Samstag, 13. Juni 2009



My night was horrific, because of my back pain

Our last day in Austria - and we had to pack the luggage - not easy with such a back and very very painful. But my DH helped me.

It was necessary to went to the pharmacy. I had to buy more painkillers for surviving our homeward journey by car which continues many hours.

The Austrian Pharmacy

On our way to the pharmacy we passed...

Schloss Porcia in Spittal

We had fantastic weather at our last day!! Really wonderful, so we enjoyed a last café latte in a sidewalk café and our children had much fun with swimming in the pool and by throwing water balloons.

My elder son with a bursting balloon

These field flowers are a gift from my younger son

And they are also especially for Schlapperplabber and Takinu

Heaven´s gate

This was the sky during some minutes of our god saved homeward journey. All road accidents were on the other side of the road. We prayed for all the casualties.


Julia hat gesagt…

Ich hoffe, es geht dir nun besser.

Der Himmel schaut ja gigantisch aus. Tolles Bild.

Kerri hat gesagt…

nicht das was ich lesen wollte, und die Heimfahrt mit Rückenschmerzen war sicherlich auch schmerzhaft. Aber gut daß Eure Schutzengel alle bei euch waren!
Tolle bilder wieder, der Himmel ist gigantisch, und das Wasserbild ist auch klasse!
Liebe Grüße

girlie hat gesagt…

how are you feeling now? i hope your back is not painful anymore.
that picture of sky (heaven's gate) is really beautiful!! good thing you had a safe trip home.

Unknown hat gesagt…

I hope your back feels better soon...that is no fun to travel in a car with a painful back.

The flowers your son picked for you are beautiful! And so is the sky in the last photo, gorgeous.

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

great photos as always. Hope you had a safe trip home and that your pain goes away soon

Mari hat gesagt…

Beautiful flowers and beautiful sky! Hope your back is feeling better.

Unknown hat gesagt…

oh no I hope you can survive with the back pain, maybe a visit to your pretty man is in order! Safe travels my friend. Wonderful photos once again, it truely has been amazing sharing your journey with you ((HUGS))

sara hat gesagt…

I am so sorry to hear that you ended your vacation with a bad back. I hope you are doing better tonight!! the picture of the sky is amazing!!! Wow!

by the way, Jared is home safe and he LOVED his time in Germany!!!

Schlapper hat gesagt…

Wow, das Hinmelsbild ist ja gigantisch, vielen, vielen Dank und einen dicken, fetten Knuddler dafür von mir.

Ich hoffe du bist die Rückenschmerzen wieder los, bei euch ist auch echt immer was los. So ganz ohne Zwischenfälle scheint´s nicht zu funktionieren. Du arme

Ein schönes Wochenende, mit genausoviel Sonnenschein wie wir ihn hier haben.
Lg Drück dich Schlapper

listgirl hat gesagt…

I'm so sorry your back hurt so much again. Glad you made it home!

takinu hat gesagt…

Back pain? What do you do for matters? Or You have only according to longing the handsome therapist? LOL
I wish you good improvement.

takinu hat gesagt…

Your vacation is already past? How nevertheless the time goes by quickly!
Thanks a lot for the many flowers, which I get together with Schlapper.

Erika hat gesagt…

Sorry about your back, hope it will get better soon!

I love the photos of your son and the water ballon, so cool, and also the picture of the sky. That one is just amazing! Great capture!