Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

365/189 + 365/190 + 365/191

Friday 10-07-2009 Day 191

Potato heart for my younger son from his grandfather

Most of the day it was raining, windy and it was not really warm. We only had 15° C degrees.

After work, I picked up my son for BBQ and a fairwell party of his soccer trainer.

Don´t know when I´ll be -on- the next time. I´m so tired of all, so uninspired and busy with other things.

CU tomorrow.... maybe, perhabs, possibly...

Thursday 09-07-2009 Day 190


Nothing special happened today.

We love playing Rushhour or the other games from Thinkfun.... like Tipover, River Crossing, Hot Spot or Safari Rushhour.

I was tidying up my workroom today. It was really hard, but indispensable. Because we`ll receive visitors weekend after next.

Today we had 15°C degrees and it was windy.

Wednesday 08-07-2009 Day 189

It was really cold today! We had only 13° C degrees and we had rain in the early morning and later on the day.

A few hours only, it was dry - just aright for the athletic sports games of my younger son in school. In Germany they are called "Bundesjugendspiele" Sorry, I didn´t found a link in English.

It is a competition with three parts, long throw, broad jump and running.

Despite he wasn´t really fit after his illness, my younger son got a honorary certificate (barely) for his accomplishments. You got it for a high score.

For a medial score you got a victor certificate and for a low score you only got a participation certificate.


Julia hat gesagt…

Gratuliere zur Ehrenurkunde.

Die Kartoffel find ich interessant... toller Wachstum.

Schönes Wochenende.

Erika hat gesagt…

What a sweet potato! :)
The game looks fun. I've never seen it befor, but I'll try the online versions.
Congrats to your son for the honory certificate! Well done!

Sorry that you are feeling tired of this. I can understand, sometimes it is hard to go on, but I try to take the photos at least. Updating the blog has got a low priority now during summer, there simply aren't enough time. Wish you strenght to continue!

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

love that potato

gabs hat gesagt…

ich hab mich schon gefragt, wann du postest, aber ich weiss, wie das ist. hier jagte die tage ein abschiedsfest das nächste und ich bin einfach nur froh, dass jetzt ferien sind - auch für mich LOL
wir lieben auch rush hour - die anderen spiele kenne ich leider gar nicht!
wünsche dir ein schönes wochenende,

Dot O hat gesagt…

It is hard to get inspired every day - life has a way of taking over sometimes, and rightly so.

We are raising our kids and involved in their daily activities. So, we do our photo blogs when we can and when we cannot, we just play "catch-up" with several photos when we are able to.

I hope you have a good weekend with your kids and I hope you have good weather! I'll hopefully get time soon to slip some more German into my comments on your blog.

Mari hat gesagt…

What a funny potato! We have the game Rushhour too. I like those type of games.

Jarila hat gesagt…

Haha that potato, great shape!
Good that he got the certificate

Stacey hat gesagt…

I love the potato!!!! Glad your son got that nice honorary certificate, too.

I'm so glum that you're feeling uninspired........I know I have a tough time keeping current even though I'm always taking pictures but I do love looking back on these daily photos! Hope you will stay with it!

girlie hat gesagt…

that is an interesting potatoe!!
sorry if i have been gone for awhile... just got busy. but i'm ok now and will be dropping by often.

Maike hat gesagt…

Mir geht's genauso ... ich hab teilweise auch keine große Lust ... aber ganz aufgeben mag ich auch nicht!!
Du hast so viele Fans für deine Seite gewonnen, ich hoffe ganz doll, du gibst nicht ganz auf!!
Nebenbei bemerkt ... das Kartoffelherz ist Klasse und herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Ehrenurkunde!!

Fabella hat gesagt…

HEhe, die Kartoffel ist ja genial .. ich mag solche kleinen Hingucker!

Naja, so krank wie Dein Kleiner war, ists doch toll, daß er teilnehmen konnte. Er ist doch sonst so oft auf Erfolgskurs und ich sag immer, dabeisein ist alles!!

Susan hat gesagt…

I can tell from all your pictures that you lead a very busy life. I will miss your pictures and stories. I hope you are able to participate when you feel like doing so and do what works for you and your family. Thank you for ALL your comments, too.

listgirl hat gesagt…

I really like that potato heart, it's so fun! I feel the same about getting a little tired of blogging and processing photos every day. I just keep doing it because I know how much I enjoy going back to read about my life earlier in the year.

Sujomi hat gesagt…

I understand about the uninspired feelings! Somedays, I wonder just what the heck am I going to take a picture of...and how am I going to make it interesting? Looking back, I see that some of my most "uninspired" photos gathered the most comments. *shrugs* How does that happen? I hope you keep plugging along - I really enjoy your photo blog and so does HandsomeHusband. We have just gotten over the half-way hump...I'll be here to keep cheering you on to the end!

Michelle hat gesagt…

What a fun find with the heart potato!

Tracy hat gesagt…

Hello My Friend, I have been so busy I have been neglectful, I hope all is okay?? I can understand losing inspiration, it gets so hard around now continuing taking a photo a day but that's why we are here to keep encouraging one another to continue on this project. I hope you back is improving, and your kids are well?

Anonym hat gesagt…

.. vor allem wünsch ich dir, daß du für dich selbst auch wieder genug Ruhe und Zeit hast, und daß der Alltag nicht so stressig ist.

Ich glaub, jeden Tag ein Foto und etwas dazu schreiben, so schön ausführlich und gründlich, wie du es immer gemacht hast - das könnte ich gar nicht! weder zeitlich, noch kopf- bzw. inspirationsmäßig. Es ist ja schon auch ein bisschen "Druck" - wenn man jeden Tag ein Bild abliefern sollte sozusagen, dann in Verzug kommt, nach-postet .. dann eigentlich noch eine Kommentar-Runde drehen möchte, aber das geht dann zeitlich schon gleich gar nicht mehr ..

aber ich hoff natürlich, daß du nicht ganz aufhörst mit Bloggen ..würde dich sehr vermissen!!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch deinem Sohn zur BuJu-Urkunde!! super ..und die Herz-Kartoffel find ich klasse. Toll, was für Formen die Natur manchmal hervorbringt!

Alles Liebe und eine gute, entspannte Zeit wünscht dir
Ocean :))

gabs hat gesagt…

mensch süsse, mir fehlt dein bloggen *heul* - komm, raff dich auf *anfeuer* - knuddelz, gabs