Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

365/014 until 365/016

016-366 Chilly morning mood

I´m in good health again (apart from a little cough) and have to take my residual leave.

For a long time it´s the first day without darkness, rain and dirty weather. It was a wonderful sunny morning, with blue sky - but freezing cold (6 degrees below zero).

I snapped my camera, went outside to a flooded field and made different winter shots.

In the afternoon we had two doctor´s appointments with the kids.

015-366 Stamps for a Paris project

Nothing happened, what´s worth to report - it was a lazy Sunday.

014-366 Fresh vitamins

It was a really bad hair day.... but nothing to tell the public.


Birgit hat gesagt…

Super die Parisstempel!!!

Nun aber ran an die Buletten :)

Hherzlichst Birgit

Jarila hat gesagt…

Long time since i came by.
Nice pictures!!!


Fabella hat gesagt…

Das Morgen-Bild ist ja schön.

Na, bekommen wir auch was gestempeltes zu sehen mit Deinen schönen Stempeln?

faye hat gesagt…

At least you have winter and a lot
of photo ops.... Florida has given up on winter and moving in to spring already..... grrrrrr

Katinka hat gesagt…

Das frostige Foto ist wunderschön, die Farben sind herrlich!

und das Vitaminfoto...mmhhh :-)