Donnerstag, 30. April 2009


It was a sticky and busy day, today. Working in the office for a half day and afterwards I did the grocery shopping. After lunch, I baked a crumble cake with cherries - together with my younger son. And he did it nearly quite alone! We had so much fun together. And it was his wish doing it together.

Something went wrong, but we didn´t know what. We definitely did it by following the recipe but the cake stayed flattish. Hope it will taste delicious at least.

This is how the cake has looked before we put it into the oven.

The cold of my younger son isn´t still better, but he didn´t feel bad. He is such a cheerful boy.

A heavy thunderstorm was approaching and erupted with a downpour in the afternoon.
In the evening my elder son had organized a private disco in his room. He is full of ideas and so creative. I made this "wrong" shot aware in this way. It should be a "cool shot"

When the kids were sleeping I made strawberry cupcakes and arranged the birthday table. And then I went super tired to bed.


Fabella hat gesagt…

Ohhh der Kuchen sieht aber lecker aus *sabber* da könnt ich jetzt auch drauf! Schön daß Ihr dabei so viel Spaß hattet!

Das Bild von Deinem größeren Sohn find ich auch klasse, hat was!

takinu hat gesagt…

Who of you has birthday? The cake look like delicious. Maybe he has baked longer that he´s no flattish.

Dot O hat gesagt…

You sound like you have endless energy! You get so much accomplished in a single day. Your boys are very lucky that you are their mom.

I love the photos - especially the "disco" shot.

So, how did the cherry crumble cake taste???

sara hat gesagt…

sounds like a full day! I love seeing boys in the kitchen!! both of my boys like to cook!

Anne C hat gesagt…

Wonderful pictures! My sons loves to help out in the kitchen!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Ja das Bild hat was... und der Kuchen schaut ja lecker aus....!

Sujomi hat gesagt…

It sounds like you had a full day - love the disco shot!

Tracy hat gesagt…

you are such a wonderful mum Angelika! How nice it is that you stay up late to prepare things for your sons birthday! Love that creative shot, it is rather interesting.

gabs-art hat gesagt…

also das kann doch nicht sein, dass ich soviele tage nicht auf deinem blog war. mann, mann, mann. wie hat der kuchen denn nun geschmeckt? lecker sieht er auf jedenfall aus!