Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

365/168 + 365/169 + 365/170

The last days I were busy and I felt so listless for blogging (because of the blogger problems), internet, taking pictures or being creative.

Instead we´re having many problems, with our cars. Not only the mirror at my car....
There are problems with the servo steering of my DH´s car and the garage is unfit to order the right replacement part. But that´s not enough. At my car there are still some other issues. Sometimes the motor is running out during the drive. Sometimes it isn´t possible to start the motor. Don´t know what the problem is, but it seems to be expensive.....again.

And it seems that our refrigerator will perish!

Not really good news....

So here are my pictures from the last 3 days.

Friday 19-06-09 Day 170

These are the books I bought yesterday

Nothing special happened today - but it was a long and busy working day from 6:30 am until 3:00 pm and directly afterwards the swimming practice of my children.

I were at home not until 7:45 pm and I was so tired and ran out of steam for blogging

CU tomorrow

Thursday 18-06-09 Day 169

My DH´s tools of the trade and the result from yesterday

I wanted to have orange walls... but I got these ... the colour is called "Mandarine"

In the morning I had an appointment with my handsome physical therapist and afterwards I enjoyed a cup of café latte in a sidewalk café with my DH. There was a book sale on our market place. If you buy at least 5 books - each one will cost only € 2,50 .... I bought many books for my children and me.

After lunch a shutter assembler visited us and we ordered an awning for our balcony. It will be delivered in three weeks.

My younger son had soccer practice in the afternoon.

Wednesday 17-06-09 Day 168

My boys were picking nearly 5kg strawberries on a field - with their grandmother

Strawberry Jam

I made strawberry jam from all the strawberries.

My DH had painted the walls today.


takinu hat gesagt…

I do not know where I should begin.
Oh dear, the car is broken. The TÜV was already so expensive. And now even the refrigerator. *hugs**cuddling*
So many books have you bought? The color I like anyway. It shines so beautifully.
Wish you a nice weekend - nevertheless
or exactly.


Unknown hat gesagt…

I don't know whether you liked the final color on your wall, but I love it! :)

The strawberries look dee-lish-us. And the strawberry jam will be oh-so-good during the wintertime.

Do rest, my dear. Take a few days break from blogging if it is needed! We all do from time to time. :)

sara hat gesagt…

I had to laugh at myself....because I enlarged the pictures of the books to see the titles and then realized I couldn't read the titles anyway! ha!

Love the color!!!

and strawberry jam....yum!

Unknown hat gesagt…

mhmm lecker Erdberrmarmelade und ein schöne frische Farbe! Da habt ihr aber echt ordentlich Lesestoff!

Michelle hat gesagt…

The strawberry jam looks delicious. Great photos.

Mari hat gesagt…

Yummy strawberries and I love your wall color!
We are having car trouble too. :(

tconlan hat gesagt…

YUM!!! I love Strawberry Jam! :) I love the pic of the painting tools - it's beautifuL!

Sandra hat gesagt…

O that is really shitty, when your car is broken!! always cost a lot of money!

love the tast the jam??

Tracy hat gesagt…

Please Anjelika share your strawberry jam recipe - I love homemade strawberry jam :) but have never managed to make it right. I am sorry to hear about you past three days, hopefully you will have a way better week this week, I think we all deserve it :)

Julia hat gesagt…

schön, wieder deine Bilder zu sehen... hab mir ja schon bissle Sorgen gemacht. Tolle Bilder. Wie lange brauchst du für die Bücher? Was ist denn Gutes dabei?

Und die Erdbeeren schauen ja lecker aus.

Maike hat gesagt…

Did you buy all these pictures at one day??? I love reading but I always buy one book after the other ;-)
Your pictures are all great!! Love the color of the strawberries and I'm sure the jam taste fantastic!

And about your car problems ... we had trouble with our car round about two years so I knwo what you mean. Hope they'll find a solution soon!

Sujomi hat gesagt…

At our house, the car repairs this year have always been expensive to the tune of $4,000 and our refrigerator is about 16 years old - I'm sure it's ready to bite the dust as well!

But, I love that color on your walls - very much! The preserves look delishish and I hope you have some nice reading ahead of you!

Schlapper hat gesagt…

wie lecker, ich liebe Erdbeermarmelade, besonders selbstgemachte, sonst mache ich auch immer welche, aber in diesem Jahr war ich irgendwie zu faul.
Schönen Sonntagabend wünsch ich dir

LG Schlapper

gabs hat gesagt…

lecker, lecker - mann, ich muss auch ran, aber irgendwie schaffe ich es vor lauter kiga-end-termine und schul-veranstalungen einfach nicht!

Schlapper hat gesagt… Menge Bücher die du da gekauft hast, da brauchst du ja schon wieder Urlaub damit du die alle lesen kannst*grins*

Das mit euren Auto´s ist ja vielleicht ärgerlich, da ist wohl echt der Wurm drin.
Ich drück die Daumen das die zwei Cars bald wieder in Ordnung sind (vor allem ohne zu große Kosten)

magelan hat gesagt…

Ups nun hab ich auch Probleme zum schreiben. Mein ganzer Post ist weg... :-(

Schön dich wieder zu lesen. Hoffe das mit den Autos bekommt ihr bald auf die Reihe. Mmmh leckere Marmelade. Bei uns fällt die aus, weil die Beeren verhagelt wurden.

listgirl hat gesagt…

I'm sorry about your car problems. I would be frustrated as well.

We have orange walls also. I really like yours.

Erika hat gesagt…

Wish I had time to read more books, it is so relaxing. Great bargain on the books!
The strawberries looks so yummy, and so does the jam. I love home made jam!

Michelle hat gesagt…

You always get the best pictures of food!