in 2010 ((HUGS))

Michelle hat gesagt…

Wow, great low light shots. The other day when I was looking at your pictures I had no idea what a Raclette was. That is until I was at a friends and she had hers out. She promised to have us over for dinner so we could experience it. :)