Montag, 23. August 2010

365/230 until 365/235

Monday 23.08.2010 Day 235

New coffee maker

My younger son was in the zoo with the local vacation programm.

Sorry for the bad and rainy weather. From time to time with heavy downpours.

In the morning my elder son had an appointment with the dentist and in the afternoon he visited his grandparents - he haven´t seen them since some weeks.

Whilst he visited them, my husband and I drove to Ik*ea, for some shelves for our garage.

Sunday 22.08.2010 Day 234

No picture for today!

Get miffed about the construction area at 5 am and about children who don´t keep the proprieties at 7 am .... Welcome holiday Sunday .... I´m so mad about it ....

After breakfast we made a little bike ride before we picked up my younger son. The nine days christian camp is over now. He had much fun, but he´s really tired and his voice is nearly gone.

So first we snuggled a little bit on the couch before we went out, for having dinner in our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Today we had another day with beautiful weather til the evening... there was a really heavy thunderstorm at 8 pm.

Saturday 21.08.2010 Day 233

Open air hair cut

Happy birthday my dear friend Fabella wish you all the best and hope we´ll see us soon again. Stay the way you are. Have a nice day and enjoy all your gifts and good wishes.

Also Happy birthday and the same good wishes to JanMary

Wow sunny day today... unexpected after many days of rain.

We had breakfast outside in a little café.

Then we bought a new coffee maker! A big dream of my husband came true. He got a genuine coffee maker .... mmmh this coffee taste really really delicious.

Later we had lunch in a restaurant. My elder son had ostrich steak.

In the late afternoon I cut him his hair, outside in the garden. Only for the picture my husband took the razor over.

Friday 20.08.2010 Day 232

Broken coffee maker

Panic in the night at 3 am - It sounded as we had a geyser in our kitchen. I feared a water hose of the dishwasher might be broken. Thanks God it wasn´t .... What was it? That was not better either Thanks God I become awake ... because our coffee maker was the geyser of the night..... white smoke and the coffee maker ...sprayed the powder of the pads through the whole kitchen....

Immediately I pulled the plug and went back to my bed with heart throb.
At almost 6 am I was still but I had to clean out the kitchen, before I went for a workday until 8 pm....

After cleaning the kitchen, I decided to went to the bakery - first - for a good glass of latté macchiato. That was really required. Then I was ready for working until 8 pm

In the afternoon my husband picked up our elder son for a two weeks holiday at home.

The sunset after work compensated for the shock in the night.

Thursday 19.08.2010 Day 231

Sunset at the end of the work day (picture 2008)

nothing special happened

Wednesday 18.08.2010 Day 230


Had a day off from work... I used up my overtime hours and went to the post office.

A friend of mine has birthday on Saturday so I brought her parcel on its way


faye hat gesagt…

Love this series.. and the haircut photo reminds me that I too need to get my hair cut... I always dread
that.. a carry over from my

Julia hat gesagt…

jetzt schmeckt der Kaffee doch um so besser.

Tolle Fotos wieder.

Unknown hat gesagt…

schöne Bilder aus dem Leben... viel Freude an deiner neuen Kaffeemaschiene!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Sweetie!

I am back from my vacation and I just looked at your blog :D. I see that you still make 365 project. It's amazing. And your photos are really beautiful :D

Michelle hat gesagt…

Love that bright yellow mailbox. Ours are dark blue and very large. :)

Beautiful sunset shot and don't you just love IKEA? It is such a fun store.

Birgit hat gesagt…

Oh solch eine Kaffeemaschine hätt ich auch gern... leider geht mein olles Ding überhaupt nicht kaputt ;)
Schöne Fotos wieder von Dir... hab einen prima Abend... liebe Grüsse von mir und ganz riesengrosses Danke für Deine Kommentare täglich... Knutscha!!!

Katinka hat gesagt…

Hallo liebe Flocke,
ärgerlich mit der Kaffeemaschine - das sah sicher wüst in der Küche aus, aber umso schöner ist dann die neue, oder? :-)

Der Sonnenuntergang ist wieder super schön, wirklich wie eine kleine Entschädigung :-)

Liebe Grüße

Manfred Köllner hat gesagt…

hallo angelika, was mir so gut gefaellt..dein briefkasten! die kombination von text und bild ist wirklich gut gelungen! dann noch diesen sinnvollen einsatz von überstunden, klasse!! dir eine erfolgreiche woche mit vielen erlebnissen.. bis bald sei lieb gegruesst manfred

Sujomi hat gesagt…

Broken coffee maker = bummer. Looks like you got a nice new one though. Beautiful sunset picture and I like seeing the yellow mailbox - such a difference from our blue ones here in the States.

Fabella hat gesagt…

Herzlichen Dank auch hier nochmal Süße :-* Ich hab mich wirklich riesig über Deeine Post gefreut!

Das mit der Kaffeemaschine ist ja ärgerlich, aber hübsch sieht die neue aus!

Ich hoffe, Ihr habt viel Spaß die 2 Wochen mit dem Großen!!

Knuddel Dich lieb!

Anonym hat gesagt…

...das war sicher ein enormer Schreck, die Kaffeemaschine mitten in der Nacht ..oh oh. Aber Eure "Neue" sieht klasse aus - glaub ich sofort, dass der Kaffee da besonders lecker schmeckt!

Haare schneiden ..wär bei mir auch mal wieder fällig, evt. Samstag, mal sehen ..

Der Sonnenuntergang ..traumhaft!

Ich wünsch dir und deinen Lieben eine wunderschöne Woche ..ganz liebe Grüsse an dich :)))