Samstag, 13. Juni 2009


We are back, at home!! We arrived at 0.10 am - so the boys were tired and let us slept in until nearly 9.00 am

It was a wonderful sunny morning and our fridge was empty, so we took a late breakfast in a café in town. In the pedestrian area we listened to a samba percussion group. Afterwards we made the grocery shopping, skipped lunch and had a lazy afternoon.

Then we went to town again in a beautiful bar. By fantastic weather we enjoyed some Caribbian cocktails nearby palms. Three of the cocktails were without alcohol they named Caipi acqua and Caipi ginger. The cocktail of my DH was with alcohol and was a Mojito.

They recollected us at our vacation to CUBA years ago.

Our cocktails

We took then dinner in our favourite Italian restaurant

My latte macchiato

Our antipasti plate

Wish you all a wonderful and sunny weekend!

CU tomorrow


sara hat gesagt…

so glad you made it home safely!!! How did your back to on the drive?

a mojito is a favorite drink of mine! and that latte macchiato looks amazing!!!

Schlapperblabber hat gesagt…

Schön das ihr wohlbehalten wieder zu Hause angekommen seid. Ihr wärt sicher gern noch etwas länger geblieben, aber ich freu mich das du wieder da bist.

Du sag mal, von den Cocktails kannste da nicht mal einen rüberbeamen, die sehen nämlich total lecker aus, den auf der Hollywoodschaukel sitzend schlürfen, ja das könnt mir gut gefallen.*grins*
Sei geknuddelt von Schlapper

Misola hat gesagt…

Schön zu hören, dass ihr wieder heil zu Hause angekommen seid!
Sieht aus, als hättet ihren euren ersten Tag Daheim ganz gemütlich angehen lassen. So'n Mojito hätte ich auch gern gehabt ...
Guten Start in den Alltag!

KayJay hat gesagt…

Mmmh, alkoholfreien Caipi, lecker! Ich kann den mit Alkohol nicht mehr trinken, ich habe eine Allergie gegen Alkohol - echt!! Wenn ich es trinke bekomme ich einen juckenden Hautausschlag, wie gut daß es mittlerweile fast von allen Cocktails eine leckere Alkoholfreie Variante gibt!
Und dein Antipasti schaut auch superlecker aus!
Bis später
Liebe Grüße

Julias Projekt 365 hat gesagt…

schön, dass ihr wieder daheim seid. Ich bin bin echt schwer beeindruckt, dass du sogar im Urlaub alles online gestellt hat.
Du sollst dich doch erholen *lach*

Tolle Bilder.

Wünsche dir einen guten Start in den Alltag.

Sheri hat gesagt…

I have been enjoying all your vacation photos! Looks like you had lots of fun! I was having problems posting comments, as well as loading your page, but it loads fine now. Let's just see if this comment goes through :)

Lucy Corrander hat gesagt…

It looks as if the holiday continues!


Mari hat gesagt…

Welcome home! I've enjoyed your vacation photo's.
I was having the same problem on my other blog of it not loading. One of my blogging friends who had also had this, said it was from the followers widget. If you move it further down the page, it should work. It fixed my problem.

listgirl hat gesagt…

Angelika, you know this is my favorite kind of post, with lots of good food to look at, LOL! Everything looks delicious. So glad you made it home safely!

Anonym hat gesagt…

O its been awhile since I have visited! So many beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a lovely time ;-)

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

good to hear you made it home safe. You've made me hungry with your photos! I'm also having trouble with your blog but only in Internet explorer.

Sandra hat gesagt…

Yummie, nice food pictures :-)

Tracy hat gesagt…

It is great to see you home safe and sound, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts whilst you were away, it was so exciting to see so many new and exciting places through your eyes. Latte Macchiato - the last time I had one of those was in 1993 LOL in Roma when my son was born :)

takinu hat gesagt…

I havn´t problems to loading your blog. But sometimes I don´t show my own blog. I think, the reason is the internet explorer. But I´m not sure.

Welcome home! The cocktails looks delicious.

Stacey hat gesagt…

GREAT pics - food & bev pics are my favorites. Haven't had a mojito in ages, and the antipasti plate looks fab!!

Flohbock hat gesagt…

Wenn das kein gelungender Abschluß ist.... eine schöne Woche!

Oz Girl hat gesagt…

You are making me hungry AGAIN!! Everything looks delicious. And glad you made it back home from your holiday safe and sound.