Freitag, 2. April 2010

365/87 + 365/88 + 365/89 + 365/90

Wednesday 31.03.2010 Day 90

Both boys enjoyed a trip with the local vacation programm to a swimming bath.

My husband had a day off from work today and I had another appointment with my physiotherapist. Unfortunately the last one from the prescription

Afterwards we enjoyed a cup of café latte in a sidewalk café.

In the late afternoon my husband and my elder son had an appointment in the hospital. During that my younger son and me picked up his new bike. He is so proud. But another storm with downpour arrived so he couldn´t ride his bike shortly.

Last week I told you that my knee joint was crackling during the pilates course.... each day between then and now it worsened.

Picture of the new bike will follow

Tuesday 30.03.2010 Day 89

Playing on the balcony

My younger son visited the police station with the local vacation programm.

I had another appointment with my physiotherapist

In the afternoon my younger son had fun playing outside on the balcony.

A thunderstorm started in the evening and went on during half of the night

Monday 29.03.2010 Day 88

Dark spring afternoon

Dark, windy and rainy weather - as always when we are having holidays.

I cleaned up my younger son´s room, changed his winter clothes into the spring clothes... and after all .... I had a new lumbago (heavy back pain). In fact of my planned trip to one of my blogger friends on Thursday and my flight next week I decided to go to the doctor immediately.

He reduced the joint twice and gave me a injection. Hope it´ll work.

In the evening I had an appointment with my physiotherapist for the neck/shoulder/arm problem - but we changed it into a treatment of my back.

Sunday 28.03.2010 Day 87

Playing in the bathtub


sara hat gesagt…

wish I could send you some sunshine and good weather!!!

Happy Easter!

girlie hat gesagt…

i hope your knee gets better... enjoy the weekend!!

Michelle hat gesagt…

Fun play toys and that black cloud, or dark sky, is impressive!

I hope your knee is feeling better. Have a great weekend!

faye hat gesagt…

Happy Easter. !!

Beautiful weather here.
It would help your joint pain to just relax in the sun......
the cafe latte sounds wonderful.
I have missed my lattes this past week ,but will start catching up

Fabella hat gesagt…

Na auf das neue Fahrrad bin ich gespannt. Schöne Bilder von den Playmos .. er scheint ja richtig Spaß damit zu haben.

Gute Besserung wünsch ich Dir für Deinen Rücken, das wäre zu schade, wenn Deine Pläne ins Wasser fallen :( .. meine Daumen sind also fest gedrückt!!

Ja das Wetter ist wirklich usselig zur Zeit .. hoffen wir, daß es bald mal konstant besser wird!

Julia hat gesagt…

Die Wolken sind ja super. Tolles Foto.

aber auch die anderen Bilder sind wie immer super.

wünsche euch schöne Ostern

und dir gute Besserung, hoffe dein Tripp kann stattfinden.

Birgit hat gesagt…

Wow das Wolkenfoto gefällt mir total gut... bravo!!!
Hab schöne Ostern und einen bald wieder gesunden Rücken :)