Freitag, 13. August 2010

365/211 until 365/225

Friday 13.08.2010 Day 225

Still rainy, grey and foggy in the second week of the school holidays

Looks like autumn is around the corner.

I had a day off from work today... for being lazy and to relax that was badly needed .... and to clear out my wardrobe in the bedroom

5th day of my son´s diving and snorkeling course

Thursday 12.08.2010 Day 224

Selfmade wooden beater from my younger son

In the morning we had an appointment with the dentist. Everything was ok.

4th day of my son´s diving and snorkeling course.

Later in the evening I brought my son to his grandmother, for another overnight stay.

Wednesday 11.08.2010 Day 223

Another morning starts behind the contruction area

Had to work until 8.00 pm nothing special to report

3rd day of my son´s diving and snorkeling course

Monday 09.08.2010 Day 221

Entire crispy fish covered with garlic sauce, onions and pepper (picture 0708)

Working day for me.

My husband has three days holidays.

For my younger son started a diving and snorkeling course in the afternoon.

Sunday 08.08.2010 Day 220

Rainbow over the construction area

Lazy Sunday and most of the day with bad weather.

Saturday 07.08.2010 Day 219

Prawns in red Thai curry sauce with coconut milk, chillis, cashew nuts and lemon leaves

We used the chance of a children free weekend for a trip. Breakfast in a little café, shopping and relaxing with sta*r*buc*ks coffee.

For the first time we had lunch in a Thai restaurant and we were absolutely delighted with the taste.

Wave to my asian friends... here especially to Gigi from Bangkok and Girlie. Miss you all so much

Friday 06.08.2010 Day 218

Christopher street day (picture 0708)

Working day but only until 12.30 am. Then I went to the hairdresser and afterwards I met up for a cup of coffee with a friend of mine.

Thursday 05.08.2010 Day 217

Another working day. My son was on tour with the local vacation programm, to a park of senses.

In the evening grandmother came and picked him up for a overnight stay until Monday.

Wednesday 04.08.2010 Day 216

Speed meetering of the soccer ball (picture 0208)

I worked until 8 pm... nothing special to report

Tuesday 03.08.2010 Day 215

Rainy soccer training (picture 0208)

I worked ... nothing special to report

Monday 02.08.2010 Day 214

Beginning of the vacation

The first day of six weeks school holidays. And it´s always the same, every year... grey and rainy.

My younger son take part in a three days soccer camp.... today in pouring rain. Too bad...

From Monday until Wednesday my husband has holidays.

Sunday 01.08.2010 Day 213

In the morning my younger son made his sports badge ... and it rains....a little bit... at times

Afterwards we had lunch in town... and rain was coming down in sheets

Later me and my son went to my sons´s grandmother by bicycle... to talk about caring through the holidays.

Saturday 31.07.2010 Day 212

Airbrush tattoo

My sons and two of the other inhabitants went to the bakery for fresh baked rolls.
After breakfast we played different games together, then we went to town for a small shopping tour.

We had lunch in a yummy Chinese restaurant.

Later, my elder son was invited to a birthday party from a class mate, so I took him there.

Back home again we visited a scoring spree with fair. There my younger son and I got a tattoo (only airbrush)

Friday 30.07.2010 Day 211

Yummy afternoon in the icecream parlor (picture 0108)

Last school day!

After work I picked up my younger son at his grandmother and we drove to my elder son where we stayed overnight.

In the evening we went out bowling. Both boys had much fun.


Birgit hat gesagt…

Endlich wieder Fotos von Dir... ich hab schon so lang gewartet.
Sehr abwechslungsreich was Du alles so zum fotografieren gefunden hast.
Lustig sehen die Jungs vom CSD aus!!!
Nun hoff ich mal, dass das Wetter für Eure Kinder wieder schöner wird... das ist doch Mist... ferien und dann son schlechtes Wetter.
Ich wünsch Dir ein tolles WE :)

Unknown hat gesagt…

Ganz tolle Impressionen und Momente aus euren Leben hast du festgehalten.... gefallen mir alle sehr gut! Schönes We!

Mari hat gesagt…

We had a foggy morning today too. I love the shot of the rainbow!

sara hat gesagt…

well it looks like your vacation is going well...except for the rain!! I wish you could send us some, it is so HOT here!!!

did you make the recipe for the prawns in red thai curry sauce? it looks delicious!!! I would love the recipe!

So what are they constructing?

love the tattoo.....I have a picture this week of my son with a henna tattoo!!

hope you are doing well and hopefully we can chat again soon!!

faye hat gesagt…

A lot going on the week for you.
Way too much for me... I am being
lazy and staying in from the rain.

Love that rainbow.

Manfred Köllner hat gesagt…

hallo angelika, der regenbogen mein fave!!! finde den bildschnitt so gut.. dir ein wunderbares wochenende, bis bald wieder liebe gruesse manfred

takinu hat gesagt…

Endlich hör/les ich wieder was von dir und kann deine eindrucksvollen Bilder auf mich wirken lassen. Der Fisch sieht besonders lecker aus und erinnert mich an meinen Kroatien-Urlaub... Wird so schnell nciht wieder - leider. Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt Susan

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi Angelika, Fabulous photos, you have been busy! What is the construction - a bridge? It looks so imposing. As always your food photos make me hungry but it is 12.15am and bed is beckoning. I hope you boys have a wonderful school holiday ((HUGS))

Unknown hat gesagt…

Sorry for your poor weather. We are just home to Ireland and seem to have brought the sun and warmth with us. Spent most of the day at the beach!

Thanks as always for the visit - it always prompts me to visit you, but really I should be here anyway!

Katinka hat gesagt…

Oh wie schön, wieder von zu zu lesen und Fotos anzuschauen :-)

Immer, wenn ich auf Deinem Blog war, habe ich anschließend Hunger ;-)

Der Fisch sieht super lecker aus und der Regenbogen ist einfach nur schön!
Witzig finde ich auch das Tattoo (auch wenn ich das selbst für mich nicht haben möchte)

Einen schönen Wochenstart wünsche ich Dir, liebe Grüße

Tracey hat gesagt…

The food pictures are making me so hungry! I met a family that was on work assignment here in the States and were in the process of moving back to Germany. They had been here for 3 years. (even had a baby while they were here, so one of their kids is considered a US baby :D)

He commented on how much it rains in Germany and how much he will miss playing golf year round.

Love all your pictures! Thanks so much for the potato salad recipe..can't wait to try it!

Anonym hat gesagt…

huhuuu ..schön, dich wieder zu lesen *umarm* :)

viel Spannendes nachzulesen .. genial find ich ja das Sprung-Foto von deinem Sohn .. und der Morgenhimmel - und natürlich der wunderschöne Regenbogen!

Eure tattoos sind klasse :)) und der CSD war sicher super-interessant ..witzige Outfits sind das!

Hoffentlich wird das Wetter bald mal besser - das jetzt ist wirklich schon wie Herbst ..und ausgerechnet in den Sommerferien.

Ganz liebe Grüsse und Wünsche schickt dir
Ocean :))