Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

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Saturday 18-07-2009 Day 199/365

Younger son in action

It was a cold and rainy day today. We had only 13° C degrees... later in the afternoon 18°C degrees.

My younger son had a beach soccer tournament in the morning.

After grocery shopping, we were lazy, for the rest of the day. Watching TV on the couch and I had time for blogging.

CU tomorrow!

Friday 17-07-2009 Day 198/365

Deer afield

In the early morning, I snapped my camera for a shot of the sunrise and opened the sliding shutter. Suddenly I heard a noise in the cornfield. Before I knew what was happening ... a deer jumped up....

It was really fast jumping and it was far in the cornfield, so I could only took this blurry shoot of the deer.

Today we had only grey and sticky 19° degrees and sometimes a little bit rain.

After working I met my DH in town for a cup of café latte, while my elder son made his second appearance with his theatre group in school.

Today he was accompanied by his younger brother and his grandparents.

They all had much fun.

Thursday 16-07-2009 Day 197/365

After the appearance

Today was a very hot and sunny day! We had 31° C degrees during the day and in the evening at about 9 pm still 25°C degrees.

My elder son joined in a theatre group in school.

In the evening he had his first appearance after rehearsing the whole school year. He was so excited and did it very well. I accompanied him and was so proud.


sara hat gesagt…

that deer would have scared me since you can hardly see it!!!

soccer on the beach sounds fun!!

Julia hat gesagt…

was für ein toller Schnappschuss... sehr schöne Bilder.

gabs hat gesagt…

klasse bilder und deine jungs sind so unglaublich aktiv. echt klasse!
vielleicht habt ihr ja glück und das wetter ist toll wenn eure sommerferien beginnen. im moment ist es noch nicht so schlimm für unsere kids, weil sie ja jeden tag in den ferienspielen viel erleben, aber die gehen nur noch eine woche und dann muss das wetter endlich gut werden LOL
hab ein schönes wochenende,

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

love the deer in the field, you get some awesome shots

Dot O hat gesagt…

That is so wonderful he is in theatre. You have two very well-rounded children - both loving sports and the arts. I think that is wonderful and it is what I tried to do with both of my children.

Ich hoffe, dass Sie ein sehr gutes Wochenende haben und viel lustig mit Ihren Kindern haben.

(I know I'm not doing this the right way as I am using a program that translates for me but I do know that "Kinder" means "kids".)

Mari hat gesagt…

Nice action shot of the boys! Don't you wish those animals would be still so you could get a shot of them?

Fabella hat gesagt…

Was für ein klasse Schmappschuss von dem Reh, super! Auch wenn die Quali nicht so toll ist, da zählt doch vor allem das Erlebnis finde ich.

Super Fußball-Bild auch, wie er da im Sprung eingefangen ist!

~Susie~ hat gesagt…

I love the deer-photo! Great shots!

takinu hat gesagt…

Soccer without shoes? Or I have tomatos on the eyes? *gg*
Great shot with the noise in the cornfield.

Wendy hat gesagt…

What a great shot of that deer! Wonderful!

listgirl hat gesagt…

Wow, your temperature sure varies a lot where you live! I love the soccer action photo. I can't believe you can see a deer from your house!

Anonym hat gesagt…

huhuuuu .. einfach super, dein Foto von dem Reh - ich find's extrem schwer, diese Tiere überhaupt mit der Kamera "einzufangen"!

Toll, daß deine Jungs so vielseitig interessiert sind. Sport UND Theater - klasse!

ich danke dir sehr für deine lieben Kommentare bei mir :)))) hab einen schönen, stressfreien Wochenstart .. ganz liebe Grüsse schickt dir Ocean

Tracy hat gesagt…

Awesome photos, love the one of your younger son in the beach tournament. And the deer, that must have been amazing to see! I know the feeling of being proud - we are so lucky to be blessed with our sons :)