Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

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Sunday 25.10.2009 Day 298

Garlic for a tomatoes sauce

During the night the clocks returned to standard time - so we won 1 hour for today.

Another day with bad weather. It was grey and rainy with about 8° C degrees.

Nothing special to report - we made a lazy Sunday! What else can we do in that weather?

My husband tidied up his mess and cooked spaghetti with vegetable and hash sauce. My elder son and I were watching TV. We also learned his English and French vocabularies.

In the evening I picked up my younger son from his grandmother. He had a wonderful weekend there and enjoyed it so much.

Saturday 24.10.2009 Day 297

Window decoration

We had a lie-in until almost 8:00 am.

We did the grocery shopping after breakfast and had lunch in our favorite Italian restaurant.

The weather was cold, rainy and grey.

From his pocket money - my elder son bought this Halloween window decoration in the grocery store.

No soccer match, no swimming competition this weekend so we had many free time for being lazy.

Friday 23.10.2009 Day 296

Candle in the wind

It was a ordinary working day. But I left the office earlier today. I picked up my son at school. After a short break for lunch I brought him to the meeting point of his soccer match.

Meanwhile grandmother brought our younger son to the rehearsal from the swimming club. After that he had his swimming training. His father picked him up there later and brought him back to his grandmother for a overnight staying through the weekend.

In the evening I was at my chiefess (female boss) house for a cosy get-together. To welcome new colleagues and say good bye to six embosomed colleagues.

It was a nice and cheerful evening.

One of my colleagues is developed of cancer and he is having a poor prognosis. A few month ago he donated a bottle of gin (see the picture I used for day 294) to my chiefess, for a collaborative project.

This evening we thought of and prayed for him. We drunk a glass of tonic water with a small spatter of the gin to his health. It was a sad moment for all of us.

I know he had dreamt to stop working and to be free from all the stress in the office - before he sickened!

Thursday 22.10.2009 Day 295

Sunrise in the morning

Nothing special to report! Normal routine this day with guitar lesson and pilates course.

It was a rainy, windy and cold day.

Wednesday 21.10.2009 Day 294

Bottle of gin from my colleague

Read the story of the bottle at day 296

Ordinary working routine this day. Nothing else to report.

CU all tomorrow!


girlie hat gesagt…

hello again!! i guess you had a wonderful weekend. its is nice to have a restful weekends and just be lazy.
sorry to hear that your friend is sick ( it?) after my dad's passing, cancer has a new meaning to me. i don't like hearing people being diagnosed with that, makes me sad. but i hope that person and his/her family will see the good side of it-- being together, enjoying every moment, supporting each other and trusting more in the Lord.

Unknown hat gesagt…

sehr schöne Momente hast du für uns festgehalten... einen schönen Wochenstart!

Julia hat gesagt…

wir hatten auch einen faulen Sonntag... Wetter lug auch nicht wirklich zu irgendwelchen outdoor-aktivitäten ein.

Schöne Fotos. Die Halloweendeko ist genial.

Wünsche euch ne schöne Woche.

chantal hat gesagt…

Love the pic of the candles! The weather was'nt that great either but we manage to go shopping a little. It was fun. Have a nice week!

Jarila hat gesagt…

Great photo's!!
Very sad story about your colleague....that certainly must have been a sad moment.

Mari hat gesagt…

I'm sorry to hear of your colleague. It was a pretty bottle that he donated. The sunrise was also pretty and I like the candle shot too.

gabs hat gesagt…

oh man, das tut mir so leid mit deinem Kollegen. ich hoffe, er kann die zeit, die ihm noch bleibt geniessen. alles, alles liebe

Unknown hat gesagt…

Indeed, so sad about your friend and his cancer. We all look forward to the day we can be free of our employment, and have less stress, but not like that. :-(

I am glad to hear you had a quiet Saturday and Sunday, and some good relaxing time. That garlic looks very yummy in the first photo -- I love garlic! :)

Fabella hat gesagt…

Die Fenster-Deko ist der Hammer, genialst!

Das mit Deinem Kollegen tut mir leid :( .. eine schöne Geste mit dem Gin.

Klasse Dein Kerzenfoto auch, super eingefangen wie ich finde!

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

sorry to hear about your collegue.

I like the Halloween window decoration

Katinka hat gesagt…

Die Bilder sind alle wieder super!

Am besten gefällt mir der Sonnenuntergang und die Kerze im Wind - sehr stimmungsvoll.

Die Halloweendeko ist nicht so ganz mein Fall - aber ist ja nicht für lange Zeit ;-)

Einen schönen Wochenstart wünsche ich Dir
Liebe Grüße

sara hat gesagt…

I love garlic!!!

What is a lie-in? I am thinking that is what we would call "sleeping-in"?

so sorry to hear about your colleague. but so wonderful that you all are there to support and pray for him!

beautiful every morning like God's mercies.

magelan hat gesagt…

Gell so schnell ist wieder eine Woche um...Ja der sonnenuntergang ist schön in der Farbe und die Stimmung mit den Kerzen auch super eingefangen!

takinu hat gesagt…

Oh, soo viel. Da muss ich heut mal meine Sprache bemühen. Knoblauch mag ich auch seeehr gern. Vorsicht Kollegen! ;-)) Das ist aber nett von deiner Chefin. Ihr trefft euch regelmäßig, hab ich das Gefühl. Klasse für´s Team, man wächst besser zusammen. Bei mir ist beruflich sehr viel los im Moment. Daher komm ich grad auch gar nciht so zum Lesen oder gar selberblocken. Dir ne schöne Woche. Susan

Erika hat gesagt…

Sounds like you all had a nice and relaxing weekend. You've made beautiful pictures as always! The candles are lovely, and your son's Halloween decoration very funny.

Sorry to hear about your colleague. I wish him and his family all the best in this hard time.

Anonym hat gesagt…

huhuuu :)))

.. nun hab ich erstmal in Ruhe alles bei dir nachgelesen und deine tollen Fotos und Layouts bewundert! Die Kerze ist ja wunderschön ..das ist mein Favorit - und dieser herrliche rote Himmel - klasse!

Wegen deinem Kollegen .. das tut mir sehr, sehr leid. Alle guten Wünsche für ihn - hoffentlich wendet sich die Prognose doch noch zum Besseren!

Da finde ich es auch sehr passend, was girlie weiter oben geschrieben hat ..

Schön, daß Ihr ein so erholsames Wochenende hattet! Aber stimmt - bei so grauem trüb-nassem Wetter ist's daheim doch am gemütlichsten.

Ganz viele liebe Grüsse an dich,
Ocean :-)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Du hast wieder tolle Fotos gemacht für diese Woche - und auch mein absoluter Favorit ist die Kerze, das Bild ist einfach so stimmungsvoll, gefällt mir total gut!

Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Woche und grüße dich lieb,


Unknown hat gesagt…

Todd and I love garlic, we put it in everything we cook, LOL.

I'm so sorry to hear about your colleague's cancer diagnosis.

Sujomi hat gesagt…

My best thoughts are going out for your colleague.

The garlic looks wonderful, bet the sauce was excellent as well!