Samstag, 17. Januar 2009


The picture of today is especially for my webfriend Takinu - for her decision making about buying a new camera. It shows my new camera Nikon D60 and it is a wonderful camera which I can commend highly.

I use a long-cherished objectiv 18-200mm witch I bought second-hand from a friend of mine. The objeciv is fantastic - for each situation you´ll be geared up - and I have not to change the objectiv every minute.

Two years I´ve saved for it - and I´m so happy the camera is now mine!!


Fabella hat gesagt…

Great picture of day .. I must do it also one day, because I love my camera too. Yes this objectiv is absolutly gorgeous. I wish it would be one for my camera too. Great when you don't have to change!

Anonym hat gesagt…

schöne camera ;)

takinu hat gesagt…

Thank you for the picture for me *hugs* and the detailed description of your camera. The nikon d40 is my favorit camera to buy. But the canon 1000d is at a lower price. It´s a realy difficult decision for me.