Samstag, 26. September 2009

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Monday 21.09.09 until Friday 25.09.2009

Misty morning

Spider net

orange Flower

Pearls of dew

Sweet and yummy plums

The pictures are all from Friday in addition of my "no more picture journaling post" - but I´ll use them for the whole week from Monday to Friday!

It was a wonderful cold (7° C degrees) and misty morning! I was still in my pyjamas, snapped my camera and went into the backyard. There I found wonderful scenes that were worth to take a shot.

There were even still some plums ... and how lucky, without a worm ... they were so sweet and delicious, yummy!!

At 12:30 pm my elder son came back from his school trip. He was so tired that he jumped into his bed right away when we were at home. No words, no lunch nothing than sleeping until 6:00 pm - after a short dinner he went back into his bed.

So he didn´t went to his swimming training today, only my younger son.

Tired after the school trip


magelan hat gesagt…

Tolle Bilder, der Ausflug im Pijama hat sich gelohnt!

kirstiegai hat gesagt…


Unknown hat gesagt…

wow, wow, wow.... eins schöner als das andere.... ;o) schönen Sonntag!

sara hat gesagt…

those trips can really wear them out!!!

I tried to take a picture of a HUGE spider web in my yard yesterday, but it just didn't come out well. Yours is awesome!!

Lucy Corrander hat gesagt…

Hope your son is just tired and not unwell.

The leaves with the water-droplets remind me of ladybirds.

Blogging is addictive. You start, you decide to stop - and here you are with photos again! It can be a great distraction from worries and cares.

Best wishes


Stacey hat gesagt…

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great photos!!! Love the morning mist, love them all!!!

Mari hat gesagt…

Wow - simply wonderful photos today! I'm jealous of that web. I tried to get one of those a while ago and just couldn't get focused on it.

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Was hast du wieder für tolle Bilder gemacht... *schwärm*

Und dass dein Sohn müde war von der Fahrt, kann ich mir gut vorstellen. Die Kids gehen bei derartigen Ausflügen doch immer sehr an ihre Grenzen und müssen dann einfach wieder nachholen. Das ist hier nicht anders.

Ich wünsche dir ein tolles Wochenende und grüße dich lieb,


Julia hat gesagt…

traumhaft deine Naturbilder.

Erika hat gesagt…

Great pictures! I especially love the "pearls of dew", but all of them look great.
Guess your son had a fun time on his trip, and didn't had much time then to sleep. It is so nice to sleep in ones own bed!

takinu hat gesagt…

Great pictures! Especially the spider net. Only in pyjama in the backyard - where do the next neighbors existence?
Greatings Takinu

listgirl hat gesagt…

I love the photos with the morning dew and fog. I guess autumn is showing!

Oh and when I take photos while running, I slow down to a walk, LOL. Sometimes the photos are still a little bit blurry.

Anonym hat gesagt…

omg!!! I love your all photos!!!They are so different and have fantastic eye :D



Michelle hat gesagt…

I took a misty morning spider web shot last week too!

gabs hat gesagt…

ohje, das hört sich nach krankwerden an! hoffe, es ist alles in ordnung? und wie schön, dass du früh morgens im schlafanzug durch deinen garten wanderst und so tolle bilder einfängst. danke dir!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Fabulous back garden photos! Aww your poor son, he must have been totally exhausted!

cat hat gesagt…

mensch das sind wieder tolle Fotos

Susan hat gesagt…

Lovely photos that really feel like the season is changing. The spider web is beautiful and the mist, too.
Isn't it sweet how children just collapse and sleep so soundly?