Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

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Wednesday 06.01.2010 Day 6

Carolers (Sternsinger)

Feast day today - Epiphany (Heilige 3 Könige)

Our day started early. I got up at 6:00 am and went to the bakery for fresh baked rolls.

After breakfast I brought my children to the Catholic Church where a mission mess for the Carolers was. My boys are the first time involved and it was the younger one who had the idea.

It was a long and uncomfortable day for them. We had a foggy and cold day today with about 4 degrees below zero. But both had much fun and enjoyed the time.

Tuesday 05.01.2010 Day 5

Sunset (picture 040110)

Normal working day for me.

The boys were at home with their father and played with the Wii.

In the evening both had their first swimming training in the new year.

While I was waiting for them I got a long-awaited phone call and now our own project 2010 will start. Hope it will come out all right.

Monday 04.01.2010 Day 4

At last snow

The day started with 4 degrees below zero and at the end of the day we had 7 degrees below zero. It was sunny today and sometimes it snowed. Wonderful white landscape.

Today was my first working day after holiday and from now on I´m working every day from Monday to Friday.

Both children have still school holidays and went ice skating with the local vacation program - one got home with a blister and the other one with an injury at the eye.

In the afternoon they had a preparatory appointment for Epiphany.

Afterwards we collect our new car at the car dealership.

Sunday 03.01.2010 Day 3

Stuffed animal

This beautiful animal belonged to my younger son. He got it as a christmas gift from his girlfriend

Our last lazy day - or I better say the last lazy day for me ;-)

It was a grey day and in the afternoon it began to snow. My younger son and I made a little walk - searching a subject for the project 12/2010 and we clear out our "old" car.

Later we played a little bit Wii.

Saturday 02.01.2010 Day 2

Lucky charm (picture 010110)

We slept in until 8:00 am.

It has snowed overnight ... but not much ... and we had 2 degrees below zero.

We took lunch in our favorite Chinese restaurant and had afterwards a cup of café latte in a small café.

Our elder son got his first mobile as he came into the secondary school. It was only a ordinary mobile for calling and text messages - nothing else. That´s the way it should be for our younger son, too - in about 1 1/2 years from now....

I´m making no comments... but today both boys got a mobile with camera, mp3.... not from me...


Michelle hat gesagt…

Fun shots! I played quite a bit of Wii while the girls were on vacation. They got the new Mario game so all of us can play together. It is surprisingly fun.

Dot O hat gesagt…

Happy New Year! Great photos to start of your year. We too played a bit with our Wii - I like the bowling but want to learn Mario Kart.

We are growing tired of the bitterly cold weather here but it will make is appreciate the spring even more when it finally arrives.

Julia hat gesagt…

Tolle Fotos. Und das Weihnachtsgeschenk ist ja zu süüüß

Kerri hat gesagt…

Schön warm ist's bei Euch!! Wir haben leider noch immer zweistellige Minusgrade! Aber mit dem Schnee zusammen macht es den Jungs nichts aus, nur mir!
Tolle Fotos, den Hund von deinem Sohn könnte ich glatt entführen (aber ich glaube dann würde Robert es von mir entführen...!)
Liebe Grüße

gabs hat gesagt…

ich find den teddy ja herzallerliebst. hoffe, es geht dir gut?

Unknown hat gesagt…

wunderschöne Tagesbilder... besonders der Klee und die Sternensinger gefallen mir!

Fabella hat gesagt…

Hui was ne Sammlung süße. Schöne Fotos sind dabei, besonders das schnee und sunset ist genialst!

Äh, ws für ein Telefonat, was für ein Projekt 2010?????? .. Hey, spann mich nicht auf die Folter *totalneugierigguck*

Und wo sind Deine Projekt E Beiträge??? *gaanzliebguck*

~Susie~ hat gesagt…

Great photos!! The carolers are just awesome :))

sara hat gesagt…

I love the first colorful!!

your snow looks a bit different than ours! ha!

We are really enjoying the Wii in our family too!! makes for a lot of laughter!

girlie hat gesagt…

hi!! i love the photo at the church where all the boys were dressed like i right?
did i read it right? you are getting a new car? wow!!! i miss having a car... but here in paris it is not really good-- expensive insurance, difficult parking and lots of bumping!! anyway, i know is back to work... i hope you are enjoying it!! it is snowing here right this very moment i am writing this.

Tami hat gesagt…

Wow super geniale Bilder, toll ausgesucht. Besonders gefällt mir Sunset, so wunderschön !

Liebe Grüße

Susan hat gesagt…

Wonderful pictures and descriptions. Those must be wonderful rolls for you to go get at 6:00 a.m.! I hope your workdays go quickly. Sorry you are having such cold weather as we are, but there are nice possibilities for snowy pictures. Good luck to your boys in swimming and I hope they (and you) enjoy their phones.

Mari hat gesagt…

That sunset picture is so pretty. Love the one of the Carolers too.
We've been playing Wii here too.

Eralia hat gesagt…

Tolle Fotos hast Du da gemacht, am besten gefällt mir der Sonnenuntergang.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Die Sternensinger sind ja toll. Die waren bei uns die Tage auch unterwegs.
Der Stoffhund ist ja süss.

Katinka hat gesagt…

Das ist wieder eine tolle und bunt gemischte Fotosammlung!
Das Silvesterbild ist sehr niedlich :-)
Die Sternsinger waren bei uns auch unterwegs :-).

Ein schönes Wochenende wünsche ich Dir, liebe Grüße

Tracey hat gesagt…

Love the lucky charm cute!

Are you enjoying working all week? I'm having a hard time getting back to homeschooling, I can't imagine having to get up and actually be somewhere on time! :D

Can't wait to see a picture of your new car!

Stacey hat gesagt…

Fabo pics! Teenage boys jump in frigid water here to fetch a cross for the Epiphany....brrrr

Manfred Köllner hat gesagt…

hallo angelika, mir gefaellt die aufnahme vom 4.+5.1. so gut.. wunderbare bildschnitt und stimmung pur!! bei uns schneit es heute mengen.. und eine ende ist nicht zu erwarten! dir einen erholsamen sonntag.. bis bald glg manfred

Erika hat gesagt…

Hi again! Thank you so much for your nice comments on my pictures while I was on vacation.
I will try to be a better visitor from now on as we have got home. Still some days worth of pictures to upload, but then I'll be back in the game! =)
Great pictures you've got. The sunset is very nice, and it is wonderful with the snow. Fortunately you doesn't have the gold we've got, about -20C!