Montag, 15. Juni 2009


Some users told me, they had problems again, loading my blog.

So blogspot informed - it seems to be a problem from users with the Internet Explorer - they are looking into this and will post and update once they've isolated the issue.

Mari gave me the tip to move the follower widget further down - and then it should work.

I did and Sandra told me it is working!!

Hope my visitors are now able loading my blog and commenting again!


Schlapper hat gesagt…

hab auch schon gedacht, das es am Internet Explorer liegt. Ich habe nämlich immer noch Probleme mit deinem Blog. Ist immer bissel ein Geduldsspiel, weil er immer wieder abbricht und die Seite nicht mehr öffnen kann. Bei Takinu hat ich jetzt auch schon paar mal das Problem. Ich werd heut mal den Firefox installieren, mal sehen ob´s dann besser klappt

Stacey hat gesagt…

No problems on my end - Firefox rocks!

Unknown hat gesagt…

I've had people telling me they had problems coming to my blog too and I told them it was Internet Explorer and they need to download Firefox which works so much better.

But I will move my follower widget too and see if that helps any! Although it is already farther down on my page... hmmm.

Sujomi hat gesagt…

I've been having problems when I follow the links on my sidebar, but if I click from my blogger dashboard I don't have the issue. Strange.