Dienstag, 1. September 2009

365/243 + 365/244

Tuesday 01.09.2009 Day 244

My elder son relaxing and enjoying a mug of coffee on the balcony

Today was the last hot day for now. We had 31°C degrees in the end and it was quite sunny.

I was still busy with the laundry and as well today with the grocery shopping. In the afternoon I baked a plums cake just for the heck of it. Whilst my son was enjoying a relaxing moment, with a self-made mug of coffee (the coffee, not the mug LOL) and putting his feet up.

That´s my picture for today processed with actions by pioneer woman.

At 6 pm we met up with a good friend (remember I told you on day 238) to catch up the dinner in "our" Italian restaurant. It was like holiday - outside in the garden, with the balmy air and the lights there. We had a fantastic last summer evening.

After his swimming practice my son joined us for a pizza salami (I picked him up at the open air pool)

As a storm came on we said goodbye - 9:00 pm we had still 25°C degrees. Back home again, it began to rain and a thunderstorm was approaching.

CU tomorrow

Monday 31.08.2009 Day 243

Busy laundry day after the vacation camp of the boys

Early in the morning I had a doctors appointment with the children.

After this my elder son made a trip with the local vacation program "Canoeing on the Main" We had 28°C degrees today

As I were back home with my younger son - his grandmother called - asked if he has a good mind to come to her again, for some days!! He doesn't hang about and didn´t had to consider long....

So after 10 days of vacation camp, he stepped in for a one night sleeping in his own bed and packed his luggage again, for a new sleep over by his grandparents.... I think it´ll last for almost 2 weeks - when he´ll renounce of two parts of the local vacation program.

That´s my younger son; always in transit to his beloved grandparents - he is using every opportunity for being there.

Picture is processed with actions by pioneer woman


Mari hat gesagt…

Nice pictures. I've just done a pile of laundry too.
I love The Pioneer Womans photos.

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

love the angle of the photo of your son drinking his coffee

Fabella hat gesagt…

Wow, die Färbung des oberen Bildes find ich genial!

So, da ist Dein Kleiner schon wieder ausgeflogen .. bisschen früh oder ;)
Na aber wenn er 2 Wochen dort aushält *kicher* .. und was macht Dein Großer in der Zeit?

Man ists bei Euch warm .. bin froh, daß es hier was runter ist!

Michelle hat gesagt…

That shot of your son relaxing looks like it could be an ad from a magazine. :)

Erika hat gesagt…

Oh, laundry piles are no fun, but it feels great when everything is washed, dried, folded and put back in the drawers. When does your boys go back to school? How long vacation do they have? In Sweden schools ended in middle June, and began again end August, that makes about 8-9 weeks of summer vacation.

sara hat gesagt…

love what you did to those pictures!!!

laundry.....always a mother's nemesis!

I think it is so wonderful that the grandparents live close enough for your kids to visit. Both our sets of grandparents live too far away to visit except for a couple of times a year.

magelan hat gesagt…

Hmmm - die Wäsche, gut war die grad bei dir. nach so Ferienwochen gibt es ordentlich was. Na ja bei uns auch sonst *lach* Ich finds einfach schön wie Eurer jüngerer seine Grosseltern genisst und geniessen kann - ist ja nicht säbstverständlich. Und das Kaffebild zeigt mir, dass ihr schön am Grünen wohnt!

girlie hat gesagt…

love that picture of your son enjoying a mug of coffee with his legs up...looked like a real grown up. hope the sleep over of you other son with his grandparents went well...

~Susie~ hat gesagt…

Love your pictures. These actions look great, I have to check them out. My kids love theri grandparents too. It's great!!

Julia hat gesagt…

DAs Foto deines Sohnes ist klasse... strahlt sooo viel Ruhe aus.

Oh dieser Wäscheberg - bist ja nicht zu beneiden. Ich muss mich auch gleich durch meinen wühlen.

listgirl hat gesagt…

Love your photos using the PW actions! Your son looks very relaxed on the balcony. Great that you met with a good friend for dinner, sounds fantastic! And so awesome that your younger son has such a great relationship with his grandparents.

Unknown hat gesagt…

ja einen schönen Blick habt ihr... und solche Wäschberge stimmen auch etwas wehmütig, denn eine schöne Reise ging zu ende....

gabs hat gesagt…

oh man, was für ein toller ausblick! und du hast das so klasse eingefangen!
wie schön auch, dass dein sohn so gerne zu seinen grosseltern geht. das gibts ja auch nicht so oft.