Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009


Today was my first day at work after our holidays. It was terrible! The whole day pick up the phone, hang up the phone, pick up the phone, hang up the phone, no time to catch a breath, no time to handle the applications.

So sometimes, I want to take flight ..... because of that, my picture of today shows the sign of an escape route in our company.


Rachel hat gesagt…

Oh this is so clever!!! I love that you took a picture of the escape route because you had a tiring day at work!! :)


Fabella hat gesagt…

So ... zum dritten (jetzt zu Hause, wirds wohl gehen):

Klasse Foto! Nach dem Tag glaub ich Dir gern, daß Du flüchten möchtest *lol*

Knuddel Dich mal zum trost!

Jamie hat gesagt…

Love it! I like how you connected your day to the sign.

Smith Family hat gesagt…

Oh - this is funny!! I can relate!