Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009

365/172 + 365/173

MONDAY 22-06-09 DAY 173

Nothing special happened on our always busy Monday. Except a doctors appointment for taking of a blood sample.

It was chilly, windy and we had rain from time to time.

In the evening I had my pilates course. During the course rain alternated with sun and as I came out a very special rainbow was in the sky. I´ve never seen such a wonderful, bright and entire half-rounded rainbow. I was mad about the fact I had no camera with me, not even a cell phone. What a bother!!

Back home again - after a 5 minutes car ride - the rainbow was gone, but I took a shot of the wonderful sky. Another 2 Minutes later the sky was black and it was raining.

Wonderful sunset

CU tomorrow

SUNDAY 21-06-09 DAY 172

1 Week after WW 2,3 kg less

Beginning of summer! But, where is the sun? Where is the heat? I only saw, wind, much rain and it was cold.

My younger son visited childrens church and then we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant. After that a dream came true for my younger son. We went to a big Circus! We all had much fun!

My younger son and his stunt

My elder son and his stunt

One of the acrobatic groups

It was a fantastic and expensive afternoon, but it worth the money!


sara hat gesagt…

oh my word, that sky is gorgeous!!!

what a fun experience!!! my kids would have loved that!

Michelle hat gesagt…

Beautiful sunset and get low light shot. You are such a fun mom. That may have been an expensive afternoon, but how many of us can say that we have ridden on the back of a horse standing up? How fun!

takinu hat gesagt…

Comfort thee! For us it is cold and at times with rain.
2.3 kilograms less in a week. Congratulations. That I would have liked.
The boys could join the circus? Believe you that this was an expensive fun.

Julia hat gesagt…

wow.. toll wie deine zwei da auf dem Pferd stehen. Respekt... super schön.

Toller Sonnenuntergang

Gratuliere zu den verlorenen Kilos. Weiter so!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Ja das sieht nach viel Spaß aus....
Ich bin eher kein Zirkusfan...außer die Pfedervorstellungen mag ich!

Unknown hat gesagt…

ach ich wollte nach schreiben...der Sonnenuntergang ist wunderschön.... da hast du ja echt noch mal Glück gehabt mit solch einen Bild!

girlie hat gesagt…

to bad you didn't capture the rainbow...but you still photographed a beautiful sky!!
you son stood on a horse?!!! gosh!! what an experience! bravo!!

gabs hat gesagt…

oh wow, die durften da echt drauf? hammergenial. das hätte meiner maus sicher auch spass gemacht! und ja, sommer? was ist das LOL - wünsch dir nen schönen abend!

Debra hat gesagt…

Beautiful sky! What fun photos of your boys on the horse! The circus looks like it was awesome!

Mari hat gesagt…

What a beautiful sky! I live the circus pictures too - your sons did great!

Susan hat gesagt…

That sunset is gorgeous. What colors! How fantastic that your son got to actually ride on a horse in the circus. What a good memory you all will have of that.

Tracey hat gesagt…

Beautiful sunset! What a great stunt! I'm sure he'll remember that for a very long time..

tconlan hat gesagt…

Wow! that had to have been quite a day for the boys! wow!! that sky is gorgeous too!

Schlapper hat gesagt…

du hast aber mutige Jungs.
Zirkus ist ja nicht so meins, das versuche ich immer bissel zu vermeiden (bei uns im Ort ist diese Woche- da muss ich *seufz*).
Der Sonnenuntergang ist dir echt super gelungen, sieht einfach nur genial aus.
LG Schlapper

Anonym hat gesagt…

wwwoowww the first photo is goooooooooorgeous..amazing colors!!


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Großartige Bilder, die du uns hier zeigst, auch wenn ich persönlich ein großes Problem mit Zirkus und Tieren habe... Aber schaut schon toll aus, besonders ds letzte. Mit Akrobatik habe ich natürlich auch nicht das Problem... ;-)

Den Sonnenuntergang hast du auch so schön eingefangen, vielen Dank für`s Zeigen!

Liebe Grüße von Kerstin

Dot O hat gesagt…

Oh my, these are cool photos. The sky is beautiful. Both of your boys are very brave to stand and ride on the back of a horse!

I hope your back is getting a bit better every day and I hope the weather turns into summer soon for you. Tomorrow it is going to be 90 degrees Fahrenheit here!

Gute nacht. Pass auf dich auf.

I hope I got the above right!

listgirl hat gesagt…

Wow, sounds like your weather changes fast! The sunset sure was beautiful. The circus looked like a lot of excitement and fun for your sons!

Erika hat gesagt…

Wow, the sunset picture is just amazing! Lovely colors!

So fun for the kids with the circus, and trying out the stunts too. I guess they were thrilled! =)

Jarila hat gesagt…

Great shots, the sunset is awesome!

Jennifer hat gesagt…

These are awesome! Love the sunset picture!

Stacey hat gesagt…

WOW all the photos are amazing. Love the apples growing!! Sorry about your son's earache - that is NO fun. But good that the car is fixed!

Sandra hat gesagt…

the picture from the sunset is absolutely amazing sweetie!!
Perefct shot!

Sujomi hat gesagt…

I'll add my voice to the spectacular sunset shot! Looks like the boys had an awesome time - well worth it, I'd say.