Sonntag, 13. September 2009

365/250 + 365/251 + 365/252

Wednesday 09.09.2009 Day 252

A mug of café latte after work

Nothing special happened to report. Sunny and mild day with about 23°C degrees.

Kids had a day at their grandparents while I was working. It was the birthday of grandmother´s daughter. They were invited for coffee ,cake and dinner (carp) in the evening. They came back first at 10 pm

They´ll be tired tomorrow morning...

CU tomorrow

Tuesday 08.09.2009 Day 251


I had a appointment with my handsome physiotherapist.

Both children were on the way with the local vacation program. They were climbing on a rock and a via ferrata. They had much fun.

Monday 07.09.2009 Day 250

Didn´t make a picture today! So I´ll show you another one from Sunday.

Duck nearby the skatboard park

My younger son is by his grandmother again and my elder son went spelunking with the local vacation program. Afterwards they had much fun on a coast.


Julia hat gesagt…

Hab deine Bilder schon vermisst. Tolle Fotos.

Einen tollen Wochenstart wünsche ich.

gabs hat gesagt…

wunderschöne bilder wieder mal! eure ferien dürften auch langsam zu ende sein, oder?

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

beautiful sunrise photo