Samstag, 30. Mai 2009


We set the alarm clock for 2.30 am - our vacation trip to Austria begans at 3.00 am and we had 5 °C degrees in this early morning.

Allianz Arena Munich I shot this picture out of the window of my car at 5.00 am on the freeway

Because of the traffic jam in front of the Tauern Road Tunnel we decided to drive over the country road through Obertauern

Obertauern... seems like winter vacations - but we forgot our skis LOL

A few kilometer later on the Katschberg Pass the snow has melted and the sun was shining with about 11° C degrees

We arrived at 8.30 am - and because of the early time - we drove on to Spittal an der Drau Where we enjoyed a yummy café latte and a fresh-squeezed carrot-orange-juice
Later on the playground of the hotel my younger son has baked me many Blackforest Cakes
And he has much fun on the swing, his father has pushed on

Thursday night a barking cough has begun by my younger son - so I went to the doctor on Friday for a recipe of saline solution for inhalation.

About his dispositon of Croup I had got precautionary also a recipe for Rectodelt

He is feeling well, but has still a barking cough.

So, this was the first day of our holidays in Austria. My DH and my son are sleeping now and I utilize this time for blogging.



kirstiegai hat gesagt…

I can't wait to see more photos of your holidays over the coming days. Enjoy your time.

Fabella hat gesagt…

Hui, sieht eher aus als wärt Ihr in Winterurlaub gefahren *bibber*

Du sprichst nur von einem Sohn, wo ist Dein zweiter? Nicht mitgefahren?

Der orange Drink sieht ja super lecker aus *sabber*

Susan hat gesagt…

It's so interesting to read about your travels. Thank you for the links. I was so surprised to see the winter wonderland. Everything looks so delicious, beautiful, and fun. Get some rest.

Tracy hat gesagt…

wow what amazing pictures, I feel like I am on your journey with you. I hope you sons cough dissolves. Great to see you can still blog :) I look forward to seeing more of your amazing photos. ((HUGS))

Mari hat gesagt…

I hope your son feels better tomorrow. I like the snow picture and the swing!

Tiffany hat gesagt…

Hoping that your son is better soon!

tconlan hat gesagt…

I hope it's a wonderful vacation! your pics were sooo great today - hope your son feels better!

takinu hat gesagt…

Yippieh! Angelika can post!
Glad you read.
Did situated in Obertauern da echt yet again or the snow?
Wish you still a great holiday!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Looking forward to your holiday pics - love those Black Forest Cake sandcastles!

Hope the croup improves - my kids are prone to it also.

Stacey hat gesagt…

Such amazing pics - such landscape too!! Sorry about your son's cough, though - hope he is better soon.

gabs-art hat gesagt…

oh wei - gehts ihm denn heute wieder besser? ich find das bild von der allianz arena ja stark!!!

Erika hat gesagt…

Great pictures! Can't imagine that there is still snow in the alps, looks so surreal. Hope your son gets better soon, and that you get a great vacation!

Dot O hat gesagt…

Sorry your boy has croup - my son used to get it all of the time when he was very small. I used to take him into the bathroom and run the hot shower so that steam would fill up the room. Then, I'd wrap him in a blanket and take him out into the cold night air.

I know it's not fun and I hope that he is much better by now.

Love the photos you took. Wonderful scenes you captured!!

listgirl hat gesagt…

Yay, sounds like you arrived there with some adventure! Glad you made it, and that you have internet!

Schlapper hat gesagt…

Ich hoffe ihr habt genügend warme Sachen dabei, nach Badeurlaub sieht das echt nicht aus*frier und bibber*
Der cafe Latte sieht total lecker aus*lechz*, den hätt ich jetz auch gern.