Samstag, 14. März 2009


Wow, look at this..... It's been an age since Diesel has been so cheap!

Today we had 12 degrees. My boys and my DH have worked in the garden. They have cut trees and bushes. Especially my younger son enjoyed the fact that he could help his dad - both enjoyed the mild weather and to be outside for a long time.

Unfortunately the rain comes back in the evening.


Unknown hat gesagt…

We are preparing for Winter in NZ, and you are preparing for spring - lucky girl! Great photos, thankfully these ones didnt make me hungry ((HUGS))

Unknown hat gesagt…

Yes - I too am enjoying the milder days - spring is on it's way!

Christy hat gesagt…

Isn't it nice to see gas prices finally going down. I can't wait for warmer weather either.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like your garden photo

Anonym hat gesagt…

Also ich weiß ja nicht wie die Preise heut bei Euch aussehen, ber bei uns sind sie wieder arg gestiegen :( .. klar ich muß ja auch tanken *grummel*

Fleissig fleissig Deine Jungs, so lob ich mir das!